Sam hyde (funny guy but un-ironically alt right and racist) is going to be at the hewillnotdivide us camera at 3pm today

sam hyde (funny guy but un-ironically alt right and racist) is going to be at the hewillnotdivide us camera at 3pm today

some comrade is going to fight him. he needs backup. lets show him what us communists can do by being there for "emotional support"

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Hellooo fbi.

Fuck this is going to be funny. Someone should post a link to it ten minutes before it goes down. What time is that GMT?


Kek I looked into this and it looks like it's Holla Forums angering itself again

Someone should send in the smashies and see what happens.


Shia Lebouf's public mental breakdown vlog.

If this is Sam Hyde, go fuck yourself. Your shit show got cancelled and its time for you to just fucking stop m8.

Smashies, this will somehow become a meme. if Sam Hyde shows up literally just get a bunch of qt girls to come to the HWDU and just giggle at Sam Hyde, talk behind his back, and make fun of him.

a new tactic emerges

Just one hour until ?????? happens. I'm pretty excited. Will Sam be fighting a figment of his own imagination? Has he hired a homeless black man to beat up? Will he pretend he is not both Sam Hyde, OP and the black guy? I'm going to find out soon!

This is like meme christmas except I don't have to buy anyone anything.


man, you know how to hype things up
I'm ready to grab popcorn anytime now

sam hyde is a pedo

This sounds like an awesome tactic.

Don't get baited into a fist fight.

I hope someone punches him, just because I want it to become a meme

we all are

speak for yourself

i do too

So is there going to be gunfire and is Sam going to be killed?

Because if the answer is "No" then who cares

Sam getting killed solves nothing. If anything, it will be negative for our cause. Him getting absolutely trashed in a 1v1 will be good for leftist PR.

someone make a sign that says "sam hyde fucked a tranny" and hold it in the background go go go go

Nothing about Sam is funny. He is sad, and I feel sorry for people who buy into post-modern comedy.

Sam is literally a power lifter and god of fighting. I don't know why anyone would want to try and start shit with him. Best chance is to sneak up on him and stab him.

he's a strongfat nerd, he wouldn't do shit

When is this

Unauthentic and homosexual if I say so. He'll come to the camera and if we're lucky he'll beat up some poor rando in his way.

In ten minutes

Pictured: Two white members of Holla Forums

Holy kek get the fuck in here


When will this nigger hater appear?

Holla Forums turned up and tried taking over the camera, but they got shouted down by a black guy and some nu-male guggs.

Only Americans consider cringe """""comedy""""" funny.

Yeah but i want to see Sam Hyde and that black dude fight

I-I love you

Reminder, every time you debate Holla Forums, these are the faces behind the posts

Well it's 15:02 and Sammy boy hasn't arrived.

Go on then crossposter, show us the halfchan thread.

This sucks. Both these hipsters and Holla Forums are cringe as fuck.

We are reaching previously unrecorded levels of liberalism.

Does she pass the grade, comrade?

America should be nuked.

this is the best tactic against the alt-right since their ideology is rooted in the lack of a girlfriend

those retards still can't get over gg. if this line and the cuck shit wasn't in there no one would know it was Holla Forums. they are literally too stupid to masquerade as braindead libs.

Kek, how far imageboards have fallen.

Day of the burger!

Sam says he will be at half past, looking less likely he will turn up with that.


Be sure to add our chinaman friend and tealqueer to the wall of shame.

reactionaries can't n2 irony


There's a Pepe flag in the background…?

self-loathing is a helluva thing

Of course.

he fucked a tranny and a 14 and a half year old girl

There is quite a lot to add actually

just… goddamn

these people are as white as the average Argie

lothlorien is racist as fuck

What are the 12 year old kids shouting?

He will not divide us

lmao that lady asking the black dude if he wants a sandwhich

Best girl?

Some deep stuff going on right now

I can't handle this much liberalism.

Division on the live stream called "he will not divide us"?

Yea, meta


She's perfect


kek Sam is here and there is a faint chanting of world peace.

polfags are spending a lot of time watching HWNDU. Can we get some interracial couples to just make out in front of the stream?

