There is NO Actual "Free" Time Under Capitalism

David Frayne, The Refusal of Work (2016)

The usual workday:

06h00 -→ 06h30 : Waking up
06h30 -→ 08h00 : Preparing
08h00 -→ 09h00 : Commuting
09h00 -→ 17h00 : Working
17h00 -→ 18h00 : Commuting
18h00 -→ 19h00 : Eating
19h00 -→ 22h00 : LEISURE
22h00 -→ 06h00 : Sleeping

We only have 3 hours of actual "leisure" a day — the rest is shaped if not mobilized by work. And what is that "leisure" time spent on, knowing that the individual is most probably physically and mentally exhausted from his day at work? Watching TV or shitposting on Facebook. It might as well be called "recuperating" — in a sense, that too is subordinated to the needs of work.


This doesn't even count weekends and vacation time.

Cuckold was a term invented for people like you.

if you argue against something with incorrect data no one will take you seriously

Do you have better data? I'm not being confrontational, I genuinely want to know.

Eating and preparing food isn't a leisure for most people, lad.

doesn't really apply to people who live in the city. really for suburbs or people who live far from their job

All that seems pretty unrealistic

And the post I originally replied to conveniently left out:weekends, vacations, and sick days.

eating also doesn't take a whole hour lad.

Eating and preparing food can take an hour. If you are preparing a home-cooked meal instead of TV dinner slop.

The great thing about being NEET is that not only are home-cooked meals cheaper but we have the leisure time to prepare them. Not having any income whatsoever sucks though. Even if you have NEETbux or even autismbux, the income is so bad. It's well below the poverty line.

It takes a long time for me to get ready personally. Maybe it's because I'm lethargic when I wake up for work and unmotivated. Or it could be the autism.

My work schedule was something like this

Wake up (takes time for me to get out of bed) 6:45-7AM
Prepare for work/dick around on the computer 7AM-9AM
Commute 9-9:30AM
Work 9:30AM-1PM
Lunch 1:00-1:15PM (sometimes I'd have hour-long lunches)
Work 1:15PM-6:45PM
Commute 6:45-7:15PM
Eat TV dinner slop
Go on the internet and watch YouTube/Netflix and fantasize about shooting up my office
Go to sleep at Midnight (I should have went to bed earlier. Didn't get enough sleep)

there is no free time under marxism, every living moment is the domination of someone or another, life is a perennial BDSM session

1. Get in touch with reality
2. Get a job
3. Stop being a commie

Three simple steps for improving the quality of life for 99% of marxist fags.

Are you one of those people some call a "cuck"…?

Ah yes, the great theory of Holla Forums.

This is why people who enjoy shopping frighten me.
You spend your "free time" propping up businesses. You are effectively working in reverse, but its still to someone else's advantage more than your own.


And that's why weed will be legalized. Porky already has you drowning in coffee so you can get the energy to do a job you hate, but it's leading to too much stress so he needs weed to regulate it.


100% correct

then i guess the mods have no power here and i can ban you

also at best one extra day a month
if you're lucky enough to get them you'll be spending the time recovering and working remotely

As for commuting: I spend a total of on hour each day to and from the workplace. Why shouldn't the workplace pay for this? I am literally spending time of my life for them, why should I not be compensated?

This seems pretty accurate. For me personally:
0600 - 0700: get up (sorry, I snooze for an hour)
0700 - 0800: shower and breakfast
0800 - 0830: walk to work. Bus is more expensive and the distance and time makes bus impractical.
0830 - 1600: work
1600 - 1630: walk home
1630 - 1800: make food and eat
1800 - 2200: leisure. The problem here is that I am too tired to do much and it's too short a time to start and get into a good flow, with something really productive. I also don't earn enough to afford the proper tools to be productive as a large part of my wage goes into rent. And the woman I rent from is not exactly well off, too.

This whole setup does not account for "transfer" time between each activity. I also don't count Saturday and Sunday because it's the least I should be able to count as "free". I feel deeply sorry for the people with kids they drive to all kinds of activities. They carefully vent at work but can't seem to identify the real problem.

Funny thing. When I'm at my childhood home in my home town during vacations I have time to meet people and help out at home with building and maintenance, helping friends and acquaintances with building and maintenance. When I have vacation I spend more hours each day being productive than when I have to go to work, and I'm not nearly as tapped. I sleep well, and I am more content. Forced work is literally breaking people and ruining productivity. The same is true for literally every one of my friends (teachers, electricians, plumbers, material engineers, petroleum engineers, biologists, designers, builders).

Fixing a leaky roof suddenly becomes a way to be more productive at work – and nothing more!.
Again, why feminism could never accomplish anything meaningful.

Okay but that comes out to basically any hobby that isn't heading out to find peat iron that you use to make metal with a medieval bloomery you built yourself.

Pretty much none of those businesses would be up there if there wasn't at least some demand for their goods and services, which means people obviously want their things and enjoy getting them. And yes, exchange of goods is usually predicated on the idea that both sides will get something out of it, this is kind of an old idea.

If this entire process blows your mind and frightens you, I suggest you stop your journey into leftism here, because it only gets more confusing.

Yeah, I'm sure ubiquitous advertising and the culture of status-flaunting inherent in capitalism have nothing do with that. Surely it is just about people ahistorically "wanting things".