Daily News Thread 1/28

China’s Army of Global Homebuyers Is Suddenly Short on Cash

China’s escalating crackdown on capital outflows is sending shudders through property markets around the world.

This Is How Uber Has Shaped the Taxi Labor Market

Ride-hailing hasn’t eroded the number of taxi driver jobs, but it has made them pay less.

Report: Suppression Of Palestine Advocacy Intensified Starkly In 2016

A legal organization, which responds to reports of suppression of Palestinian advocacy in the United States, recorded an increase in false accusations of anti-Semitism and terrorism in 2016. The accusations were “based solely on speech critical of Israeli policies.”

Fresh cracks appear in Trump’s relationship with conservatives in Congress

Will Donald Trump coopt conservatives on Capitol Hill, or will he be coopted?

The British Government Colludes with Monsanto

The British public and the environment are being poisoned with a deadly cocktail of 320 pesticides. Moreover, Wales has become a storage dump for Monsanto’s most toxic chemicals. These are the messages conveyed by Dr Rosemary Mason in her recent open letter to Councillor Rob Stewart.

US union membership hits new record low

Figures released this week on union membership in the United States show a further sharp decline in both absolute and relative terms, with union rolls falling by some 240,000 in 2016. Union membership as a percentage of the labor force fell 0.4 percentage points to 10.7 percent. By way of contrast, union membership in 1980 as a share of the total workforce was over 20 percent.

The Hidden Subtext of Vagrancy

In recent years, activists in cities across the country have repeatedly clashed with municipal officials over anti-vagrancy laws, raising questions about what freedoms extend to people who can’t or won’t support themselves financially. As Amy Dru Stanley explains, that’s a story that also unfolded in the years after the Civil War.


All it means is house prices in posh parts of Berlin or Ontario will only increase by 5% a year from now on

it might also mean that the regional housing bubbles in some areas will suddenly go belly up

Prepare for a new shock when this bubble pops.

Also, props on the CCP for still holding all the financial reigns in China, despite what some libscum economists seemed to think.

should I just become ancom?

Unions need more protection and expansion, especially under current conditions. That's one of the few methods of actual resistance (not hashtag resistance) left. I wish more people joined and promoted the IWW.

How close to the happening are we

The headline is intentionally misleading btw. Chinese people are not suddenly poor or in the verge of running out of money– what is happening is the Chinese government is using a heavier hand to prevent people from moving money out of the country, specifically to limit real estate buying.

Btw I dislike how everytime the Chinese people do something they are "an army" in the western press

doesn't it sort of imply they might be doing that to prop up their own domestic housing market though?

Well, except for the fact that the IWW is reformist drivel that literally does nothing to bring revolution.

Do something productive like reading Bordiga, perhaps


I dont see them doing revolution. Just having tea parties. If I wanted more of that, I'd go to a Trot campaign

That's because they were literally hunted down and killed in the streets back in the day. Like every other socialist group they are exploding post-election in the US. The wobblies will rise again

they're not a revolutionary group. they're a union. what do you think unions do ?

Engage in liberal idealism, by the looks of it. Wake me up when they do revolution

They are anarchists. They don't believe that simply charging into congress and seizing the state would do anything to defeat capitalism. And they are right. The USSR proved that states suck balls. Deal with it.

Do you larping faggots actually not know about the Wobblies? Jfc.

Tankies and Trots like to pretend that they don't exist.

Wait are you one of them or against them? Not sure why you're so assblasted but you must be one or the other to care that much

So sitting around LARPing is a better option then? Alright, since you're the expert on revolution and all that

Organizing labor isn't LARPing.

Why is this a bad a thing?

The Chinese are the reason a shoebox in Vancouver costs a million dollars.