Can we get some antifa anons to go there tomorrow?

Sam Hyde will be there

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Not pathetic enough to be liberal shitheads who beat up old/poor people and too beta to be burly communist brusiers.

I'd rather not kill Sam Hyde

You pacifist fucks are desgusting.


Yeah beating up fringe groups which most people know are fringe and are probably never going to gain power or popular support anytime soon is real revolutionary

i dont want antifa to beat sam hyde. i want an aut rightist to get confused and do it

I don't believe in Smashyism

beating sam hyde is exactly what he wants. laughing at his impotence is better. people need to stop getting triggered by him and literally just walk away laughing

Why is the right filled with masochists?

So far there hasn't been any trashcans on stream, so i think antifa won't show up.

For people who like to call everyone who disagrees with them cucks, they really like being humiliated and having the shit kicked out of them.


Richard Spencer (who is not technically a Nazi, but a white nationalist who's praised ethnic cleansing) has more influence now than he otherwise would have, seeing as he's a prominent/foundational alt-right guy and thusly a significant figure in Trump's backing. Most people may know that stuff as fringe, but most people also voted against that stuff in the presidential election - take note of how that worked out.

Fuggin' saved

Yeah, just like how everyone laughed so hard at Trump that he left the Presidential race and gave his endorsement to Jill Stein.

the problem is liberals spent so much time wringing their hands at trump instead of laughing at the bitch ass nigga which obviously triggers him more. in any case shillary isn't president

That's the thing. The alt-right adoption of "cuck" can basically mean one or both of two things - at some point they were exposed to porn that used the term, and they were too socially retarded to not think it could be politically valid… or they just were big fans of femdom/cuckold porn all along and were all fapping to it and projected their sexual fantasies onto people they didn't like.

Ok, it's obviously a bit of both. But seriously, they basically popularized what was initially kind of a fringe fetish term and took it way beyond the audience it otherwise would have had. But there's kind of a historical pattern of this with conservatives and right-wingers - like it wasn't uncommon for them to seemingly base their ideas of feminists and lesbians off of '50s/'60s femdom lit where they were all out to emasculate men and rule the world.

they definitely have a "its so disgusting, i can't look away" mentality to interracial porn.

Like, "I'll n-never be one of those pussified liberal pansy men and lick your boots, you nasty feminazis! I-I bet you want to have all men as s-slaves and whip them all day!"

You do realise your posts come off as projections, right?

More like mobbing random lone individuals and running away, or breaking inanimate objects that have zero to do with politics and then running away. Or just running away. Lefties are the most emasculated, effeminate people around. They tend to be short, have very little muscle mass, they scream like rabid women, and when numbers are even, or not drastically skewed in their favor, they just run and scream. I mean, if you want to be annoyed by a boy verbally expressing his estrogen levels, call antifa. Nothing but a bunch of jobless bums who don't know what a hard days work is like. Typical Leftist. And yet they think they represent the working class. Go to a construction site and see what the typical worker there thinks of these fucking commie faggots. I'll tell you, they don't like them. No, they like Trump and are more Nationalistic though. Fucking college debt laden faggots who've never worked a day in their lives. That's what constitutes the ranks of the Left. Bums.

The use of cuck definitely filtered into Holla Forums from "weird" twitter– which in turn took it from something awful. it originally came from ironic usage which then became sincere

I'm starting to think all anti-antifa posters are Holla Forums. Especially with the "nazis are peaceful" nonsense I've been seeing around.

I'll admit, I like the guy. I he's a loser who got led down the wrong path. I see a lot of myself in him, from being a contrarian and flirting with "anarchism" to swinging right/libertarian and then far-left. I really hope he's just going through a natural progression of political maturation. But I could be wrong. I didn't have a circlejerk telling me my stupid libertarian views were substantiated in any form.

I love the nazi-punching and any kind of agitation (property destruction, bombing, rioting, etc.), but even I know that it's looked down upon and probably not the proper course of action to get people on your side. The current zeitgeist is just not receptive to that stuff and it could more likely be counterproductive.

This is exactly why the Left is having issues. People dont want to be associated with a group who goes around and attacks people all the god damn time. There is zero significance in beating up some dude from adult swim. If you are going to beat up someone from AW just attack the CEOs or Producers…the audience would applaud you for shitting on people who cancle good shows.

All this will do is push people away. Right now This is just showing people that the left is nothing but violent. You guys really need to pick targets and or battles better or else you will never be backed by the people. Most people dont even know what antifa is and all its doing is showing a bunch of people with the patch running around assaulting others. Thats not good.

We should be even more violent.

Are you joking? Even the liberals I know are on board with fuckhead Spencer being punched. Half the people on here want resistance and the other half like to jerk off and speak theoretically.

The power of Holla Forums

Honestly, even my grandmother is glad when nazis get beat.

Ok but does this board make up the Entire left side? Probably not. Remember you arent playing board politics here, you are being global.

You know what else doesn't represent popular opinion? The media and imageboards.

The consensus, from liberals I know in person, of all age groups, is that he deserved to be punched. That's what I meant by on board.

If you are talking about the resistance comment, then no shit. Theoretical leftists are still an issue globally, especially in the US, where I'm from

I'm sure everyone thinks it was deserved, but they'll still say it's "not right." I'm more worried about pushing apolitical people further right. People tend to respond reactively to such things.

Apolitical people are apolitical because they are selfish and politics does not affect them. They were always bound to lean towards the right.

The usage of cuck started after the joint MPC-Holla Forums raids on NRO.

I hope we can get some comrades to pummel this man and smash his glasses. It's NOT Ok to make fun of someone's wife like this.


without fail anti-antifa posters are either Nazis or liberals

As a German I can say the American Antifa is ten times more uncucked than the German Antifa.

Yet the fact that the American Antifa apperently sucks as well, leads me to the conclusion that Antifa is shit everywhere.

Heh, that was pretty funny.

German antifa is a mixed back, especially among the autonomes and anarcho-syndicalists you have some pretty cool guys. In general its just a really widely applied label containing bored people, socdems/liberals, tankies, autonomists and anarchists.

i'd fucking love to see Sam kick some cryto-liberal anarkiddies ass

Because you are a faggot cuck incapable of doing it yourself?

lol anybody can take down an antifa faggot

t. basement dwelling neckbeard

Let the alt-right have their carnival. Perhaps it will show the world what bunch of stupid kids they are

If we are gonna beat people up, at least we should have the decency to beat up porkies not braindead morons like Spencer

Why not both?

You know what? You're absolutely right, I actually think that if we beat up porkies we would gain more public support.

This. People like Spencer and the dipshits screeching at the camera crave attention.