This stream is going nearly exactly as I figured out it will, it'll turn into a live stream of people who promote their social media. Pretty soon it'll only be about whatever beef one internet celeb has with another

interracial couples only exist in porn

Are they beating up Sam? I can't see

Black guy has already promoted his instagram and twitter. Such cases.


The absolute state

from day one people were promoting their insta and twitters

This guy came on, said "We're going to make America great again!" and had a bit of a laugh with the HWNDU guys. The first guy I've seen who isn't a dick.

sam and cucks getting btfo


I wonder how much hearing damage these idiots are getting from shouting into each others ears all day

Holla Forums really is a few butthurt white incels and a bunch of mulattoes and questionably "white" people arguing over who is whiter and calling each other cucks


polfags can't win a shoving match with a literal preteen.

Holla Forums is bigger than that

the guy holding this cuck paper is a black guy again
could not fabricate

They are low energy

MAGA *literal* fag livestream

Is holding your hand at your chin some Holla Forums thing? Are they trying to look smug?

i don't get what chanting the same thing over and over is going to do

couldn't they be doing something constructive with this time?

oh look, mildly inconveniencing more liberals for fading e-celebrity

Are they saying praise kek? Who the fuck are these people?

presumably they are copying smug pepe


like shitposting in an algerian vexillology book club?

Are they retarded

This is fucking gold. Thanks for starting this thread, Sam.

Lotta pepes out there.

Is this the Mecca of Holla Forums? There are more incel kek priests than LaBeoufs.


shitposting creates culture

mindless shouting some dumb shit and performing like a monkey to the will of the bourgeouis (shia and jaden) is worse than shitposting.

That short black kid is pretty hilarious though.

What kind of perma virgin swine memes in real life?

Some guy just gave her a hug. You've lost her bud!

I used to support directly punching fascists but undermining their masculinity in front of cameras sounds way better
Now this is true non-violent direct action

polfags thinking they are gonna BTFO out of liberals.

End up hugging them.
I'm disgusted

hyde probably gets off to that shit, he's a sexual deviant.




He Will Not Divide Us as an art instillation is basically a meme now.

BTW, cutie is full frontal right now.

praise kek is pretty dumb m8

Damn, why are they making qt cry.

who is this qt? Can we radicalize her?

Had to go in for the hug, so hurt. It isn't fair

We must mobilize for her

If I lived in NYC is would show up with a sign that said "Holla Forums are state worshiping cucks"

Did I miss Sam Hyde or is he gonna show up still?

He stood in the background for a few seconds




that guy with the pepe shirt on has gray in his beard

Has Holla Forums found its new waifu?

I will stop now it's weird.

That's because half the guys at Holla Forums are old dudes from SFront



i can't tell who's liberal or who's Holla Forums


lol at this interracial couple with a baby

Holy shit Holla Forums is fucking pathetic

oh my god this whole stream is I-like-to-play-with-my-friends.webm right down to the clothing


This black kid is hilarious.

Our big boy's trying. Give him time.

I'm Europoor and WTF is this shit?

This fucking guy sounds like a cult member.

That Holla Forumsluter has such a punchable face though



This guy? He's pretty chill. By far the coolest of the whole MAGA crowd, which is probably why he's allowed near the camera.

they look like a pretty chill diverse crowd, the types you'd rather smoke a joint with than the black bloc or SJW's

This is pure fucking autism.

He just told the kid he's going back to the cotton fields tho

i'd fuck him

Hahaha did he? Are you sure? A second earlier he said he was going to make America great for everyone when addressing the two black guys.

That is chill by Holla Forums standards

Someone read Stirner

his crew is still there

the people in front aren't letting them near the cameras so they're just sperging out in the background about jews and shekels and praise kek. it's embarrassing

here's the faggot

Wow sam hyde got fat

oh shit i spoke too soon

now they're doing on camera


Fucking hell Sam you are a trainwreck.

The liberals were more entertaining tbh


shia fite him



He's an internet dregling, politically undead. These people are all perfect neoliberal subjects, especially MAGAs that only get joy by memeing.


hey, don't be too hard on him, he's got books to sell to impressionable kids


The internet should never have been invented

literal muh white woman in front of them


The face of a misanthropic liberal.


