"""""god"""""" wanted to keep people as his slaves within the garden of eden

I understand this is all myth but was Lucifer the good guy?

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Yes, yes he was. This is why I was a Luciferian for a while during my atheist phase. Of course, I always acknowledged that God and Lucifer were still fictional characters, but it was more important in how paradoxical it was for God, the so-called good guy in Biblical lore, is actually one of the worst monsters in the history of human fiction, and Lucifer just so happens to be THE premier forerunner to any and all freedom-fighter type characters.

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t. Luciferian.

the whole story with the downfall of mankind is the best part of christian mythos also purgatory
whoever wrote it, was based af

also, is it really a stretch to suggest that Lucifer character was inspired by a Prometheus myth?

The devil didn't introduce critical thinking to man– he introduced knowledge of sin. This is also not the same thing as knowledge in general. It was the knowledge that man was capable of disobeying the commandments of God, thus forever casting him out of Eden.


so it was a knowledge that man has free will?


Jesus was Lucifer the thing is, most christfags don't know that.

Also, he represented the ultimate rebellion against the tyrannical """""""""""God"""""""""" Just like Lucifer.

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Why would it be? Neither character is really a such a stroke of creative genius that I'd say they could not have been designed independently.

You can keep your spiritual beliefs to yourself while still rallying the working class.

and you know that from where?

Jesus literally said that he is the light. Lucifer translates to light. The reason the Jews killed him is because he represented a Luciferian rebellion against their tyrannical """"""""god"""""""""".

I live in the south. Most of my family are christfags.

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Fucking lol. You can't work with people you don't understand. Saying that understanding the most popular religion of the workers and its central tenants is useless is fucking retarded

Just agree with their bullshit then. You don't have to mean it.

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marx was a hack

…isn't that what I'm saying? Are you just being contrarian for no reason? I'm saying understand their mentality not believe in it.

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Jesus was not rebelling against God

I completely understand their mentality but this isn't a political thread. This is a thread related the theology.

related to*

I only rebuked the guy who sperged out over just knowing the mythology

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Same I got too fired up too tbh. Every time I try to discuss theology just on a "what does this mean about the underlying culture" level I get some fucking fedora tippers butting in virtue signaling about how hard they don't believe in god. Biggest pet peeve of mine

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Luciferian music, even if it is depicting the based light bearer as bourgeois.

He's some kind of neo-Gnostic apparently.


I am a neo-gnostic.

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It says in your own Bible that Jeses called himself the light bearer. Your move Christcuck.

Jesus was talking about the God's light

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By the way, you're worshiping the devil.

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imma not worshipping anyone
imma just finding your thesis that Jesus=Lucifer hilarious

Making outrageous statements without proof is an indicator the statement is made to only elicit a response. AKA bait.

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Satan tempted Adam and Eve to eat from the Tree of Knowledge. It was after eating the fruit when they began to know about suffering and shame.
Lucifer is described tragically as having fallen from heaven.

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That is not Prometheus

Exactly, without lucifer the people in eden would be cucks to god and it is hilarious

They even remade this meme in warcraft story where humans/dwarves/gnomes are titan constructs with no free will and do what they are told until the old gods arrive with the curse of flesh and give them free will and they are somehow the bad guys.

Apparently not being over to some god/titan is bad


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Funnily enough omniscience is incompatible with free will. Free will necessitates change over time, but omniscience means that you already know every decision you're going to make.
In this sense, God is just another name for a set of natural laws.

Satanic Communism when?


According to my parents, he also invented blues, rock&roll and metal.

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Free will was a mistake.
That's why Lilith got herself kicked, before it was cool.

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There are Christians who take some poems Marx wrote in his youth (probably inspired by Milton, Faust etc.) as proof that he was secretly a Satanist:


you can recognize people who never read bible after posts like this
leave theology to real christians you heretic

I get the feeling that most Luciferians seem to get their idea of Lucifer from Paradise Lost and other pop Christian works. The Garden of Eden story isn't that long or complex, but you can derive a lot from what is given. I personally interpret the Garden of Eden story as being an allegory for the abandonment of the hunter-gatherer lifestyle and the introduction of civilization, with all the miseries that come with it. Before they could freely take whatever food as long as it wasn't the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. It is only after they are cast out of Eden, do Adam and Eve resort to agriculture. You must also remember that the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil doesn't just give them abstract knowledge, but the mores of civilized society (what some posters here would refer to as spooks). The reason God finds out what they've done isn't because they have some higher knowledge, but from the shame caused from eating the fruit of the tree causes them to hide from God.

ITT: People who liked the Lucifer character from Paradise Lost


Lucifer didn't give humanity anything. He has no power other than the ability to deceive.

So you're saying that the Devil was the first person to spook people and God kicked out Adam and Eve because they were too spooked?
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Lucifer was used as a Latin translation of a Bible passage in Hebrew referring to the morning-star or son of dawn. While the literal meaning is light-bringer in Latin, that's not the contextual meaning. Got all of this by just looking up Wikipedia: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lucifer

God didn't put Adam to do anything except name the animals. How was he a slave?

The name "Lucifer" is merely a translation of the Hebrew word Heilel. It is a drop-in replacement term that happened to have been used in pre-Christian Roman mythology. When Freemasons and other idiots assert that Lucifer was the good guy and the god of the Bible was the bad guy they are basically placing paganism over Judaism and Christianity.


Nice meme

If they were slaves, what were they doing? You don't keep slaves if they're not giving you anything from their slavery, and as God is almighty and complete, He has everything and anything He could possibly want. There was apparently only two of them in Eden, maybe more outside of Eden.

Seriously, both Luciferian and Gnostic has the same way of seeing man as god's slave or prisoner

Satan is symbolic of the Eternal Rebel in opposition to arbitrary authority, forever defending personal sovereignty even in the face of insurmountable odds. Satan is an icon for the unbowed will of the unsilenced inquirer… the heretic who questions sacred laws and rejects all tyrannical impositions. Ours is the literary Satan best exemplified by Milton and the Romantic Satanists, from Blake to Shelley, to Anatole France.



Why did you tag for that post?

Lucifer is seen as a liberator to God's tyranny in the same vein as Prometheus stealing fire from Zeus. While Sophia is portrayed as more or less trying to correct her mistake that is the Dermuige, who is portrayed like a spoiled child than a tyrant


Not sure what point you're trying to make? Don't think you thought that one through too much. In that scenario you can't just escape the domination and will of God.

Even more, it's pretty clear that God actively FEARS man.
First he noted that man has "become like us" and casts him out so that man doesn't become immortal in edition to knowledgeable of good and evil, and even that's not enough because when everyone speaks the same language and acts to one purpose he realizes they could do anything they intend to and scatters them with different languages.

Tbh, The Satanic Temple is at best a washed down liberal form of secular Satanism. Their goals are mostly noble, but they're no real different from your standard social justice activism. If you want some real shit, try the Liber Falxifer series, The Book of Sitra Ahra, and other volumes in anti-cosmic gnosis. They're quite enlightening.

It doesn't add up.
t. vulgar gnostic

It's almost impossible not to read it through an anarchist lens tbh