Reminder: if you're not using a free as in freedom operating system, you're getting cucked by porky

Reminder: if you're not using a free as in freedom operating system, you're getting cucked by porky.

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I want to support penguins, but games, mods for games, the audio and video software I use for work….not penguin-friendly. Why can't LIEnux get their shit together?

stop being a retard and learn to use wine

still won't work for game mods, VJ software, audio programs….unless it has come a long way in the last few months, I am stuck with Windles.

this is like telling me to make my own furniture

I don't want to learn this thing.

I use windows and linux

I find VM's insufferable…who wants to do that much switching around, not to mention the problems with peripherals.
I blame penguin's lack of ability to organize, as well as their willingness to trade security for freedom.
Radicalize penguins NOW!

porky get out

i use linux as my only os
idk how many games you need. csgo, civ, payday, rl, and tons of others are all already on linux without even needing wine


u forgot doto2

the only game u need

people need to stop cucking themselves with windows

also garrysmod

lignux really has everything worth playing

fucking gamefags, all REAL games can be compiled anyways and you are a mouthbreathing retard that needs to kill themselves if you dont git all your games




honestly just go to roguebasin and start compiling a bunch of roguelike games, and even make your own rogeulike game. Hell, there is no reason to do anything else in life besides play and make roguelike games, its the ultimate form of reality and the meaning behind existence.


ReactOS will free normies from the gripe of MS but freetards are afraid of anything with an user friendly interface and standarized libraries.

I am sure people will enjoy it in 40 years once it gets done.
This is easiest distro in existence, if you are smart enough not to be a capitalist then you are smart enough to use it.

Make it so easy a child could do it. A child can use windows. You have no excuse.

my brother and sister have been using lignux for years because it's all I would put on their computers

its GNU/Linux you filth.

But my windows are free.

corporate funded work-for-hire, independent contractors without contracts, &/or 100% free labor. win-win-win

Real commies hates computers

Have you helped them with anything?
Because I know /g/ fags who have trouble with it.

if you use modern hardware you can run Windows in a VM and do everything youd normally do with 95% of the usual performance

Thats what I do and general surfing etc I do through my secure Linux system

barely, installing flash for my sister i think which was just a matter of installing chromium.

ubuntu is the most noob friendly shit in the world. they seem to have way less issues with it compared to windows, which was almost a daily occurance of having a "virus" or osme shitty toolbar replacing google. it just doesnt happen on lignux, it's rock solid for noobies.

You are probably still getting cucked by porky
That on top of Windows being an insecure and bloated piece of shit.

Free software is imperialism, for example the Tor project is trying to undermine glorious democracy in countries around the world also gets funding from cold war BBG

Ubuntu is a shit though, I'd rather recommend Linux Mint to someone who can't into computers.

linux mint is a dog slow bugged piece of shit

ubuntu is rock solid

If I wanted a bloated insecure system I'd run Windows

no you'd run linux mint

which is literally just a badly reskinned ubuntu

But you're supposed to get an Apple! It's what people do!


I'm running mint 18.1 Cinn now with no issues.


Give me Arch or give me Death.

Debian is democratically run with a 10/10 voting method:

The also don't let filthy proprietary software pollute their main repository.

debian is also stuck like 10 years in the past and is a complete clusterfuck to use on modern hardware

1. Major stable Debian releases come out every 1-2 years. Hardly 10.
2. You can always run testing or unstable if you want bleeding edge. You'll get the same hardware support as any other distro.

debian is shit and the creator committed suicide because he knew it

praise arch, pacman -Syu

What if I just stole mine

I know winfags are going to bitch at me, but Mint had a major security breach a few months ago because they were too cheap to properly secure their website (TL;DR someone uploaded an installation image with spyware in it). Mint was a great starting distro, I used it for over a year, but I'm not sure if anyone should trust a dev team that incompetent with their data.

That being said any major distro is noob friendly. Fedora, OpenSuse, Debian, whatever. Even Arch has Antergos or Manjaro which have GUI installers. Seriously if all you do is browse the net, play some games, and listen to music you can do that with any operating system nowdays. It's not hard, I don't fucking know how linux got a reputation for needing to have a CS degree just to use it. Even if you have to use a terminal command now and then, "killall -9 firefox" not any harder than learning crtl+alt+dlt > task manager > firefox > end task.