Read a fucking book.

It's kinda ironic, how SJWs and polyps stand there hand in hand. Coexisting.

This is the best one

That guy with the neckbeard rubbing his hands



I don't understand why some smashies don't go hogwild on the polyps- are there cops surrounding the place?


Good job, this one will be used for years I get the feeling.

When will leftypol send a vanguard party?


I can't get enough of this aryan purity

I think there is some form of security nearby making sure people don't do stupid shit, use megaphones etc.


As in Hebrew.

anything you faggots do will be made into pure entertainment by Mr Hyde he is a master of parody and lampooning overly serious people. twinky ugly cuckfaced commies trying to fight a 6'4 comedienne who lifts and is going with his 6'2"+ friends who all lift is a recipe for disaster

The left is weak, wretched, uncreative and impotent. Sam will sweep you aside in one comedic sequence, it will be captured on camera and immortalized in memespace

You are ants railing against the heavens

I told you: lift, stop being faggots, learn to logic, get a sense of humor that isn't sardonic snarky insanity, be artistic (not faggot cat grillz), read diverse esoteric literature, learn to romance and see things aesthetically, drop faggot atheism it is pussy repellant and spiritually debased

stop being fags or guys like Trump and Sam will eternally cuck you


10/10 cap

go do it yourself

It's funny that they're now alienating the shit out of the liberals they wanted to le redpill

Is this copypasta?

I wouldn't even send my worst enemies to this cringe fest.
It's just they went on their own there.


tl;dr lol faggot

What is it with all these QT liberals?

Of Obama?

They don't know any cute girls and Sam has a gf and gets pussy and has friends who will be with him, he's also funny and will win them over with size and charm. You are impotent and helpless against someone like him. You'll glorious uprising like apes and he'll just make fun of you and rake in YT views. The left can't even counter a post-ironic nazi comedienne(STOP DIVIDING US)

One of the kek Brahman is a qt. I'm sure Holla Forums is creaming itself.

Is that the author of Ned's Declassified Globalism Survival Guide?

I made this just for you guys off the top of my head. I genuinely loath the modern left and weakness within it and hope Sam BTFO's everyone down there. You all deserve a wake up call that we must become strong like our predecessors or be destroyed

spotted the engineer


This is your brain on alt-right

learn english you cretin
fuckin hell

polfags really believe this

That was cringe

this is modern art

Fam, this was a normie stream from the beginning

bitch no one can read you 12 point plan

Can someone molotov this place already? The time you spend in jail is fucking worth it.


almost broke out into a fistfight. I'm sorry it didn't

Holeeee sheeeet

jesus dick, it's been like a week, and this has been a total shitshow. Did no one stop and think "he will not divide us" isn't a good slogan? It's no sense (how could a racist caricature president possibly divide you in the first place?) and it just reeks of liberal impotency.

sam gets throatfucked by our trans sisters

i was about to cream my pants
autism pol qt is about to run those hands

If that sponge brained retard is an engineer it should embarrass all engineers that enjoy any smugness from their career choice.

She just screamed "normies get off my stream reeeeee" at the top of her lungs.

I can imagine her in a room full of pepes with an eager smile saying "shadilay" and glancing around for approval.



that was a boner killer

He will not divide us

not from nyc and wouldn't go crash another event infested with Holla Forumslutants again. went to milo in Pitt, they were worse than they are on stream because the only person moderating them was milo

the internet was a mistake

post the touhou

humanity was a mistake

He's one of the liberals though

still better than these Holla Forums meme spewing mutants

that guy blowing cigar smoke in peoples faces is hilarious

thank you based stirner man

oh look grandpa pepe is back

20 pesos he's a Holla Forumse

For what purpose? This grotesque film of vomit should be nuked from orbit.

should leftypol come down there and meme??

You gonna starts lecturing us about Julius Evola now? Mr. Hyde ended up being a crybaby faggot who got his ass blasted by adult swim. 99% of faggots who pretend to be all alpha and lift and just running away from their beta nature.

