Philosopher Slavoj Žižek settles the “Is it OK to punch a Nazi?” question once and for all

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In a sense of beating nazis to fix the problem yes it doesnt serve much of a purpose.

BUT IT IS FUNNY AS FUCK so i hope they keep punching spencer

never forget Zizek supported JNA comrades being murdered when he was "regrettably" a liberal.

Can you give me a break down of the story with that?

He's wrong tbh

use the catalog fam

Probably the most retarded idea you could do. You are practically saying "Hey, im an actual enemy and will attack you on sight". This will mean to them that its open war. Remember what the fascists did in 1940? They rounded up people and started executing them. They will get the same idea and start going around hunting these people who openly commit violence to them. You are giving them reason to attack you. The Right is much much much more aggressive and armed than the left so at this point you can not think that this will end well. You play it smart or you look like the bad guy. Every time you punch someone on their side you make them look great. You give them victim status. Seems to me people have given the Right a shitload of status already.

Dont be a shitty hoodlem, protest if you want to protest. Dont destroy things and enact violence.

Didn't we all have this thread already? The one in which everyone tried their best to roleplay as hard as possible and offer absolutely no arguments or evidence to anything they said?

Peaceful protest is impotent garbage, and people see neo-nazis as violent thugs, vigilantes are generally not seen as -worse- than the thugs. I mean the news might act like it but that's the news.

I kept saying there's no downside. People dislike nazis. It offers immediate and obvious short term benefits and in no way prevents us from going after larger goals as well.

Absolute state of the last thread.

Ok but you are reeeeeally making it out to be the bad guy when you start committing violence. Ive been keeping count and the Right has not done really anything when it comes to destroying or attacking people. Sure you dont like nazis, I get it and I think everyone here gets it. But when you start outright attacking them that becomes a problem. Another problem is that their side has far more people who are armed and aggressive then we do. Remember the Left is filled with artists and thinkers while the Right is filled with more of the working class. That Right side also believes in weapons and the right to carry and use it whenever. Im not saying the Left is declawed but if we were to compile numbers on which side has more manpower with weaponry, they would win.

Also lets talk about these protests. When I look around and see other people doing retarded shit like blocking traffic and causing property damage you arent doing shit. You are fucking up your cause for what? A bit of "I sure showed them!"? Really? I have seen nothing but people fuck over the Left side because they want to do dumb shit time and time again. Blocking traffic, assaulting people in the streets, destroying property or setting buildings on fire (that fire bombing was pretty bad too). What the fuck does that even help? How does that help the Left achieve their goals? Pro tip: it doesnt. In the end you just fucked your entire cause time and time gain because you want to have outbursts.

So lets come back to the beginning point. When you start punching people on the street like this, regardless of who they are it makes your entire cause look like shit to the normal undecided citizen. This is exactly what happened with Clinton. Retards ran around doing stupid shit and that caused undecideds to jump to the other side fucking over the entire campaign.

You want to win, use logic. You want to lose, keep doing this. This will make it where they will actually start arming up and then using self defense laws to start killing people who attack them.

The vast majority of this board should be working class.

As do we?

This only sounds like we're not bashing hard enough.

Those peaceful protests aren't what I talk about when I say beating up nazis. You can't just equate any action with any other action. I already said peaceful protest is impotent garbage.

You say it makes them look like shit, I'm fairly certain only people who already have nazi sympathies will care, this includes the mainstream media, and imageboards. Which might make some people think public opinion is super pro-nazi.

You need both. Theory without action is indefensible cancer, as is action without theory.

Okay that's it, I'm sick of everyone posting pure fucking conjecture on this topic with no evidence (any of it which I've seen becomes more contradictory as it's further explained) or even an analysis of twitter or anything, so I just googled "richard spencer reddit" to find a post about him getting punched in the face:
Every comment at the top of the chain is in support of punching Nazis in the face, or the sort of incessant crying "If you punch them, they win!" we've started to get here. I've even seen "r/news was up in arms!!" as a reason why it was shit, but even that turns out to be shit. Nobody there is outright against it on any sort of principle except giving them oxygen.