Actually he killed himself because he was a 40-something single divorced white male who had devoted his life to a project that ultimately ruined his life. It's actually sad how he named his OS after his wife in order to stop her from leaving him the first time. STEM degrees should have socialization requirements or something to stop this from happening.

I use fedora at work but ubuntu at home on my laptop.

They do and STEMlords never stop bitching about them.

Great post – and yes I am an Apple cuck I am looking to change that ok bless me father for i have sinned

whats the point then?

top kek just use windows you're being spied on anyways might as well use the most user friendly version of spyware

You're still using the Holla Forums script, NSAfriend?

Holla Forums is like a half dozen 12 year old redditors who don't even use https, I wouldn't worry about them going dark any time soon.

ITT: People worried about the NSA, posting on an FBI/NSA/DHS/alphabetsoup honeypot board.

im posting from a shitty 2015 acer running debian STABLE fine. touchpad didnt work during the installation but everything worked fine after install. only had to install one proprietary driver for my wifi card.

Prepare for the uncuckening


Linux not running specific software doesnt make it bad. I dont do CAD or audio production and find linux vastly fucking better than dogwangs or homosex. I do programming, drawing, writing essays, reading, other stuff.
I also play vidya, but most vidya I'll play either runs fine in wine(2hu) or is on linux, and for the few things that don't, I can boot win7 now and then.

pic related, also nothing in snowden leaks

We like to laugh and make Stallman jokes about toejam now, but free software is more important than any of us realize.

I don't know how much you guys interact with younger generations. I'm a teacher and it's downright macabre how my students' social lives play out in walled gardens that:

0. exclude all of those without the necessary hardware and software to access them
1. exercise unmitigated liberty when it comes to collecting, storing, and monetizing their personal information

We like to think that everything is fine and dandy now because we can all access the same web regardless of what hardware/software we're using, but unless something changes, the future of communication will lie in the clutches of a few closed-source applications, not boards like this

Anyway I run OpenBSD out of personal preference. Linux is poorly designed, but ultimately a force for good.

The problem there isn't Linux, it's the developers of your software.
If you need Windows only software, stay on Windows.

This is alarmist speculation.
He might even be right, but:

Not even 0days would be needed tbh. most people have a known vuln they don't realize

If you're using hardware that you didn't make, you're getting cucked by porky.

The only way to not get cucked is to mine the silicon yourself and make your own chips


Ha! Good thing I'm from the fucking CONGO motherfuckers, I get ALL the motherfuckin' coltan haha this is PURE and I get it without going through any capitalists haha I'm gonna have the most free and open desktop once I figure out how these adder circuits work HAHA

OpenBSD is good but muh drivers.

I remember being a Linux fangay when I was 15 just to be edgy and contrarian in a loser way.

Now I'm an adult on a Windows 10 computer and everything I used to say has come true.

i'm behind 7 proxies you teenage cucklord

maybe you werent just being edgy. maybe you were right, for the right reasons.

that has nothing to do with linux you faggot.


It's not an inherent flaw with linux, it's due to microsoft's closed ecosystem. They pay software devs to develop exclusively for their platform, and software companies don't want open source software because it'd eat into their profit margins and ruin their monopolies. Linux refuses to suck coperate cock, and WINE is a FOSS way to use windows programs.


not that posted but I will say that the BSDs are just much more consistent across the board due to being developed cathedral-style. this leads to things like command-line switches being consistent across all programs in the OS, for example (no having to go "wait does this program use -v for verbose or version?").

all GNU software uses the same commandline style

Linux is a kernel.

Thanks stallman, but you know what I meant.

Not really.

Eric Raymond is a disgusting classcuck.

the argument I hear is that BSD's are very controlled by the teams responsible for them and held to higher standards of consistency and perfection, linux is comprised of lots of different stuff from different places and sometimes held together with hacks.
BSD's are more suckless or something.