You realize us the actual political left has just come to life? For the last couple of years annoying liberals has been stopping as sort of momentum the movement can be getting with their idpol. Some of have been going to the gym and arming ourselves and trying to find actual political organization. We almost won the democratic primary if the party didn't go out of its way to backstab us. The right now is in power and has no idea what to do. After all this Holla Forums is now just wasting time on some celebrity stream.

We have a vision.

[spoiler] you right about us needing to do shit faster though.

there's two of them now i've noticed

fucking lmao

leftypol vs pol meme off when?


Zizek never said anything about hitting non-fascists

So basically we get free entertainment for the coming 4-8 years?

apparently sam hyde is there he's just not on camera but was for a brief moment a while ago. anyone get a picture?

Only if somebody dresses up like Max Stirner.

im glad you found procrastination on Holla Forums.


he got on camera saying "heebs will not divide us" a little ago

it's been a pretty fast slide down for mr. hyde


They're leaving the camera on for 4 fucking years wtf

He is also live on periscope right now

is this the most active thread on Holla Forums

man, how can you not love the guy

sam hyde is /ourguy/


How? He is jewish.
He's just a comedian who will try to attach himself to any movement if it'll get him attention.

That's never stopped anyone. Look at Milo.

What does NRX mean?

jews play all sides

That is going to be one hell of a webm.

Insulting both sides of idpol always makes me happy.

Milo is not a part of the Alt-Right either. He has said repeatedly that he's not a white nationalist.


Guys this is autistic.

We need to not get distracted with this nonsense. It's a blessing that stupid ass liberals and right-wingers are preoccupied by some Shia Labeouf stream.

It's time to organize! Look around! We have been getting momentum there's no reason to stop.

fuck off spook

dont tell me what to do

There are plenty too that claim to be alt-right and not white nationalist.

Saying you aren't something doesn't mean you actually aren't.

"civic nationalism"


fuckk brittany is gonna get dicked good tonight

i will never understand this

left wing smash squads on scene when?

Is he?

Love Starbucks,the beach, aeropostale, forever 21, yoga, games because i am a nerd

Are you implying leftists aren't fighting for their self interest?

Yeah, greedy attention whores who tried to attach themselves to a movement they knew nothing about. Ever notice how they suddenly all backpedalled and denounced the Alt-Right after Hailgate?
The Alt-right was always white nationalist.

He's a pretty bad white nationalist then, considering he fucks black guys.

Milo is a faggot and an attention whore, he will say anything as long as it gets him money and a following of idiots.

So when are y'all bootlickers moving out?


unless you're poor and retarded socialism is not in your self interest

NRx is short for neo-reactionary.

Fucking hilarious, as if you can't fuck someone you hate.

Besides he totally uses the fact that he is gay as an identity to make him a token. Guy probably doesn't get any ass

alt-right BTFO by their mothers

yeah, el famoso upward mobility.

Are you stupid

It's literally everyone's self interest to be a socialist unless you're a business owner.

Anarchism and Socialism has big part with individualist values. It's in my self interest to destroy capitalism. Are you new here?

Then you say:
money and a following of idiots.

You played yourself son.

How is he gonna fuck blacks in a white ethnostate? Will he have to travel to Africa everytime he wants some dick?
Also, he's still jewish, he'd probably be kicked out of a white ethnostate too.

woah good analysis champ

Poverty is subjective. As long as there is someone who owns 100 times more than you, you are poor. So in that case you are right, socialism is self interest to only the 99% of population.

Did you not see who I was replying to, retard?

polfags getting police involved.

i guess if you are this stupid it is in your self interest

bootlickers gotta bootlick

What does Sam do when his side is clearly more autistic

irony and deflection

Like I said, he's a turncoat and using himself as a token. Milo thinks he'll be exempt from it. He has personally said Jews run the banks and world. It's really depressing how self-loathing he is

I come back after sharing many screencaps, and you faggots didn't screencap the guy getting told off by his mom?

You should be ashamed of yourselves you shitposters!

It's fun though, and this way we can infodump in front of normies.

