Anarkiddies BTFO

1st Zizek, now Counterpunch

Will anarkiddies ever recover?

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If you honestly think that punching Nazis is and you are a liberal.

*then you are a liberal

Oh no, what will we ever do now

Is what, user?

Am I the only one who was in coma?

It isn't Marxist. Seriously, why do people keep claiming Marxism everywhere, while simultaneously saying Marxism is outdated?

Being killed by guns means you need more guns, not less guns.

Except he is turning it into.

Why does he keep calling himself Marxist?

Then you're a liberal.

Anarchy was destroyed when the author of the anarchist cookbook (a bible for anarchists to this very day) himself went and disavowed anarchy and became a super devout Christian. It's a reactionary ideology for cavemen and teenagers.

the anarchist cookbook had nothing to do with Anarchism as a political ideology.


Never forget the founder of the Ukraine Free Territory, Jolly the Roger, who from 1970-1977 led a band of pirates against the evil Russian dictator, Karltural Marx.

Anarchism will only be destroyed when there are no anarchists left.
Needless to say, that's never gonna happen.

What boggles my mind to all the responses to this meme issue is that there is a side saying 'we can show them an alternative, new system, blah blah blah' but then they also think punching Spencer is some involved manifestation of this? I fail to see how this advances any of the productive sources in society, let alone accomplishes an elaborate takeover of the powers that be. Instead it just shows an impotence to actually effect change, a hypocrisy that shows they are not actually willing to reveal what this alternative society is supposed to look like, only cheap moralisms.

did you even read the complete article?

I'm not talking about the article.

Then again

Neither are you

See? This is what I'm talking about with cheap moralisms. You think by making wild accusations that you've somehow won an argument. But the same goes for you. You are just one shitposter trying to antagonize, and this post certainly isn't revolutionary.


Further proof that Zizek is a liberal poser who needs to fuck off back to his shithole

zizek is involved in a dozen left wing political causes. how about you?

What about that time he helped kill Rosa?

and netflix

You're giving me plenty right now.

Sure. Whatever you say ms "Netflix is morally reprehensible."

It's very effective at combating capitalism.


So are you. So wonderful.

I'm better at pointing out that shilling your film student tier nonsense on a streaming website while getting paid more than actual people advancing collectivism to say absolutely nothing at all, isn't actually anything more than liberal.

I'm pretty good at pointing that out. I think that's useful for people here, to realize. That it's hilarious.

Yes, punching people is such a good way to bring people to your cause.

I meant people like Richard Wolff

i've heard more about this love tap than i ever heard about the pipeline protesters having their skulls cracked open

not even saying we needed a big discussion about that, because of course fucking cops crack skulls

grow up you cunts

spencer talked shit and got hit

it's not a big deal

Then it's a non sequitur and you're just spewing non arguments acting smug.

whats this zizek netflix meme?

I can't find any of his movies on netflix, wish I could

I'm calling Zizek an ivory tower intellectual who is overly paid, you don't need to get offended for him.

the issue is some people think punching nazis is a legitimate political strategy.


Girl is sour that more people find a professional critics opinions useful than her own.

Even if that were true, you're a worse offender.

not every act needs to be part of a legitimate political strategy. i doubt the guy who smacked spencer had a five step program involving the systematic slapping of nazis.

Of course. I'm an ivory tower humanities intellectual paid as much as Zizek.

No, you're a petulant shitposter who feels unwarrantedly dignified at her attempts to namecall. Again, just because you don't like his work, doesn't mean he's not working class.
It isn't. Income is determined by class. There are wage earners and there are wage dolers.

Are you sure getting offended on Zizek's behalf isn't petulant

What's petulant is that at every attempt to offer a somewhat constructive criticism you have to reprimand someone, knock them down a peg so to speak. This isn't advancing collectivism at all. You're just acting like a fucking douche who can't get over Zizek yourself while accusing others of doing so.

Having read a lot of your posts you surely can't be getting paid for your intellect


You're not good enough to earn any money. He is. You are talentless.

Somehow I managed to fart my way into a bunch of scholarships and a university so I think I dispute that.

But then again, you could tell me how much "raw talent" Zizek has at spouting meaningless bullshit

Grant money is nice.

We were wrong. He's just like you.

Nice comeback but as far as I'm aware Zizek farted most of his early life away actively doing that.

Shit comeback.

Fair enough

I don't believe you. And even if it were true, scholarships are won mostly by socialite parasites.

Christianity was destroyed when the author of some book on Christfaggotry (a bible for christfags to this very day) himself went and disavowed Christianity and became a super non-believing heathen. It's a reactionary ideology for sheep and bigots.

This is the kind of theoryless bullshit I've come to expect from marxists.