Board doesnt mean its the entire left.

The left is a lot more prone to un-arming and believes in gun free zones. Left would rather have no weapons as a whole collective.

Also your bashing means that you are just provoking them. If you arent smart they will just play the victim card and get a free ride. When you boil it down, you are attacking someone for their views and they will use that. They will also claim self defense when you are attacking them and chances are they will begin bringing weapons with them. CC permits are easy to get and every state allows it. You cant also just get away with it in court saying "He was a nazi". Sounds like you really want the Riot Police to come over and shit all over you and your legs so you can never walk again. Thats exactly what they will do.

Fucking purity tests I swear. Kys.

You know what else doesn't represent popular opinion? The media and imageboards.

Liberals are a lot more prone to disarming. The left would not rather have no weapons as a collective if you don't count socdems and liberals, which I do not.

No it doesn't mean you're just provoking them. You're gaining the immediate direct benefit of the nazi being gone. How is it they will claim self defense yet our retaliatory action can never be considered self defense? Is he going to get away with it in court by saying "he was an anarchist!" or something?

keep fucking defending counterrevolutionaries

Trying to rewrite Americas history of racism and fascist thinking based on Marvel comics was just as gay when the left did it as when the right dies. "Punching nazis" is not a "time honored American tradition" just because Marvel Studios says mm the avatar of the USA represents perfect virtue, and always has.

Shut the fuck up moron

Zizek isn't some god and after some of the bullshit he's said in the past, I'd consider him a hack and worn-out.

lel triggered

Take you're purity test and shove it up your ass larper.


Great, another thread getting derailed by a small group of spastics.

Wew better throw everything out then. Everyone used to be a baby who knew dick about anything.

There is not much more important than defending the ability of people to stop being counterrevolutionary. Most people are not revolutionary, even outright counterrevolutionary. If they're not allowed to join us, we will never accomplish anything. Go blow your brains out.

And then I noticed we exceeded the bumplimit.

From the previous thread:

> From 19 fucking 30, a communist critique of anti-fascism:
It's LeftCom critique from 1934.

Communists are generally assumed to be Bolsheviks, not Italian splinter movement nobody even heard of, except some historians and extreme hipsters. Comintern - the very next year - supported anti-Fascism. Of course, not the strawman variety Bilan is arguing against.

Seventh World Congress of the Communist International
> This unanimity may, undoubtedly be regarded as one of the most important conditions for success in solving the paramount immediate problem of the international proletarian movement, namely, establishing unity of action of all sections of the working class in the struggle against fascism.

com, he has not abandoned his counterrevolutionary tendencies.

Zizek has a lot of flaws, but he's beneficial because he is approachable for normies and he puts things in terms that facilitate leftist thought. Anyone who says he's right about everything is a moron. I don't think even he thinks he's right all the time.

I disagree. I don't think punching Nazis or Antifa in general are good. The average person sees Antifa as some sort of bizarre hipster thugs, literally larpers completely removed from reality. They're not getting the message.

Hitting a smug asshole like Richard Spencer, though, is something everyone can understand and get behind. It's gratifying as hell, and that's why it blew up the way it did.

When Zizek talked about manners and decency, I think he got it backwards. At least in America, at least where I'm from, you don't stand there and let people push you around, spit in your face, or punch you. If someone pulls that shit, you punch them right back.

In my view, if someone representing the left lets their enemy walk all over them, they're destroying the public image of the left. Politics isn't a religion where Jesus gives you extra credit for being a martyr and letting people abuse you. People are looking to you to see what the left is like, and they're going to think, "If I join them, that's going to be me." WHO THE FUCK WANTS TO BE A MARTYR? Be the sort of person other people want to be, and maybe they'll actually want to join you.
I like the times where the Left actually used violence

he's literally a class traitor, he helped the bank of ljubljana seize assets from the rest of the republics and also helped the slaughter of innocent JNA soldiers that happened to be stationed in slovenia after they surrendered

he is literally a criminal.

yeah it was easier when everyone had muskets and cannons, now it's artillery, tanks, planes, the rest
but there's still Novorossiya

That was honestly the most pathetic part about Spencer. I don't even like antifa much but the fact that he didnt swing back killed any unguarded humanist sympathy I might've had for him right there.

