Tfw you grow so frustrated with people crying about how SOCIALISM KILLED 40000 TRILLION you unironically end up...

anyone else gone from being anarchistic/syndicalist to Leninist/Maoist?

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I'm still ancom but I love the soviet aesthethic (architecture, music etc.) and tankie memes


Sounds pretty childish to me tbh

Why? Communists should be aggressive and unrelenting.

Refusal to follow Bourgeois morale is hardly childish.

Replace 'socialism' and 'marxist-leninist' with 'nazis' and 'national-socialist' and you have the political life story of every Holla Forumsack ever.

More like over a billion and there's plenty more where that came from. Literally 30% of the world's population is bourgeois or petite bourgeois and this will not stand. The 70% of the world must raise up to destroy the muh privileged 30% living upon their decadence and benefits through imperialism and suffering.

Like spoilt frustrated kid, exactly. It's a sign of weakness or a loss of control really.

Making light of human suffering just smacks of someone who's totally sheltered and never endured any real suffering of their own.
In my experience anyway.

Oh, give it a rest you pious little twerp.

Workers don't have control over their lives already, so really there's nothing to lose.


Do you think another round of ML will improve things for the average worker? Really? You think gulags and purges will magically solve the problems we have?
Pretty unimaginative really.

Heh wow more rhetorical questions, such a sign of a weak minded child incapable of stating his opinions with conviction of a real man.

It did the first time. Literacy, life expectancy, social mobility, wages all skyrocketed

They also did so under capitalism. It's why the West ended up wealthier.

Nowhere near as quickly. The West only ended up wealthier through colonialism, imperialism and the fact it started in the late 18th century with industrial capitalism

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ikft OP
The only cure for nazis, liberals and porkis is GULAG.

Well meme'd my friend. Nothing like that happened in the Soviet Union, where the interior and all the peasants were not mercilessly exploited.

m8 just be a nihilist Nechayev and Bakunin not Lenin and Mao OKAY

like pottery

Holla Forums level of logic.

Reminds me of the Holla Forums threads talking about how sjws called them racist so they became racist

you're talking complete nonsense

collectivisation and purging kulak scum wasn't exploitation

creating the first workers state wasn't exploitation

smashed tsarism, capitalism and fascism was liberation, not exploitation

People who experienced it tended to hold the opposite view. Communism was shit in practice.

Well put.

Nice meme, Fritz

Almost as if crying over ideologies you dislike just annoys people.

That's why I used the past tense, to eliminate the born in the wrong generation retards.

when will the meme of never reading books end

came to post

It wouldn't hurt to try.

I'm a simple man. Even if we will not build Communism in 21st century (though i think we can), murdering all the rich fucks, right-wing shit, and lying politicians is a good start.

except most people in these countries did experience socialism, and they liked it, and they will have it again

Did communism happen in the USSR or not? Whatever it was it was shit and began to fail once it had done the job of delivering the basics.

Yep, it's a sign of the times really.
Rehashed music, rehashed politics.

Try to be a bit more self-conscious.

communism = global society without classes, state or money

so no

anyone else gone from being lolbertarian to Fascist/National Soc?

Why is is that Stalinists always insist on incorrectly using "Marxist-Leninist" as a euphemism for "Stalinist"?

No because I'm not a fucking hack. Unlike you, my philosophical beliefs/stances inform my choice in ideology, not the other way around. What you've described is literally no different than the empty-headed no-discipline alt-rightists who all claim to have been liberals before getting "redpilled" by inane and often inaccurate propaganda.

Because that's accurate when it comes to First World organizations that claim that ideological title. Parties that were either founded upon or later adopted ML were historically Stalinists and often had few qualms about being open about that position. It's a bit different in the Third World where ML could either mean Stalinist or "we called ourselves ML to try and curry favor with the Soviets so we can cash in on foreign aid."

because it's a better fit

I've done my research and reading too. I simply draw a different conclusion.

Attacking the USSR is easy Liberalism.

What a time to be alive

Literally "most of the world uses 'socialism' to mean 'when the government does stuff,' so that meaning is more correct"

No lol

This is literaly how I became a nazi in the past. I got sick to the stomach from the unbearable self righteous "muh holocaust" narrative that I began joined online nazi circles. But the whiny "muh holodomor" rhetoric from BOTH nazis and liberals turned me a proud anti revisionist ML. No joke.

Whininess is one of the most repulsive human traits.

Is there anything more spineless than vacillating between purely reflexive ideological extremes based on being triggered by neurotic whinging?

The Beer Putsch wasn't real apparently

The sticky really needs a "Protip: If you're underaged or illiterate, you're not a communist" imo


I just want communism