Homosexuality is a bourgeoisie disease

If you support faggots you are part of the problem.(This is your only post in your history, kys.)

if you are bothered by the sight of dicks, you might be closet homosexual. see a psychotherapist to help through this ordeal.



You're not fooling anyone, Holla Forums.

Fuck off Holla Forums

Can't let it go, can you?

I'm literally a faggot. (not kidding) but homosexuality has become a bourgeois identity.

What matters is his class, not his sexuality or identity. A rich faggot is still rich.

Lurk more

You got a response, I guess.

Fags are subversive as fuck, they make it all about themself.
They turn every movements into some sort of centre-left liberal movement that cares more about hbtq rights then anything else. if they can't keep ot in the closets it's a good indication that they are subversives.
Putin is right

I don't give a shit about a dude ramming another dude in the butt. I have a problem with all the behaviors commonly associated with gays, but not the specific act of being a homosexual. The prevalence of dangerous diseases, the massively inflated number of sexual partners, the proclivity towards pedophilia, predisposition to mental disorders…

…and most of all, I fucking hate how much people shove it down others' throats. How utterly smug a fag gets when they think being gay means they get a free pass to prance around and wave rainbow flags around as if their sexual preference *FUCKING MEANS SOMETHING* to the rest of us.

Yes. We get it. You're gay. Go away and bug someone else who is willing to virtue signal your bullshit.

I'll shove it down your throat ;^)

snowflake aut-right

I'll take it user

Then why have liberals felt the need to make trans the new hip thing and feminists outright exclude gay white men.

Jesus, why does this board get such a large amount of shitposts?

it started with the gays, then it whent over to trannies, it will probably end with pedo rights or some other fucked upp shit.
gays works kind off like a gateway drug

But user, I'm a faggot and I'm a traditionalist.

i don't really care if anybody is gay or not aslong as they keep it in the closet and don't make a big deal out off it

My life tbh. I occasionally shove a dildo up my ass but I really hate faggotry.

Truly this is the greatest day of my shitposting career.

We're an odd breed.

Not falling for your shit Holla Forums. The whole attempt at turning us into you is worn out.

How do you do fellow liberal!

You know it's Holla Forums because the only leftist terminology they know are bourgeoisie and comrade


This FFS! I'm fucking tired of these plague spreaders.

their fucking hedonism destroys social cohesion and perpetuates moral decay.
we can't build a true revolutionary movement with these cripples dragging us down.

Why was the anchored?
That comes off as a faggot move and I say this as a faggot who loves the cock.

Anchoring this thread comes off as faggot virtue signalling. As a faggot I don't appreciate it.

some faggot mod that cant handle criticism and wants this to be his fucking hug box/safe zone.

Mods, you know my post history. You know I'm not shitposting. It's fucking insulting that you'd anchor this. Faggots want to be treated like everyone else. Let this faggot post without anchoring his post.

This is my main criticism of some of the liberal mods here.


I hear you fam.

I'm getting really tired of this kind of easily offendable "radicals"

It's one mod. I fucking know it. I've been here since 2014 and been banned about 5 times I know the mods pretty well.

labelling everything as a spook is not a fucking argument.

No, but it's a good buzzword for calling out stupid buzzwords.

Also, it's the mod that used to post as an AnFem. She needs to be fucking removed.

There's an anfem mod? Must be why my shitposts haven't been removed so much lately.

I've been here forever. I don't care if you shitpost but she removes pretty much every post she doesn't like.

Still trying to make every thread about you, NazBully~
Besides, we all know people on imageboards have some tolerance for dumbposters.
Don't know why anyone would want to be a mod though, honestly. They must be confused about their job, spending all too much time interrupting, and stopping up the flow of posts, that are pretty banal anyway.

This isn't about me. This is about free discourse.

I'm just teasing. Was only commenting about how it wouldn't matter if you cared or not about my shitposts.

I get the feeling you're the mod I'm talking about. We've had our conflicts in the past. I know you know who I am. I'm like the "criminal" you arrest every few months.

Sorry, I get paranoid as a nazbol poster.

I'm not a mod. Like I said, I can't imagine the horror of trying to command over ever little current of text that comes in here, or even thinking about what the report system might look like on the other side.

You're clearly not the person I thought you were. With that said, I literally got into an argument with an anfem mod over the fact that I got banned about 8 months ago under a VPN. Sorry you seem cool.

Am just good at recognizing people's habits I guess, sorry…

The anfems I talk to are usually pretty cool, aside from the one on the mod team. I don't agree with your politics but you get picked on as much as NazBols do so you're usually pretty friendly.

Also, NazBols are some of the best posters Holla Forums has. Always give me a laugh when I think this board's gone to heck.

Thanks. I'd like to fuck anfem ;)

Do you know anything about this mod other than they're a feminist? Ever get the chance of meeting them on a chat or something?

Just want to keep a lookout, might take some notes and see if I can mention it to a mod I know.

I met the anfem mod about 6-8 months ago. She was basically taunting me after I got banned after I posted on a VPN.

wtf is wrong with me why am I saging an anchored thread

What a bitch. Hopefully you've got plenty of VPNs, dude. Be safe and all.


Gonna ban me for criticizing bullshit? or are you just a shitposter?

Shitposter as always. You can critique me all you want bby ;;;;;;;;;;;3 but pussy gotta scratch back with criticism of their own from time to time albeit at subpar intelligibility

Except all of my posts are genuine. With that said, I feel like you're just a random shitposter. Prove your a mod with the ID.

yeah OKAY
my ass

How can I prove something that isn't so though? Would be an exercise in rhetorics at best.

sorry Like a said, when you're a nazbol, you get paranoid. especially when you've been banned as many times as I have

Well, whatever you decide on doing, I'll be sleeping for now. Try to get some rest too if you can, don't fret yourself over some cunt.

gn anfem.

Holla Forums bait shouldn't be welcomed here