Rightist fags who bitch about the fact that the antifa guy didn't knock Spencer out fail to see the real humiliation and weakness that shows.

Not an argument. Anyone can be approachable.

I disagree.

what a bunch of bullshit. nazis will always murder, they dont even need to become heads of state to enact violence, look at what neo-nazis in greece are doing. they got some members in parliament, and by greek law you cannot persecute people in the parliament, so they are the only ones allowed to own guns etc. so they use these people as spearheads in their paramilitary battalions so that the cops cant interfere

you're delusional if you think real life nazis are anything like Holla Forums larpers. every single real life neo-nazi group has blood in it's hands, and the only way to crush them is by pure violence

i swear you people are drowned in your little petite bourg existence, and forget how things are in the real world. you sit here larping about being leftists and jerking off to anime, debating if it's ok to punch a nazi while people get murdered by nazis all around the world.

at least call yourselves what you truly are, liberal larping petite bourgeoisie kiddos

That is the real world, lad.

it is if you're a petite bourg liberal, one of the people that the nazi won't be stabbing

That's the point. You're being made fun of by people who are well aware of this and simply don't care.

so you admin you're a petite bourg liberal?

This makes so much sense.

The greatest neoliberal reform in Germany, the agenda 2010, was utilised by a socialdemocratic-progressive green coalition under Gerhard "Genosse der Bosse" Schröder. Other traitors include former edgy kid Joschka Fischer and Wolfgang Clemens (who left the years later, because there was no PR agency good enough to cover his open disdain for workers).

Genosse der Bosse means comrade of the bosses in English. Despite this he somehow he got reelected.

I'm actually the next Lenin.

Read the fucking catalog you fucking faggot. Goddamn autists thinking they have an original thread idea all the shitty time.

Previous thread hit bumplimit

Previous thread is also filled with all the same replies from triggered Stalinists and Smashies alike.




Action and Theory are not mutually exclusive you know

I wonder who could 🍀🍀🍀be🍀🍀🍀 behind this post.

Good lord what have you done to that poor defenseless meme.

I don't have a problem with spencer getting punched. However the SJW wing of the left has spent the last 10 years callin everyone they don't like nazis. So It's obvious to me that this will devolve into "I can punch anyone who disagrees with me" knowing human nature.

I have bad news for you.

even if you fuccboi's hate Zizek, read Counterpunch's analysis. They come to a similar conclusion. Y'all just regular lifestylist LARPers.

Not only does Žižek want to plagiarize white supremacists, he wants to commit mob violence against them too. Morality not a spook when?

Ok, some punches but then what after? More lefty inertia.

Hitting Spencer accomplishes nothing but at the least its been entertaining.

Interesting article. Always thought Negri was a shitheel but this confirms it.

Please, do not do this. This is a terrible crime against everything that is good with the internet.


Creating a situation where its ok to kill Nazis because they are literally rounding people up makes me the good guy in every situation.

Ummm, like, could you totally not? :^)

What is he going on about here? Why is it that Hitler is now just preserving German Capitalism but Ghandi is different even though he wants to change who is in charge but not the nature of the country he lives in (such as the caste laws, how females are treated, etc)? Zizek already says how Ghandi is hated for that, so why the reverence of him now? It's not that different from Hitler at all in just preserving the status quo of Indian society but seeking a different political status and structure.

