Is the capitalist crisis real or is it fake news?

Is the capitalist crisis real or is it fake news?

Capitalism stopped actually working in the 70's and the entire world economy is literally built on fake money so no it is not fake news its really old in your face news that has been hidden from everyone somehow.

Credit makes the death of civilization.

capitalism is in permanent crisis

Capitalism is not a formal system.

Oh dear.

The line is not meant to go in that direction.

Apparently it didn't stop working, if it had stopped working we wouldn't be here talking on the Internet.


Use your own terms if you want. Is the "economy" in crisis?


how'd you get that data from the future

It looks like those are projected from 2015, with the asterisks next to the years at the bottom.

Projections dude
Or do you think that it's downhill from here?

Why even post projections from two years ago when new data is in contradicting them?

But the world GDP didn't drop in 2014-2015


I have no fucking idea, now tell me, is capitalism in crisis or not?

Well OP's graph shows a decrease greater than 2008 levels, and one poster here has been saying (with sources and proofs) that 2008 was a walk in the park compared to what will happen before 2020.

What will happen before 2020? Link? I wanna know.

It depends on giant tax payer bailouts to keep it going now.

It is. Markets can't expand no more.


He posts around here but I didn't save his links, I think he's newsfag but I'm not certain on that.

Well, we are talking about crisis of Capitalism, not of Socialism with Chinese revisionism characteristics, aren't we?

After visiting that site I don't think it is to be trusted with its figures anyway.

Ok. Do you have inflation and per capita adjusted GDP graph that includes 1950s?

Well I don't.
It's not looking so bad from the official figures.
Inflation is low, incomes are rising.

I don't doubt that for a second.

Basically incomes aren't rising, GDP per capita is rising. Different things. Incomes are rising in the third world though. Why would the markets stop working when there's still masses of undeveloped land?

Well shit. But we already knew that.

Good for Third World.

Markets "stop working" when people don't have money to buy things.

Current Western population is not only earning less and less, but is also hideously in debt. And jobs are moving away (i.e. future income will be lower) - to the Third World.

I don't know. I think people have enough money to buy things or else we'd see a massive drop in sales, not a stock market rally.

On the assumption that's economic growth, the distribution has favored porky since 1980, and since 2008 the incomes of the bottom 90% have started falling. (2000-2008 was almost entirely to porky as well, but some tiny growth for everyone else.)

Furthermore since 1971 (but especially since 1980) pay and productivity have become unhinged. Productivity has nearly doubled, but pay has stagnated.

So what? I didn't talk about equality.

Too many times we thought so like the energy crisis to 2008 and even back to the depression but no. Capitalism is some kind of fucking hydra.

Thats due to income equality between countries.

The more we redistribute wealth to places like Africa the more the global economy will slow down because the money is no longer in the hands of the people who invest, create businesses and drive forward society its in the hands of people who are traditionally happy just to laze around and enjoy doing next to nothing.

I hope you're only pretending

No it makes logical sense that if you take money from wealth creators and give it to people who are happy simply to spend it and exist, that the economy will slow down.

Its not necessarily a bad thing though.

Your quality of life will not be affected in the slightest because the global economy went down a fraction of a percentage point. It could even go up.


Fuck I normally only get to post this frog once every couple of days.


That post 2008 fall was due to the people China was dragging behind her. It's gonna stabilize soon.

Then First Worlders labourers should try to get fucking competitive shouldn't they?

Is right despite the edgy Lolberg rhetoric.
The rate of profit is so low that expecting Capital to grow while helping proles at the same time is wishful thinking.

So don't take from wealth creators, take from rent-seekers.
(The majority of US billionaires are rent-seekers in unproductive industries.)

What for? To earn more money for the Capitalists?

They should feel more entitled and angry - to want a Revolution.


The workers are the only wealth creators.