He's right you know. He may be a fascist but he's class conscious

He's right you know. He may be a fascist but he's class conscious.

Woke fash in the comments.

It's clear you didn't watch the video.

Sorry I'm /drunk/ I didn't read your comment fully.

how can you be class conscious and be a nationalist?

you can't

Listen to the video. This guy is clearly opposed to capitalism. Even if he is spooked in other regards.

I don't care about your spooks


Read this:

So he was retarded then.

Fascism started out as a socialist movement.
Not talking about Hitler and his bullshit. He wasn't a fascist.

He doesn't even know what capitalism is or why it is bad.

Watch the entire video.

The insistence that the USSR was more capitalist than the fascists, at least while they were alive together, is inaccurate.

Fascism was never socialist. Entry level anti-capitalist rhetoric does not socialism make.

This might be a fair point. With that said both devolved into state capitalism. However both started with socialist roots.

Read about national-syndicalism.

No. The dude he was quoting already attacked materialism, I don't see how his opinion could be useful in the slightest.

Materialism is shit though. Only Marx embraced materialism. Spiritualism is the true socialist position.

two entirely different things.
fascism has been a joke since infancy.

No one ever took these retarded theories seriously, least of all the inventors of them. It was an insincere attempt to appeal to the working class.

That's your opinion m9.

I don't think Bombacci was a massive racialist in that sense.

wtf now im a facist

Late fascists are shit. I'm a proto-fascist.