You do realize that merely downloading movies and programs that can be copied endlessly your basically proving that capitalism and markets will no longer work when there is no more scarcity, right? Private property doesn't exist on the internet. You disgrace that flag sir.

self-publish more shitty books and get their money

I need the webm of this user.

pls post more caps user

I hope someone laces out the fat fuck with a flat cap, that would make me pretty happy.

inb4 leftcoms screeching

Just go to the website and find it. You can roll back the stream.

Post pictures

I'm willing to have a reasonable policy discussion if you are

I am too retarded to film something I don't have full screen, I just capped the qt antifa girl. I imagine someone is recording it though because Sam is there.

Sure, have this one of an incredibly happy fat fuck, hamburger presumed in right hand.

individualism is self interest
and according to you fags, individualism happened because of capitalism


Who is that skinny faggot?

Read a book

You guys aren't gonna get your ethno-state. White america doesn't need an ethno-state it's not that challenged yet. You guys are just having some autistic temper tantrums that retard sjw's invaded your safe spaces. Milo and many other minorities are willing to do bootlicking if it means the they don't have associate with liberals. That's it.

capitalism requires social relations of production and redistribution networks

lel u got nothin

Is that the Union of Egoists representative?

ITT: Man our whole generation is doing some autistic screeching here.

that's horse cum

Dude Sam Hyde is one of the ugliest motherfuckers I've ever seen

At least we have waifu antifa

Holla Forums? What are you doing in here?

A brony? Must be from Holla Forums

he was there forever already

Just arrived here. Someone redpill me on this whole thread.

What the fuck is this

Lulz you didn't even say anything

Sam had a gf but she left after his show got cancelled.


I'm european, so I'm obviously not part of the Alt-Right.
But it seems to me like race relations have been getting worse in the last decade, sou you might have to balkanize the country.

Sam Hyde was going to invade Shia Lebouf's Live Liberal Public Mental Breakdown™ but it looks like he and his boys have been repeatedly BTFO by liberals. Also there was a really cute girl there.

Also fellow paid shill of the astroturfed alt-right is now on his way.

all the worst parts of American culture
concentrated in one place, the postmoderns from the celebratory to those couched in the language of moral revulsion and denunciation
DFW was right about irony
Adorno was right about the culture industry

it all needs to be nuked

shia never showed up so it was all for nothing

it was meant to be shia v sam


holy shit someone make a new thread for this shit when needed


a mention to David foster Wallace, here ?
I'm proud of you, user.

It was meant to be Sam vs a fictional black guy, possibly of Sam's own creation. Shia hasn't been there for a while afaik since he was arrested for """"assaulting"""" some faggot.

nah, it was always about sam making another shitty video where here mildly inconveniences a group of liberals (all he's done in the past year tbh)

(This did hurt me)

Coons should be thrown in the Gulag

So, basically this whole thing is about media whores from both liberal-left and fascist-right in a pissing contest for ratings?


That's going to end horribly for anyone against sam. He's a big guy that's known to have killed at least 400 jews with his bare hands.

It's about liberals screeching autistically and right wingers going there to make fun of them

He got in front of the camera for around ten seconds, said something racist, got called out for it, then said he was just being ironic and left.

Why ?

I think you've forggoten that /r/thedonald exists

And no one fought him because he's to big 4 u

Sam is antifa now. He's changed his ways.

Have to spread that

if i take ur shitpost off…will u die?

Is there anything he won't do for publicity?

He can't keep getting away with this.

Because I don't have long.

pretty convincing, remarkable similarity

American race relations have always been this way. Trump is just another George Wallace or Andrew Jackson. This is nothing new. Democrats and Republicans play the races against each other then try to make them get along after they escalate it too much. It's always been a tactic of the ruling elite even before the founding of the country.

glorious uprising

this thot is streaming

This guy is going in a fucking gulag.

im shocked

Why is all of this important?

