Bush era/00's nostalgia

So I have a temendous 00's nostalgia and Trumps election has reminded me of the Bush era
I'm sure you guys have a lot to say about that time or remember some liberal attitude or joke on a show about Bush

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Heads up, OP! The average Holla Forumsyp was 3 years old at the beginning of Bush era.

Why? They were nearly as bad as the 90s.


2000's me:
"Bush, is a total dildo"

Current me in retrospect, watching Bush speak and comparing to Trump
"What an eloquent statesman and overall OK kinda guy. Maybe he had some bad intel but hey, who doesnt fall for fake news every now and then"

He meant the 1890's, silly. What a time to be alive!

🍀🍀🍀I wonder who's behind this president🍀🍀🍀

Holy fuck. I recognize the guy behind him.

I remember Bill Maher worship. A lot of the smug atheist liberalism has died out though thank god.

that people still worship Jon Stewart is a bit gross tho

Oh god

I don't miss Bush at all.
One thing to note about the political climate of the era is that Dubya wasn't as reviled during his presidency as Trump is, now. Sure he didn't win the popular vote, either, but he lost it with better numbers than Trump did.

Accordingly, it was totally mainstream to buy into Bush's complete imperialistic bullshit. And the Christian right were still more common to encounter. When Obama was elected, we gradually faded out of an era where it was common to accuse people of being agents for the gay agenda.

That said, I still have nostalgia for the internet of the period, which didn't suffer as much monopoly or panicked parents as today (going online now, it's like hundreds of thousands of people simply vanished). There was a way more exploratory attitude to the internet, and among other things Google's algorithms were vastly better because they were still focused on improving their search engine (and they had more competition) and not dominating everything else. Stickam existed, html-customizable social networks existed, free online gaming was a lot higher quality (everything's been watered down and priced up for the shit-tier devices that are popular right now), and basically most of what we have now is weak as shit. Like there simply isn't an equivalent replacement for Stickam that I'm aware of, nothing where you can just start up a free broadcast and people will come just 'cuz it's in a public directory. That doesn't exist anymore.

Flash and Java were cool, too.

And I miss emo kids, just because they were fucking nice to look at. Hipster male fashion isn't nearly as flamery and cute as emo kids, it just reminds me of 2006 and when 'hipster' fashion wasn't quite mass-marketed bullshit yet and the music associated with the label was better.

God damn, if there's one thing I miss, it's the internet from the era. It was slow, it was shitty, and it was mostly awful, but there was a real feeling of adventure and so many things to find.

Nowadays, it's all just centralized through a couple of big corporate sites. Fuckin' sucks, man.

That was the highlight of the election.

Man I miss the 2000s

Bush was terrible but I can't wait for the Trumpisms we'll get similar to the bushisms.


Pick one faggot

Rap was great and didn't turn to shit until 2011. Never listened to nickelback.

Man it really was. I thought that dinner was hilarious.

I swear, for someone who says he doesnt drink, he tells jokes like a nihilistic binge alcoholic. The jokes went from mildly/not very funny to just outright boorish and crass

It wasn't even that slow, either. Although I'm mostly saying that because I somehow ended up with my good machine dying a few years back.

That centralization really pisses me off. It's not even just that a substantial part of the web is gone/depopulated (which is still ~part of it~) but that it's harder to find things and certain sites appear to actively discourage independence and competition.


Dave Chappelle for President
He should have ran…

I'll admit I miss the Chappelle show

90's were great you idiot

Me too…
Heres Reparations and Tyrone Biggum's Classroom

I totally missed that, what?

ill post a video gimme one second to find and rip

heres the full video on pooptube, its supposed to be a light hearted roasting of the candidates… Hillary pokes fun at donald, and donald slanders Hillary. Good times.

Vid related. its the good part

I think you mean "slaughter", not "slander". Slander is when it isn't true.

Do you think Hillary Clinton actually hates Catholics? Like she gives a shit and any of the unverifiable stuff he said wasn't just him bitter-campaigning?

fucking libs

He never stopped doing that shit. He just started his 14th fucking season a week ago.

Man, it almost makes this shit worth it to watch Trump stumble through his own awful delivery and the entire room want to lynch him. It'll be one hell of a ride to rock bottom.

