Confronting Fascism

If you are still unsure whether beating up fascists is a good thing or not hint: it is, here's a great book to convince you, free to download until the end of January:

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Kill them next time instead of just beating them up.

Only nazis get away with murder

Only a Sith deals in absolutes.

i don't know if you have herd about this but:

squatters in london have occupied a 15mil mansion in order to house homeless people
about 4 hours ago they were under attack by fascists but they were driven off
there are fears of eviction and the squatters are calling for people to show up for solidarity

https:[email protected]/* */[email protected]/* */-is-what-they-need-e4e2ab5db11d#.akzkj545y

Really? Fascists were defending the extravagant wealth of a foreign plutocrat against the basic needs of the native poor? How do they justify that?

mob psycho 100 is free aswell
you should all check it out.

i'm just reporting from what i saw on their twitter
however historically fascism has always been the solution of capitalists to maintain their power when things look grim

I seriously doubt fascists would know and care that quickly. They don't tend to bother with the homeless.

Fascist gangs or how

But remember, if they attack you the best thing to do is turn away so nobody pays them any attention.

Why would Fascists defend some random 15 mil mansion? Are you sure they were not hired goons? Unless you think private security = fascits.

Thanks Zizek

Most neonazi organizations have connections to organized crime.


well that explains it. it's just anarkiddies calling everybody they don't like fascist as usual

What a surprise

lets send them some bitcoins or something, surely they thought to create a bitcoin wallet for this event right?

anti-fascists are the real fascists

We need to wait and bide our time, the real battle will begin soon enough.

When will anarkiddies actually grow up?

they don't care about the mansion, they wanted to target the anarchos in it

nice meme