He completely ignores an entire side of the Indian independence conflict where there was actual violence. An actual radical side the lurked right out in the open but is ignored today because of Ghandi's reverence. This type of argument is the same thing you get from American liberals talking about the Civil Rights era. They go on about MLK and his 'symbolic violence' but completely ignore militant blacks that were there before the Civil right act and only give attention after the Civil rights act was passed to militancy because of the Black Panthers. These two sides, militant and liberal were hand in hand to the ruling establishment, it gave them a choice, either black liberals like MLK or militant blacks like Malcolm X. It's a complete ignorance of what actually happen during the Indian Independence movements and other movements of the time. He either must be fucking stupid or being intentionally dishonest.

This was the fucking worst part about this article. It doesn't just say "don't punch nazis" but don't even defend yourself. Maybe he would think different if he wasn't going to fuck off and right some shitty book about musicals.


This, I'm glad someone else is aware of how violent the Indian struggle for Independence was. The British only left because the situation was rapidly deteriorating in India and they no longer had the resources to put down another wide scale rebellion like the Sepoy Mutiny.

But that is why Ghandi is more violent than Hitler :^)

pic related is the episode Pajeet always forgets about

I would like to think Zizek's advocating ghandi-style violence is just a tactical decision for this current stage of circumstances.

I don't think it's wrong to punch him. It is worse than that: it is useless.

Explain to me how this has advanced the class struggle, how has this brought us closer to seizing power and/or the means of production?

All it seems to have done is give him some sympathetic media coverage, while still leaving him fully capable to spread his ideology.

If you think it is right to punch him, you should go all the way and conclude that it was paradoxically not right to punch him, when he could have been shot dead also.

They've also whitewashed the athiest socialist/communist revolutionaries as pious nationalists too.

Pretty sure it's the latter. It's like those obvious fake stories he always brings up about all his [insert race/ethnicity/whatever] friends who told him they actually really like [insert appropriate slur or stereotype] because muh bantz. He just pulls shit out his ass and bullshits about whatever will help his point.

Alright, but this wasn't Zizek's reasoning.

Yeah we should be picking targets for assassinations, randomly killing the fascist police and bombing federal buildings. There can be no peace with nazis.

So we just get more aggressive and armed than them and beat them into the pavement.
What's the problem?

Just coming back to say that you guys are the reason why the Left is dying. Its now turned into some kind of fucking cult where they preach tolerance but yet attack anyone who opposes their viewpoints. They talk about acceptance but exclude those who they deem as evil (usually white straight males).

You just cant be an old school dem anymore because you guys, the new wave are turning it into some kind of terrorist group that no one wants to be apart of. I turn on the TV or news outlet or w/e and immediately see people from the left doing something else fucking stupid. I see them block traffic, attack people on the streets and other shit. Yet they claim they are for everyone and that they preach love and tolerance. Thats not anything remotely akin to that. Thats just insanity. This is why Trump won. Because you guys decided to be emotionally stunted children and promote violence as a way to "solve conflicts".

The only way you guys are going to do anything with violence is if you all get up, grab your gun and start making an actual resistance movement. Not some bullshit "we burned a car and punched a man" resistance that im seeing. You are worse than the arabs. At least I was scared of fighting them sometimes because they would bomb randomly or suicide into us. But nope you guys pull this half assed shit that does absolutely nothing in furthering any cause.

So which is is, is the left the tolerant and accepting of all? Or is it a violent political group bent on snuffing out anything it deems as "nazi".

I honestly dont get what the fuck is going on now with the Left. You say you want this but turn around and do something exactly opposite. At least with the Right I know where they stand. Ever think by stomping out a political group like that you are becoming the nazis? You are the ones stifling free speech and then killing anyone with that belief? Of course not because this is new Leftism. A cult following that has everyone saying one thing and doing another.

Thanks guys, you officially made me fuck off from the Left. The majority of you are fucking retarded. It be better throwing my vote away for third party then voting dem again. Good god some of you need help.

When the fuck has Holla Forums preached tolerance?
You seem to be in the wrong place, bucko.

Oh, okay, I see you now, user. You can't hide who you really are.

When will the Holla Forumsyps learn that they are talking about New Right, not New Left?