Yup started with the indentured servants who were by all standards, pretty much the same as slaves and were starting to get resistant to the rich they served. So the rich pitted them against the African slaves by making tiers to make the indentured servants feel good. same with slave hunters during the 1800s. They were by all means proles, but they were given the power to capture or kill runaway slaves to give them an illusion of being worthwhile in society.

it isn't
it's spectacle

it's not, it's just funny


I'll be happy to oblige him

i'm ok with that in their case

Holla Forums please, you are both funded by George Soros. No need to go around making girls cry.

wow, shia lebouf got nazis to hug this black guy

amazing work shia

Holla Forumsyps really are braindead

Dude in the center looks tense.

We're coming for you, Holla Forumse migger.

Anyone recording so we can dox the Holla Forumsluters later?

whats her problem

no because that's literally autistic

she's surrounded by Holla Forumstards

Meh, who gives a shit. Some of them are okay. Pretty SJWish going after random guys for wearing MAGA hats.

This guy is pretty interesting though. Just as both sides were about to reach an accord and try and talk it out, he starts shouting Nazi at people. He's done this a couple of times.

Someone told her communism isn't inevitable.

I can't stand more than one minute of this autism.

Socialism will only come to America when it is cleansed by nuclear fire.

We really are post-memes, memes died in 2012. These days memes are a legit part of mainstream culture, it's not just catchphrases like in older times, it's how these catchphrases spread and the platform they emerged from.


You know he was right

Basically, yeah. People need to realize that politics is just another form of entertainment, politicians are like whores or products, and left and right are like Pepsi and Coke. Civilization is one big advertisement for one flavour of tyranny or another.

uh oh guys "antifa" just got called out by this doofus

94596345782645789 trillion Polish victims of communism

"These are the best people I've ever met! I love you guys!"
"Fuck you, Nazi!"
"Thanks man!"
Top kek

Was anyone ever doubting this?

Can you be this attention hungry?


Nah dude he's being sarcastic


Pffft, you're not her

Jesus Christ the I hope Holla Forums gets deleted. The amount of attention seeking is saddening.

on her livestream she was talking about being half black and half wop or something

gib monies to her cosplay thirstybois

Jesus fucking Christ…


Sure. That's why he gave the whole sob story about muh privileged girls afterwards.

She's always been fucking cancer

How profitable is attention whoring for Holla Forums?


TBH maybe the only way to achive anything is if America ceases to exist.

Sure is lots of aryans here.

I dunno, several people seem to have some absolutely memetical dank t-shirts available from your 4chan ad for the low cost of $19.99!

Chanology was a mistake.

holy kek, and then the soviet anthem

There are a lot of tech virgins on there so it can be quite lucrative if you are a 5/10 or higher.

ree and so on

Kek, oh lord of chaos!

I missed this, did /ourguy/ just wreck her shit?


Good work lads

wasn't looking, I think it was a Holla Forumslack. Holla Forums finally doing something useful.

Seriously is this guy like a fucking Manchurian candidate or something? I dub him Hans the Killer.

yo is alex jones still coming or what. i want to see that shitshow

she literally fucked off as soon as that happened, topkek

nah it was some alt-right guy who was whiteknighting till she was talking ghetto and said she was ethnically enriched

he has a strict "no nazis" policy

who's björn

He raised his fist during the USSR anthemn


Ask CK, she seems to get by by just whining about SJW and leftists at home.

Shit I just rewound it and realized she said "I'm ethnically enriched" instead of British.

I think they're talking about Hans the Killer.

Daily reminder that the average population of Holla Forums is 90% non-white.

These are the people you are conversing on the internet.



tbf it is ny city

Somebody add these guys >>1299646


Explain this please


Wow. Interesting how unlike their white counterparts, all the mixed Holla Forumsyps actually resemble human beings. Some of them are even sort of cute.

Will he ever find out.

why do all the redhats have to wear sunglasses? ashamed?

There was a really cute antifascist girl

I'm yelly. I wish we was fun

this dumb cunt kept spouting memes in front of the camera, started talking like a nigger, then that happened and she fucked off.

KEK is a cruel god, Holla Forumsfags have yet to understand this.

That thing is on your team. Fucking take it.

Pirates and Stirnerites are our best allies fam.

There are more than two teams fam.


Yeah. Let's not pretend like most of us didn't get involved through counterculture at first.

Fun is unethical.