Terrible Bush presidency
The internet had stopped being a secret club and had went full commercial at this time.
Music was godawful southern rap and "emo" rock
Reality TV got rammed down our ass
Hardly any classic books or movies
Worst two eras of video games. (PC games saw a minor golden age I'll admit that.)

Mainstream music sure, but it felt like for other genres, there was a hell of a lot more variety. I distinctly remember Target selling racks of CD's, with some of them being pretty good compilation albums.

wow kys

The (western) world was ruined in 1971, economically speaking. Culturally speaking it's much more subjective.

I still have some nostalgia for Bush. I think it's because despite everything he does come across as a genuinely likable sort of idiot - while his evil can be written off as "lol he's a republcian", whereas Bill Clinton's likability is severely diminished by the fact he's a democrat who continued the process of selling out workers.

Similar with Tony Blair. I have a weird nostalgia for Blair, and a personal sort of half-liking, but politically I won't be satisfied until he's in jail. (because of his dragging Labour right - commonly defended as necessary to win an election, but utter nonsense if you look at historical polling under John Smith.)

I have a lot of nostalgia for the technology of the period. Both the internet (well, obviously.) and the wider devices. I liked the pre-smartphone age, or the early ones where they tried to put an entire windows machine into the size of a phone. There was something genuinely exciting about it compared to the mundane practicality of smartphones. I know it's shamelessly consumerist, but it was nice.

I don't think I'll ever be excited about technology again. Nowadays it's all just another measure to overtly make you consume (APP APP APP) or to spy on you.

Culturally, this is some of the best shit evah. Kikestarter, consoles being flushed down the toilet in favor of PC renaissance, VR, new TV/film studios from online services to supplement dying old media, western TV shows with continuity that aren't soaps, decent movie adaptations of genre fiction, GG kicking out the neopuritans.

Economically, still garbage. Politically, also still garbage, but potentially looking up for the first time since the '70s neocon/neolib coup.

Culturally, more aggressively awful than the 90's. Consoles/web/mobile nearly destroyed PC gaming, while consoles themselves lost all their meager advantages over PCs in the process, rise of "indies" over modding culture and shareware/demoscene, movies went even more to shit than ever with a new crop of incompetent manufactured "talent" after completed corporate consolidation, TV became 100% unwatchable with reality TV, and constant virtue signaling. Online was a mixed bag, with first social media, normalfag invasions, and death of old tech (USENET, FTP, Hotline, etc.) on one hand, but new underground (P2P, imageboards, big shitposty unmoderated fora) on the other hand.

Economically okayish for a while but obviously fake as fuck, politically garbage.

Culturally, wasteland. Gaming and online (internet+BBSs) arguably reached its apex, though the tech it ran on was being consolidated horrifically (OSs, ISAs, languages, brands, etc.) like when the auto industry started going to shit in the 40's, but everything else was a deadzone. Movies were boring, TV was boring, books (especially SF/fantasy) were shit and have been shit ever since, final nail in US comics industry. Special mention for music, MTV/VH1 died, rock/pop started getting displaced by (c)rap, techno turned into repetitive clubshit, even FASHION became totally boring monochrome shit to this day.

Economically, so-so. Politically, deadzone.

Apex of popculture, everything is awesome (except comics in USA, which go down the toilet), all the best stuff in popculture to this day is derived from the 80's.

Economically and politically, absolute garbage.

Worst culture (special mention to disco AND country music emerging from the muck, plus killing musicals), worst economy, worst politics, worst decade, kill it with fire, salt its grave with uranium.

All the worst and most harmful things in culture and politics to this day are derived from the 70's.

Fun popculture, high culture on its last legs. Great economy, good politics.

Tacky but pleasant culture (with some hiccups like signing US comics' death warrant), great economy, somewhat degenerate politics.

Apex of high culture, awesome popculture. Terrible but rapidly improving economy, apex of mainstream politics.

But Bush was still shit. Hated him even as a kid, and was overjoyed when Obama finally got elected president… but all that went down the crapper soon enough. Since then, I defected from the Democrats, was temporarily a libertarian, and now I'm a proud Marxist communist.

Besides, it's like my aunt from Florida said during our Christmas beach trip… "If we survived Bush, we can survive Trump."

