What does Holla Forums think of Jewish people, in general?

It's no secret that communism was created by Jews and that the communist revolutions in Europe in the 20th century were led by them. Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin (quarter Jew), Leon Trotsky, Lev Kamenev, Béla Kun, Rosa Luxemburg, Karl Radek, Kurt Eisner, Paul Levi, Ernst Toller, Erich Mühsam, Gustav Landauer, Eugen Levine… and the list goes on.


So, from this point of view, Holla Forums should love Jews, right? But then on the other side of the spectrum we have the absurdly numerous Jewish neocons and warhawks (Henry Kissinger, Richard Perle, Paul Wolfowitz, Michael Chertoff, Dov Zakheim, Douglas J. Feith, Eliot Cohen, Robert Kagan, Elliot Abrams, Irving Kristol, William Kristol, Max Boot, Norman Podhoretz, John Podhoretz, David Frum, James R. Schlesinger, etc), zionists, bankers, Wall Street speculators, ruthless businessmen and billionaires. Jews are extremely overrepresented in each of these fields. Out of the 8 most wealthy people (of whom are listed, that is) in the world, at least 3 of them are Jews (Mark Zuckerberg, Larry Ellison and Michael Bloomberg).


Keep in mind that Jews make up only about 0.2% of the World's population.

We also have Israel; an enormously oppressive, warmongering ethnostate with an apartheid system. The definition of what Holla Forums hates.

So, if you take all of this into account and stop being anti-racist for just a second, what is your genuine opinion of Jewish people in general?

Who cares.

They ain't Irish I'll give you that much

All this does is prove the dangers of capitalism and the ability to let groups take large amounts of control undemocratically.

Communism was created by Freemasons.

Neoconservatism is not much more than luxury Trotskyism.


I'm actually gonna answer your question (you dumb, milquetoast cocksucker) seriously.

Jews fucking rule, man.

I mean, both literally and figuratively to some extent. My theory is that in the middle ages when Christians were banned from certain accounting/lending-related jobs and Jews were seen as the only people low enough to fill them, it became beneficial for them as an isolated group to develop those skills… and an aptitude was eventually bred and/or mixed into their culture. Like, they're good at that stuff. And what's more, they're frequently prone to considerable empathy.

Like, I've known a few Jews and one of them was poor for a significant amount of time (because he lost a decent job at a Christian company for being a gay Jew), but like the others? Literally, guys who randomly offered me a ride, money and work, a ride AND a job, or a flight with an expenses-paid week's vacation and later a job also. Like, these guys have just popped up in my life. I've experienced random acts of kindness, but fuck all, Jewish dudes can go above and beyond.

What do you think of Jainists in general, OP?

Yes, but admitting that wouldn't be "right wing". It's obvious that 2017 Holla Forums is nothing but the kosher propaganda wing of the GOP.


I blame r/The_Donald.

Like I said, Jews make up about 0.2% of the World's population. Even diehard lefties like you have to admit that their influence, power and overall wealth is astonishing.

Nice picture of OP there fam

I don't give a fuck about your identity. A Jewish worker is a worker. A Jewish bourgeoisie is bourgeoisie.

I'm not denying it, I will even acknowledge it. The problem with the nefarious bad Jews (or all Jews as pol would have it) is almost exclusively related to capitalism and totalitarianism.

It was the soviet police state that allowed Yezhov and Yagoda to slaughter innocents.
It's modern capitalism, private central banks, corporate welfare, big lobbies and a bloated military-industrial complex that allows certain Jews to take advantage of the system.

I am ambivalent towards jews in general but I support Israel as a release valve for muslims to attack so they arent attacking us as much.

Also if Israel didnt exist then all the Jews would have to move to Europe and we would have another migrant crisis.

Imo they should have given the Jews Germany, sent all the Germans to go die in the desert and said "Deal with it." Germany is wasted every time it's allowed in the hands of Germans. Kaiser Wilhelm, Hitler, Merkel. And now Trump leads the US and Merkel is queen of the EU. They're a bunch of cannibals who should never have been civilized by the Romans.

I mean, did ya'll know that Herzog stole his first camera?

Fucking typical Kraut.

I appreciate your honesty.

Will threads like this get deleted here, btw? I rarely visit this board.

Hi /britpol/

We're generally a lot more tolerant here, assuming you put effort in OPs. Moderation is pretty hands off.
Shitpost baits will get you banned though.

Fuck you, I'm Amurrikan.

Jews are products of their material conditions just like everyone else.

In the middle ages they were kept from owning land so they weren't able to farm and integrate into society so they became bankers and money lenders because the catholic church had a ban on those things and since they weren't catholic they could do these things.

As far as communism is concerned it makes sense because if you are a Jewish youth who becomes disenfranchised with their Jewish life at home they can't assimilate because of their Jewish background and they will be hated for it. So they develop utopian ideas of a third way where there jewishness is no longer an issue.

Zionism is a nationalist ideology, marxist are objectively anti-zionist

Don't care about them. I'm more than happy to see fascist goyim killed by communists.

I never claimed otherwise. What the pic in the OP states is that Jews are torn between Zionism and Marxism.

What about the millions of innocent farmers? Were they fascists too?

Anywhere will do.
But they have a place now. At least.

So if they try to come to your country you can tell them there is a better place for them called Israel.

That's great to hear. I wish the moderators would be more tolerant on Holla Forums too, so we could have actual discussions there.

Holla Forums has more users so it can be more selective with threads. Smaller boards can either take a more hands-off approach or become even smaller.

Is Antideusche the new nazbol?

Holla Forums mods have been cracking down hard on dissenting views ever since the election. And it really kicked into hypedrive in the last two months.

Criticism of Trump will get you banned, criticism of his cabinet will get you banned, critiquing the cabinet's policies will get you banned. You cannot make threads about science, you cannot make self-improvement threads, you cannot make libertarian threads and you cannot create socialist threads. In general political debate threads are no longer allowed and disagreeing with the moderation hivemind will get you banned and your posts deleted.

And then there's the random accusations of being a kike/shill/nigger/midf/jidf/leftie/ctr. Which is interesting considering JIDF has been openly pro-Trump since the beginning (just check their FB).
They now proudly and praise big banks and multinational corporations, even if they're ran by Jews. Anything "left" is bad, including anti-zionists like Chomsky. The people that want to bomb Iran and set up "safe zones" in Syria are okay though. And if you mention Ivanka or Kushner expect to be banned, and if you're not then ridiculed.

Holla Forums has become a joke.

I thought it has been /stormfront/ ever since one imkampfy took over?

It's more like an edgy version of the_donald, and it's becoming more like it with each passing day.

I warned you about capitalism, Holla Forums! I told you dog!

Apparently not. Jew mods?

These kinds of threads sort of pop up every two days.

The problem is that this means multiple things:
-Jewish ethnicity
-Jewish religion
-Jewish culture
Having gripes with a culture or religion is very different from hating an ethnicity. Jewish culture and religion goes to certain lengths to confuse these distinctions, which is probably the biggest problem with either of them.