Whew this is making me hot under the collar at the thought.

Yeah, the board with tankies and a few actual nazbols are known for the virtue signaling.

Good post. This is like the only place on the internet that is leftist without indulging in an overabundance of identity politics deviationism.

I like how it is mockingly accepted, but not dominant.

Дядя Петя, ты дурак?

Meanwhile, you reinforce the public's view of a false contradiction.

Get fucked

I made a helpful infographic

I think you accidentally posted a troll image that pol made to mock us.

Beating up girls is also acceptable if you outnumber them 10 to 1.

Yes, the comintern clearly meant black bloc type vigilantism and punching interviewed "alt-right" (not even fascists) people in the internet age, instead of popular and lasting movements.


stupid cunt got off lightly.

Yeah, if they have a party that takes power, otherwise they are like any kind fringe extremist group in the west. Out of a million KKK members how many committed murder, in your estimate? A Thousand? That's one in a thousand.

And we aren't even talking about the KKK, but alt-right identitarians.

you can't give them an inch

they should be unrelentingly opposed and crushed

The problem is that the police, military, and state apparatus isn't on the left's side. And if you think normies are, you're wrong. Most normies are classcucked to hell, socialism is still a dirty word to most of them. The workers aren't going to be rising up in defense of the left any time soon, they'll be the ones cheering as the cops smash skulls into the concrete. We're still far far away from where we need to be before violence becomes a viable tactic.

Do not feed the liberals.

It's a parallel to prove a point, not reverence, ya stupid hack.

Come on tankfriend, we should just ignore the growing nationalist movements and then they'll go away. Violence is never the answer.

Quite a few. My great uncle was in the KKK during the 50s-70s and according to my mom he raped quite a few women(including most of his nieces and tried to rape my mom when she was preteen) and killed at least 10 men, qjite a few who were suspected of being "nigger-lovers" and not just blacks, with his friends over the years. Never prosecuted because law enforcement was on their side as well. And there were certainly more than one of him in the Klan. But clearly men like him will just go away and don't need to be fought at all.

This is not a war room with the Nazi and Soviet fronts drawn and your miniature troops assembled in 1943, you LARPing idiot.

Didn't Chapo start that term?
I cant wait until "elevator conservative" is being used in professional articles.

t. commander of the smashie forces, liberalnin

Do I need to point it out to you?

So, did you fight your uncle? It doesn't matter if he's a grandpa now, remember? You can't reason with nazi! He can literally kill another person any minute now! Just visit him in his retirement home and punch in his scull when nobody is around. Make sure to record it and upload it to your twitter.

Nobody said that this war will be fast and easy

Berniebro spotted.

Zizek is right but his reasoning is poorly worded, nazis have a natural victim complex and punching one validates that.
We should not punch nazi but silence them, we need to take down their websites so they can't spout their bullshit, close down their public apparences for the same reason and if we need to kill them their death should not be seen because otherwise they could become martyrs and fuel that victimhood.

But silencing them makes it seem like you cant beat them in an argument.

As does punching them of course.

The point is isnt it better just to argue against them?
Is it that hard to explain why they are wrong?

Yes it is, my insufferable reddit friend. They will lie and shout down any opposition that threatens their cult.

No, you should be well aware by now that most Holla Forums-types tend to purposefully argue poorly, because they don't give a shit.
Their entire support for Trump, for example, is based on memetics. That's it. That's the whole reason. Because he likes Pepe and makes fun of people and "muh God Emperor". How do you argue against that? They're not operating on the same level of politics as anybody else.

That's their online, anonymous behavior. If you get to sit down with them IRL with a few comrades the situation is totally different.

That's actually not what Zizek says here… He says to not argue with them and treat them like non-persons, he calls this passive aggression through non-violent means as opposed to aggression (or non-violence, for that matter)

These people spend a vast amount more time online than socialising with others. So do I, admittedly, but my brain isn't fully of memes.