Sadly a lot of it is from how we remember the 70s instead of how they really were. They were a miserable decade, but I think they were probably one of the most nuanced we've yet seen. The dying screeches of postwar Keynesian economics, thanks to forces entirely outside our control.

By one measure 1976 was Britain's happiest year ever. ( news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/3519662.stm ) so I'd not cast the decade aside. Though perhaps my own dubious taste has a role to play in my sympathy with the decade: The 70s gave us disaster movies, which are both an interesting exploration of how culture reflects the wider political/economic circumstances (poor economy, widespread feelings of declinism > disaster) , and how capitalism can drive any simple fucking gimmick into the ground.
I love 'em, though. Airport, Poseidon Adventure, Towering Inferno, SkyJacked, Concorde Affair. Fuck me, they even made a second Poseidon film about people getting back on the boat!

Also network was a 70s movie masterpiece imo

I agree the 70's weren't totally lacking in merit. I mean, Star Wars, 2001, punk, metal, prog, techno, otaku anime, tabletop RPGs… But those things were either obscure DEEP subculture, or exceptions struggling against the tide of zeitgeist, .

I miss playing Ragnarok Online and serverhopping with my bros.
Now all of them are addicted to shit like LoL or GTA Online.
I also miss when Furries were unironically the worst thing on the internet, now we have Holla Forumsyps and SJW liberals everywhere.

You take that back.
2007+ was indeed shit for home consoles, but both portables were great and absurdly easy to pirate, and the sixth gen was the greatest gen along with the fourth

That's the one thing I miss. Not planned obsolescence electronics, not consumerist gadgets, not even gaming. It's the internet as an almost lawless place. Instead of today's giant corporate echo chambers.

Nowadays it feels sterile outside places like Holla Forums. There was also the lack of Orwellian witch hunts and people scanning through your entire online posting history to find the one comment they can use to ban you from a dozen or so unrelated communities.

The pop music during the 00's was probably the worst in history. Folks who pretend that Napster destroyed the recording industry are clearly in denial. Rock-rap shit like Limp Bizkit and Gorillaz made me want to bungie jump without a cord. The Smash Mouth album was awesome, though. Their "hit single" was the worst song on the album. Zero 7 and Supreme Beings of Leisure were also awesome.

I forgot to mention the movies Groove and Better Living Through Circuitry. Kids learned about raving around 2000 for some reason (I learned about it in the early 90s).


I think what I miss most, was that not just the average ignorant babby, but even parents and respectable authorities, completely switched gears into full reverse regarding netiquette:

We're not Holla Forums
I really don't understand their obsession with the 80s since that was a time of amnesty being granted and celebration of diversity



Someone's getting sent to the ballpark.

but 100,000s of people didn't survive Bush.

Holy shit

This shit is why we need revolution.

Fuck me, I cant tell jokes so I don't.
That video smells of OrangeMan vastly overestimating his charisma and dismissing his usual cadre of advisors/script writers.

You're crazy. The early nineties were the stone cold shit.

The best music came from the seventies. Just ignore disco and country (which was better then than what country became two decades later). The seventies saw the birth of heavy metal with bands like Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Rainbow, and Motorhead (although they technically formed in the sixties). It also saw the all-too-brief rise of p-funk and the first wave of punk.

There is a gigantic difference between the early-nineties and the late-nineties. The early-nineties was like a short renniasance. The late-nineties were absolute shit apart from the rise of the Wild West internet.

Yeah, like I said in but all the obscure good 70's stuff was what completely dominated and defined the 80's.

Early 90's felt like the dying echoes of the 80's to me.

I miss Saddam RIP.
i also miss the days based Ahmadinejad was in power in Iran, Rouhani is a boring low energy moderate

Emo fashion is numale cuck shit. effeminate gay.

Early 90s were the death throes of the 80s, and late 90s brought us wonderful things like the Yugoslav wars. Not really my favorite time.

Lib or not, a pack of ramen will look like a steak when you realize you've gotta eat shit for the next four years.

Nice to see some of you guys like consuming our products.

It's something that bothers me a lot. I see the trick and I know how it works. I understand consumerism and how evil it is, and on another level I even understand that sometimes I'm directly buying a product based on the faulty heuristic trick they use - "That poster shows a Macbook user as a cool person with friends, if I buy a Macbook that will be me" style thought.

