What's in store for 2017?

Is shit finally going to go down? Are we going to end up in another civil war? Is shit finally gonna get real?

It's happening

The current neolib economic order is breaking down so badly that even its die-hard porky believers are starting to smell the bacon. Like every system, it was doomed to collapse eventually but this is going to happen within our lifetimes; the catch is, nobody knows whether it will be in two weeks, two months, two years or even twenty.

I'd have bet on the latter until 2016, but we've gone full accelerationist now. There is a fair chance that this collapse is going to happen in 2017. Regardless of when, it will take a good chunk of the current political order down with it and I guess it'll be up to whatever is left of the left to prevent any of the usual dystopian scenarios from becoming true, since about nobody else is going to. Porky's going to side with whatever side brings them the most money, the conservatives will want to go back to the good old times while ignoring the fact that our planet won't keep us alive much longer, the liberals (in the US sense) are going to apply capitalism directly to their foreheads until our species is fucked up beyond recognition.

From here on it's socialism or extinction, buckos.

No. The revolution will never happen. The working class is essentially in a coma.

Yes, but it's too soon to do anything relevant.

It is in a coma because the contradictions are not evident when not in times of crisis.

Possibly, but I think like Zizek said one of the biggest problems with the left specifically people who use a more Marxist analysis is how fast people tend to jump to the conclusion that we're in the last death throws of capitalism anytime anything significant happens such as the Great Depression or the 2008 Crash which is a problem since capitalism has been historically more adaptive than systems like feudalism meaning that when it should collapse it finds a way of preserving itself ie Keynesianism, Neoliberalism, and from what I can see see so far the American School of thought. So there are several things one it's good to start organizing and planning and to start pushing towards revolution do know that there is a significant chance that a revolution won't happen and everybody will end up burnt out like they did at the end of the 60's. Two while from what I've heard in the cities of the United States there are a lot of socialist now who use to be liberal note that not all of the United States is like the cities and that if revolution breaks out there are plenty of conservatives in the countryside and in small towns that may attempt to kill you if they still trust Trump and that it is likely that the political scale will start polarizing similarly to how it did before and during the Spanish Civil War. Hopefully though since people have a big distrust of politics it is possible that more people will go to the left than right if Trump starts fucking up, but I think it's pretty likely from what I can see that it's going to be 50/50 between the left and the right. Three remember a war is a war it is not a pretty thing and while somebody is going romanticize it eventually for propaganda if I was you I wouldn't try to fantasize about it too much because once you start fighting things are going to get worst before they get better and that we want a revolution not for the experience of revolution itself, but to finally change things for the better for humanity itself.

Basically nothing of huge relevance, I expect.

Revolution in America is basically impossible as all the world would join the capitalist side and smash the radical left. The revolutions in Russia and China only succeeded because they came right after years of World War when the great powers weren't exactly anxious to give their all to yet another foreign intervention.

So Posadas was right all along.

So all we need is just another World War.

IMHO, the craziness is still 2-3 years ahead.

The big shift will be the complete destruction of the MSM. Trump will hasten and take advantage of it, but the explosion of alternative media & outlooks will grow beyond him. We are going to see the Overton window widen faster than even the late 1960s/early 1970s once people stop believing talking heads & the spectacle completely.

Widen faster in all directions?

The economy will probably slow down and crash later this year, but the crash of MSM is a bigger deal
Once that information limiter is removed/discredited people will be a lot more willing to look at other places for answers

I disagree. The institutional players of the MSM are imploding, but they're only being replaced by dubious "news"/opinion sources, InfoWars-tier shit, sources that are just as agenda-driven. People are just retreated into their own echo-chambers and reading what news will confirm their biases.

This shit right here. To be released mid-July this year. Already warming up the concave comfiness of my armchair's pillow so that it's perfect by then.

The order will collapse. I happen to think it will happen later this year and it will start will a meltdown of central banks the world over. This will create a scapegoat for the establishment to divert the population through war with China as blame will be placed on them. The radical right will place their faith on Trump but the only credible "resistance" will come from the left. Its gonna get spicy.

I reckon there won't be a civil war, but I do think workers co-ops are going to start forming at a more alarming rate than porky would like to have.

Libertarian socialism will start rising, and most of us would have rejected idpol by then.

There won't be civil war yet, but there will be a shit load of riots.

If the left is going to win a civil war, it has to kill off the liberals that have gotten into leftist groups.

Sounds like Slav Boy Zizek is about to drop the hottest album of 2017.


I think so. It's very easy to believe that your particular perspective is the one that has been suppressed, but we'll be seeing all types of marginalized perspectives coming forward. Almost every perspective has at least something to bring to the table.

Sure, but many of them like Infowars and TYT are unstable as well. Usually these types of outlets are followed for a year or two, and then people outgrow them. Infowars et al will probably still grow due to the exodus from the mainstream, but they won't be the final stop for most people by a long shot.

Hate to say it, but some of that polarization process is unavoidable. You really need to immerse yourself in a particular viewpoint for a while before you really understand it.

What works against it is that today there are so many commentators and pundits, each bringing somewhat different angles to the discussion, and packaging different sets of ideas together. Decades ago, we were much more limited by editorial policies for different political magazines, newspapers, and radio shows.

Holla Forums is actually a fairly good microcosm for this, as it like old /new/ it has a lot of people who don't really fit anywhere on the official political spectrum, they are too eclectic. :-)

tho it will probably be great

My personal feeling is yes things are going to get worse.

I personally hope we don't have another civil war because that means our country is just going to go to shit and that is going to suck for everyone. I hope people are smart enough to know when to quit shilling for say, their own Nazi politics and defect to the winning socialist side when the prevailing social order crumbles.

Who knows, though, the system might flex enough to make this circus continue for another 50 years … I just don't know how it could, though.

I definitely think 2017 is gonna be a wild ride!

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