Woah, you mean retards on the internet don't always bring it into the real world?
Stop the fucking presses.

t. the ziz

t. take me seriously

Just be like Gandhi bro

I'm not confused pal, it's a very simple concept
I just think it's extremely forced to call all radicalism "violence". You can't defend any kind of parabole as "it's just a metaphore, bro!"

You are literally arguing for calling Gandhi's non-violent resistance violent, because it's seen as more radical.
No one is struggling with the concept. I think it's mistaken.

It's your only valid comment, yet many would disagree with this rethoric

The is beside the point, the best strategy is disabling them from debating anything at all.

Burgers just elected a president campaigning on nostalgia for the good old times and reactionary whites are increasingly adopitng nationalist and racialist rhetoric, minus the antisemetism because muh Israel. Yuropoor seems set to push nationalists into office with LePen and Wilders as well. Are you under the delusion that the enlightened current year will somehow prevent nattionalism from resurging as capitalism collapses?

He died before I was born, shot by a black guy. But yes, I have fought guys with similar beliefs and if he was alive I'd probably kill him.

Just because you're not a real communist doesn't mean they're not real fascists, my ghandian socdem friend.

Public view is actually positive.
Stop taking the news, and imageboards, as even close to being an accurate representation of public opinion.

this is such a shitty piece from him, been thinking about how retarded it is since yesterday. I agree with his conclusion but its still a fucking stupid anal retentive argument. he probably shouldnt be suckerpunched for it but a decent bitchslapping seems in order

hillary plz go

youre the same mouthbreathing ancom that got btfo in the other thread by just about everyone arent you

By a couple people who insisted nazis were non-violent? Yes.
You couldn't be more wrong.

Really every reason I've been given that we shouldn't hurt nazis, has been retarded and untrue. The only one worth taking seriously is that they might fight back, which really isn't such a problem.

Radicalism, from the latin radix (meaning root) connotes changing something from its systemic base. Radical violence is just that: using force to exert systemic change.

Extremism, from the latin exterus (outer) connotes fanatic action removed from the ordinary, nothing more. Extremist violence is self-serving, it doesn't amount to real change.

Nobody is arguing for non-violent resistance, not even Zizek. My guess is is that he wouldn't even call it resistance, because there is nothing there to resist. Only in the minds of liberals are we in a nazi occupied world, for fucks sake.

He was presented with a hypothetical situation by the interviewer: "what would you do when Spencer is around?" His answer: ignore him, stop amusing his followers and your ilk.

Is there a chance for radical violence when faced with Spencer? Absolutely none. Your actions will not stop the alt-right from being systematically generated.

Is there chance for extremist violence? Yes. Your actions will perpetrate the current (a)political constellation.

In this sense your non-action is more radical, because it does not hinder future radicalism, while your extremism blocks it.

You present a very disingenuous picture of Zizek to back up your fake-radicalism.

Demonstrably counter-factual. Trump is the most disliked president ever, and nostalgia had nothing to do with it. It was a protest vote against the establishment, just like Brexit. I'm not denying that just like Brexit, Trump's presidency triggers right-extremism. I'm saying that you shouldn't generalize from the fringe groups to all of society, and you shouldn't deny basic facts while doing so.

What makes you think that capitalism is collapsing? Are you stuck in the teleological interpretation? History clearly shows that capitalism's biggest weakness (its systemic crises) are its biggest source of innovation. Socialism was blocked by Keynesianism. What makes you think that a more authoritarian capitalism (Chinese, Russian, Turkish) will not prove to be capitalism's new method of surviving?

Nationalism isn't an abstract thing, and as a superstructural phenomenon it is dependent on the base, the base that has changed a lot since WW2. The currently emerging nationalism is more of a West vs. outside elements (terrorists for the right, and nazis for the liberals) kind of issue. Yes, I'm saying here that the "punch the nazis" attitude is part of the same culture war as that of the right-wing, fought on completely ridiculous grounds, totally removed from the economic and political realities.

Kudos to black guy. (Remember: 50's-70's.)

