Do you think there will be an economic collapse in the near future?

Economic growth powered by QE and 0% interest rates seems to have leveled off. Most central banks in the western world have followed this trend. The money poured by the QE has gone to banks who have reinvested it into stocks(overvalued stocks) and buying property(housing bubble). Trump deregulating banks will make that problem worse. Also most people in the western world hold large amounts of private debt and raising interest rates will probably fuck them over. Are we past the point of no return?

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It hadn't initially occurred to me, but there are downturns every 10 years or so, so without any economic analysis being applied it seems likely.

Early 80s recession
Early 90s recession
Early 2000s recession
Great Recession (Global Financial Crisis.)

We're mid-way through the 2010s and still no recession. Where's the recession? The only answer can be: Pending.

Absolutely. It could happen as early as 2017. It will happen by 2020. The end of Trump's first and only term.

Oh we are still in a recession. Wall Street isn't

David Harvey once said that "capitalists don't get over crises–they simply spread them around." Its one of those statements that's wrong in a rough empirical sense but still true. In a lot of neoliberals there's recovery for the capitalists but not recovery for the workers even during the "boom" phase of the cycle.

Even in the past where the boom-phase of the cycle was associated with a real qualitative material improvement of the average worker's life like prior to the mid 70s wasn't it also true that "recovery" in the capitalist metropolis meant more pillage and suffering in the colonies? Just something to think about.

*neoliberal recoveries

US will get fucked.

They ll start trade war with Mexico and then China
China will try to start trade with Mexico because of it

They ll probably get some deal with the UK but who cares about the UK

Everything will be expensive and Americans will end up moving to mexico to buy shit

Do not underestimate the eternal Anglo. Not even once.

What will happen when the economy collapses though?

i'm scared yet excited at the same time

Who knows user? But we must fight for a truly egalitarian society.


Ron Paul says so, decent interview with him on jonestwon jones recently




one of the big disaster movie directors fucking loves doing scenes with burgers piled up at the border trying to get into mejico

I think its the german one hes done this like 10 times

You ever see a video of like an explosion or something where somebody gets fatally wounded, but they don't immediately die? They stumble around for a bit or try to recover from the shock because they don't realize they're already dead.

That's where the economy is. The working class have no negotiating power left, and their relevance is quickly vanishing due to automation. It's already starting to catch up. This holiday season had sales well below expectations. People just don't have the money anymore. We're about to see huge swaths of people plunge into desperate poverty. They're going to start resorting to alternative social systems like cults, gangs, and insurrections because they won't be able to feed themselves otherwise.

Do you have guns and armor?

Whatever all of us, collectively, make of it.

I hope an economic collapse can wait until I get a job and can afford guns. And that it gives me time to to the mandatory 6 months gun club active membership. Then it can come.

I live in noguns, yet have enough manuals 4guns.
The problem is bullets are literally impossible to make. They're the most complicated part of any firearm I'd say from my rudimentary knowledge.

How bullets?

Couldn't you make a musket and just cram some ball-bearings or such into it?

It'd be shit, sure, but better than nothing.

Are you sure? Few people know that we are allowed to own guns other that hunting weapons in my country, with some not too complex or hard requirements. We're also allowed to store up to 10000 rounds, 15000 if 5000 are .22. Don't think we have much limit on cartridge components. My experience is that people think a lot of countries have total gun bans when it turns out gun ownership is just controlled.

Are you at least allowed to buy cartridge components? Buy casings, powder, press, and primers.

Don't be so centrated on firearms, when you're going down to musket level there are all sorts of ridiculous and scarier alternatives.

It's controlled, but only bolt action for the most part. If I got a license I'd probably get a semi-auto shotgun with a magazine and load it with slugs.

Then you could find a gun club or hunting club that has some long range enthusiasts (1000 meters +) and get yourself a rifle, bipod, and decent optics. I'm going to assume that you are britfag or continentfag, I think you'd get a decent kit for about £2000, €2250, $2500. I assume you'll be allowed to get press, bullets, casing, powder, and primers for your calibre then too. I suggest you go to a small, well established hunting store and ask, they are usually more concerned with building lasting customer relationships than bigger warehouses who bet on many short term customers. Where I live suppressors are not controlled and considered good hunting etiquette, check your local laws.