Can he still win this?

Can he still win this?


I have someone else in mind.

What's this new Jeb Bush meme about?

Jebs been in the lab synthesizing every strain of leftist thought into the one true theory that will carry the movement into the 21st century.




them penguins

slow 'n steady wins the race m8, it's in the bag

Nice thread nerds, lemme drop a Jeb in it


One more for the road.

Holy shit, she's got the same beard as me.


just donated $50 and I've been phonebanking for the last 3 hours

we can still do this the delegates haven't voted yet


I'm good, m'comrade

don't oppress me

Who is pushing these Jeb memes? Desist. They are so autistic and terrible they make me want to claw my fucking eyes out.

Jeb!posting is the purest ideology.
Only through Jeb!posting can we educate and stimulate the proletariat into action.
Jeb! is love.
Jeb! is life.

I don't know who made this image but it's just too goddamn great. The Zizek shirt is a nice touch


I am so fucking hard right now.

cause it's funny


feels good man

283 days left


they are ironic, they excude a sense of humor that the alt right people who are scared of getting cucked dont posses

He's embraced socialism.

I shit you not.