Wallstreet bankers and anarchists are united in their effort to take down Trump

How many layers of ideology is he on?

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kek the fascist desilusion

It's part of the whole "wall street funds communism" delusion that's pretty widespread among the right wing. Never could make much sense of it.

What's with libertarian cartoonists' obsession with hiding Illuminati symbolism everywhere? Garrison does the same thing all the time.

It all makes sense now. They let Trump win the Royal Rumble in exchange for favours when he was president. Sickening. Vince McMahon we are coming for your fucking toothbrush.

That's not even hidden

nothing to see here user, these are just a coincidence

This is typical fascist rhetoric

the idea that the "turd position" of nationalism can transcend capitalism and communism

it is idealistic, naive nonsense

Well, he's an ancap last I checked, so I assume he's under the delusion that they represent "corporatism" and not "real capitalism"

How the fuck is Red Panels such a cuck for muh free market when fucking 99% of his comics are him bitching about big business and corporate media? What the fuck does he want?

He's probably one of those "nationalist libertarian" types

the aut-right thinks anarchists backed Hillary

When in actuality by voting for no one they supported Trump.

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It's the cognitive dissonance inherit in capitalism

they fund SJW's, who are even further to the left than communists


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