Re-branding Socialism For The Modern Day

I'm thinking

Rebranding is bourgeois

We have to make up a new updated ideology without the taboos the word socialism caries with it.

What isn't bourgeois?

Not an argument

Or we can be socialists and
get this
okay, get this
we can be socialists and also

Works out great.

You'll be labeled a socialist regardless. This is dumb.

Proponent of co-ops

Even if you don't it still carries taboos.

Yes. Nothing as horrible though.
In the public eyes, around here, I see:
Anarchists are supposed to be poor kids and druggies/musicians.
Socialists are supposed to want higher wages and basically they're all seen as socdems.
Marxists are seen as librarians or college kids.

You should not do this ever. Socialism has a rich history that if you divest from you'll lose a lot. You're only thinking this because you don't know this history.


It needs no rebranding. Stop treating ideology like a capitalist product.


Economic democracy, maybe? Let's be ecodems.


democratic confederalism



Literally the purest of ideology, the purest of workerism, the purest of idpol, and literally absolute shit.

lel no fukkin whey m8 no fukin WHEY

The second the bourg catch whiff of this 'rebranded socialism', and realizes it threatens their social order, it's just going to get demonized all over again anyway. What we should be doing is unmasking the capitalist to the workers, not putting on our own mask.



People are idiots. Having a rich history doesn't matter if nobody knows about it.

People are idiots. Re-branding is a tried and tested way of fooling them.

Why has no one thought of it yet


Radical Centrism
No but in all seriousness, it's for me at least carrying out democratic socialism/market socialism/decentralized socialism and calling it left-centrism.
I plan on first trying to radicalize the socdems in my home town in stockholm (huge leftist majority)
and then move on to my own NEUTRAL NETWORK platform for anonymous neutralized activism(helping the poor, protesting for shit) that will turn out in a political movement, post ideology, for crushing nihilistic consumerism where the power is central.

Maybe I'll just call it the "Democratic Party", it will be the democrats of sweden, maybe I'll call it "the swedish democr-" oh wait… fuck.

The decentralists - "Decentralisterna"
maybe, just a thought