You can keep it. The only difference between liberals and conservatives at this point is the presence of hair dye.

It's on team "idpol".
I am sorry for you, but you deserve each other.

A significant portion of them are just old-school style trolls and not right wing activists.

Alex Jones even thinks that shit is fake.

because he's in on it

Gabe Newell makes an appearance

What proportion of Holla Forums is only here for the ruse cruise, i wonder?

This makes no sense? How can you say that unironically?

Well, it's with no doubt way closer to you guys than us. Take it, love it, kiss it :)

Threads on Holla Forums pretty much died down too.

too skinny

what did they mean by this


You are them, idiot. You just disagree on trivial things.


When did Michael Moore become an accelerationist?


Wew, I wish.

Identitarians with a chip on their shoulder in favor of loosely regulated capitalism.

Yeah, there's a huge amount of room for robust debate within those boundaries. Have fun becoming a parody of yourself.

Nope, I'm sorry. Once you guys took the postmodernism pill it was too late. You have to accept your lovers

Nice strawman


I don't think you know what that word means.


i'm surprised there's this many Nazis in NYC

man, Holla Forums sure loves patting itself on the back a lot for doing absolutely nothing
just looking at their smiles twitch when they don't get the reactions they want and then still pretending their stale memes are cute

This sick guy asked to read a poem, then recited the tendies rhyme.


Identity politics?
And it's just the same weird arguments you guys keep making.

would you rather be a cuck than a nazi?

that's not what a strawman is you american

It's not a strawman you basic bitch. "Heh you're more like them because I disagree with you both" is a strawman.

It's honestly a tough choice.

Trick question, being a Nazi means you're a cuck


Nazi pride world wide

how are you not playing identity politics?
you're literally LARPing over groupthink and "chan-culture" on cam
playing the same games of 'oh who's more represented, really it's us fucking neckbeards being oppressed by normies reeeee'

how much money can I make being a professional anti-SJW? it seems easy enough

New thread

Someone is new.

Nazis are the biggest cucks there is.
Your need a leader to guide you and you need to surrender to him unconditionally or otherwise your funny society won't work properly.

proletarianism is still idpol :^^^)





Personally, I identify as a trans-prole.

Except for the fact you have some control over that. There also wouldn't be proletarians without the bourgeoisie.

It's an over simplification of the right movement.
It's a shitty argument, that's all

Did I say we were not? The left goes crazy and labels whites as the ultimate evil, and puts every minority up on a pedestal.
It's a response to that.


And this cam shit is just Holla Forums trolling the morons who yell the same shit over and over again. Don't take it to seriously. Have a laugh, mate.

Why are you giving me all this shit?

You seemed new, so I though giving you some jpegs was in order.

The right movement isn't summed up with your autistic screeching of a movement.


Liberals fam. Liberals.

No one cares here faggot, shut the fuck up.
Minorities will be extinguished (i.e. the bourgeosie)

I am having a laugh, albeit how naive you all are. You're just buying into the same culture industry, gonna be crushed out like a meat grinder for your ceaseless adherence to irony, cynicism, and postmodernism.

I dislike them all, except the first one. Good looks should be added as a muh privilege.

You guys seem to care A LOT about racism?
But whites should just STFU?

Well, you seemed to be taking Holla Forums IRL shitposting pretty serious.

See…remember when you were talking about a strawman?
Here is where you should learn that vocabulary.
Again, idpol. You deserve each other.

Applying simple analysis to your autism is not any problem at all. I can do it on the fly.

No, we just don't really give a shit about racists here. It's not a defining aspect of our board, and some posters here would be screamed at by liberals for being racists.
People tell racists and anti-racists to fuck off if they start overdoing it. It's not a core political point for us.

Idpol again. OK, you don't like it, but how should one respond? If whites are labeled bad, how do you respond?

But there is nothing to analysis? That's why your small statement pol being there made me feel you were over thinking this.

Everyone is bad. You are all absolutely terrible people.


btw where is that pic cut out from?

Fuck he looks beat


Now THIS is strawmaning. Also the exact reason why someone called you the opposite SJW earlier in the thread, you pretty much just proved him right.