But that's the point you don't understand: people are not abstract entities either. Lynching was a peculiar Southern mores, organized and propagated. Today there's nothing like that if you look at its scale and magnitude.

If you want to fight for black empowerment you need to build lasting movements countering the privatized prison-industrial complex and its state lackeys.

You are entitled to your opinion that I'm not a real commie. The alt-right are no way nazis. You need to hit up your history books, and actually form your opinions based on real life exchanges with different people:

Public view is but one aspect of communist strategy. If you think that punching alt-righters is constructive, go ahead, I'll try to marginalize your kind from IRL political groups that are interested in showing a viable alternative to the majority of the populace and are actually interested in revolutionary politics.

confirmed same aspie from thread yesterday, what the fuck are you even saying you mong, its being mocked across the board on pretty much all sides of the spectrum as a retarded outburst, the only people not condemning it is the neoliberal mainstream "press"

unbelievable, like 20 people were explaining to you in the other ziz thread why you are a laughably wrong larping fucktard

pic related, actual fucking handiwork of nazis

So… did Spencer do that?

It's not harmful to our goals. It is in no way detrimental and does not prevent us from doing other things.
As well as positively influencing public opinion (inb4 the news and Holla Forums count at all).

Can you show me the reddit board that agrees with you friendo? :^)

are you that reddit sperg from r/drama who was posting user comments from here

We have a huge list that are not "harmful" to our goals: veganism and vegan activism, charity and charity work, black bloc type of vigilantism, protests around single issues, all the different types of lifestylisms, liberal feminism advocating for more women CEOs, LGBT issues that don't challenge the status quo in any shape or form, aesthetic actions… I could go on.

It seems to me that your "non-harmful" activity is in actuality the very cancer eating up the left: pseudo-activism.

Putting aside the fact that people involved in any and several elements of the aforementioned list don't tend do anything else that's lasting or leaving a mark… You are still incorrect. Organizing black bloc does adsorb a lot of energy. You have to hold meetings, you have to have coordinators, you'll eventually need lawyers, you need to prepare your smashie outfits and weapons.

Your whole position can be summed up thus: pretense and disregard for facts.

can we get a communalism flag already I'm tired of being associated with this ill read moron

Don't worry about that.
be ar abodiminous


Nobody is denying that it's hilarious. But when this shit siphons off proper political interest and energy, we have a problem, and we need to combat that problem since it's obviously not going away by itself.

Unlike Zizek's occult """theories""", beating up Nazis is proven to actually work.

Know what else doesn't challenge the status quo?
Masturbation. Video games. Posting on Holla Forums. None of these things are some unforgivable evil just because it's not directly responsible for bringing about the creation of a worker's state and you can't insist that everything that isn't directly responsible for that is wrong because that's fucking retarded and narrow minded.

kek no.

I do read, you know. It's just I read anarchist books, not Holla Forums pseudo-celebrities.

Nice try, kid. We are talking about politics here. Nobody cares what you do in your private life. We care about what people perceive as politics.

If you think that masturbation is a political category (and this is the case with some volcels) we have a problem. If you think that bydio gaymes are a political category (gamergate), we have a problem.

Similarly, if you think that smashies are political activity, we gon have them problems.

You very obviously havent read shit

Define propaganda of the deed
Which anarchists were influenced by it, supported it
Which distanced themselves from it
Which anarchists and schools give a fuck about your smashed windows

Point is both things have similar effects at worst, and violence has positive effects at best.

Your sister.

"violence is just good k?"

I'm going to go arm some nazis to kill you liberals because violence is just always good

what has punching been proven to do exactly?

It shocks undergrad virgins into mental retardation.

but they're already nazis…



There are paramilitary militias, comprimized of police officers and army soldier, going around and killing: poor people, black people, young people in slums.

The "LEFT" thinks that punching a single fucking Nazi will make a difference. It's a revolutionary act! Should I start punching the literal armed fascist brigades in my country? This "Left" is not only a failure but something to be ashamed of.

Holy shit!