Yet I keep doing it. Not so much directly (because I'm cheap and lazy), so I tend not to buy many current products - but I consume a lot of the past, and I have that ersatz-nostalgia for past eras that I didn't live in. You can't get me excited about the launch of some new console, but I'd genuinely enjoy to see the PS1 launch announcement or some other marketing nonsense. Outright advertising becomes interesting when you leave 20 years. Maybe just an extension of the fact that most marketing for consumer electronics makes the product seem so interesting that the result can only disappoint - turn back the clock so the result is already disappointing compared to what we've got now, and just enjoy the advertisement as product. What a pathology.

I suppose it's in the nature of the disease that is consumer capitalism, but the internal contradictions of one's own thought soon become apparent. Or perhaps not: Perhaps "I am knowingly acting in a way I find distasteful" is just something we should become more comfortable admitting. No such thing as ethical consumption and all that.

you mean like early internet?

The left really shot their wad over Bush and now all the shit they're saying about Trump doesn't have much weight behind it. Good job everyone

Nigga what?

There is absolutely nothing wrong with consumerism, at least not inherently.

The fact that capitalism (and before it feudalism and tribalism, with occasional bouts of empire) are the economic system through which culture and the civilization on which it rests must function, don't change the fact that the human spirit will express itself regardless.

Sure, what I consume is tainted to an extent by the evils of the system that must be used to produce it, but even that can't completely blot out the beauty and goodness of art, technology, labor, and the reflection of other minds onto the world around me.

Worse than any system of oppression that might be opposed by it, is the ascetic… No, the misanthropic idea that exercising the powers we possess purely to appreciate their results isn't laudable. Of course, I'm not advocating some cancer cell-type anti-environmentalism, but within the limits of our resources, failing to exploit what we have is a philosophical suicide.

The early (1960s-1980s) internet was almost completely walled off from most people in practical terms, until well after BBSs (which were more fun IMHO) had mostly been consolidated (1980s-1994) into big services like AOL/Compuserve/GEnie/Prodigy/etc., at which point the internet was already at the center of popular consciousness.

Er, at the center of popular consciousness because of the web, I should emphasize.

It's not even comparable. Bush did everything to maintain the military industrial complex and the price of oil in the middle east.
Trump is about deporting the backlash from the Bush era.

But fags always worry about gay fucking rights instead of this shit. Wake the fuck up. He hasn't even said negative things to homos, yet you think he's the enemy.
He's giving you the only window available. Otherwise it's becoming an islamic shithole which hates faggots.

Why are some lefties so stupid to believe in the """liberalism""" subversion? Are you a masochist?

Think of what Bush's presidency would've been like without 9/11 to distract people. Remember the HUGE protests due to the controversial election? Remember how the recounts drug on clear to 9/11 and were obviously going to light his administration on fire? Remember how the rise of Fox just before the election had massively increased partisan divisiveness throughout the country? Remember how the left was screeching autistically throughout his administration?

The parallels are substantial, even if only because this is the first Republican president we've had for 8 years.

Shut the fuck up

There are bombs and suicides constantly. 9/11 wouldn't even distract us anymore, we've woken up.
That's why there is a right movement, not a conservative movement.

At this point in time I see the right as totalitarian, the left as libertarian.
I don't understand why communism can't be Holla Forums material, it's merely an alternative right wing regime. It has it's own cults and ideology.
Anarchism and libertarianism is more Holla Forums material. (i.e. /liberty/)
Liberalism is trash. (i.e. /traps/)

The political discussion should be on "what is the right border policy for the current environment? what degree of liberty has to occur for an acceptable amount of trade? how can we preserve cultures and races while maintaining a degree of interaction?"

Trump isn't a conservative. This meme has to die.
He's totalitarian.

Soon the political wings will be communist/natsoc vs libertarian as it should have been originally.
It also needs more technocratic input from both wings. They need proper debate about the philosophy and ideology behind it. There's too much "X minister spent too much money on hookers so he can't have an opinion". Too much logical fallacies.

Politicians should be trained in the art of negotiation, debate, philosophy and logical fallacies.
We have too many puppets.

9/11 was the bread & circuses needed for the post-Cold War environment following the '90s, when "international terrorism" was quite illogically one of the biggest boogeymen in popular consciousness. If "another 9/11" happens/is done, I agree it probably won't be a few buildings blown up. Maybe it'll be something related to the "insecurity" of the internet being being exploited to devastate hundreds of thousands of lives to justify the NSA "fixing" the internet, maybe the Mexican government will collapse and a 1916-style "intervention" will be "justified" alongside "refugee" camps, maybe even something more fantastical like a Deus Ex-style MRSA plague, there are many options I can think of, and many more beyond them.

I'll assume for the sake of argument you mean Bolshevism and its offspring specifically, rather than communism/communalism/mutualism proper.

Note that I didn't say conservative, but Republican, though even that should be "Republican", given the man's mercurial personal history of political allegiance. The comparison I made to Bush in that regard was more to contrast him with the mainstream "leftism"-approved reign of Obama, as apposed to the alarmist madness surrounding Bush. We DO all remember the "He's like Nixon! He's like Hoover! He's like HITLER!!!" screeching all throughout what turned out to be a Reagan-lite administration.

I think the current political struggle is in three directions. Left-populism, right-populism, and the neolib/neocon establishment, with that third faction including both the antipopulist elite, and their pseudopopulist zombie shocktroops of various supposed partisan flavors (or nonpartisan, like "radical centrists" and "economically conservative, socially liberal" idiots.)

Right-populism has achieved the lead over left-populism for now, because PC was already associated with leftists. We leftists have already broken the taboo on trade (we don't mind being called "protectionists," we argue back when slandered as "racists" instead of crumpling, we have FairTrade and foreign aid as counters, "transnational capitalism" is already on our villainy list, etc.), but the taboo on immigration is still holding us back.

Fuck that, I'd gleefully volunteer to help fascists put ancaps/right-libertarians in camps.

The main thing I miss was emo/scene culture honestly. Too bad I wasted those years as a spooked "trve metalhead" fuckhead.

You're bang on. We've been hearing about the rumors of the internet being cut off for a period of time.

That's because the left won't criticise the excessive fun. They fail to see the structural issues of those memes. All they have to do is recognise that.
Then they can finally begin arranging an alternative solution to the issue. The right uses state indoctrination free of religion. In my view the left should have a more united religious ideology separate from the state, but largely pulling the state's needs.

That's the issue, it has no religion and without the religion (other than PC) it has no structural formation.
If PC is their religion then already they are going to have bigger problems than with christianity. Christianity is too open, PC is that x 9000 to the point where it becomes just another facist ideology and kinda backflips on it's own ideology.

The only way for the left to be successful is to establish a new religious ideology that takes over the world or at least the state.
Unless Jesus appears.. :^)

That's my point. Communism and socialism is Holla Forums material. You guys are silly because you follow the same thing yet can't see that yet. There are minor aesthetic differences, that is all.
Anarchy and libertarianism is a different ball game, it's not compatible with the others because it's militias are temporary and not an absolute requirement. It's legal system only really applies when the citizens want it to. The others MUST have a militia and an efficient but strict legal policy.

I actually miss nu metal strangely. It was stupid, but at least it was raw emotion unlike the faggie modern indie fags and the tryhard metalcore fags.

I miss alternative rock actually. That shit finished prematurely.

Also posting my favourite childhood album. It's god awful I know. I had shit taste as a 10 year old.
It's so cringey now. But I guess it proves we were conditioned into rejecting the status quo since children.

It's not about communism or socialism. I just hate Ancaps specifically.

Unless you're buying the "USSR was communism in practice" meme, communism and fascism are radically different. Fascism and Stalinism are about as close as you're getting when it comes to minor aesthetic differences (and even then, Hitler had more chances to bend over and suck big business.)

Though strictly speaking any real model of anarcho-capitalism would run into problems against your definition of Anarchy/Libertarianism, so I don't see why defend them. Just turn the other way and I'll get the Zyklon. (Manufactured without any profit-exploitation!)

To be frank, all I want to do is break the matrix currently in the heads of most people on this planet. I want them to see the harshness of reality.

I want to pull them out of the matrix. Then we can either make a better one or destroy it completely (which in itself also becomes a matrix)

I think ancaps are, even if not the most intentionally evil ideology, certainly the one furthest from reality (in any coherent past, present, or plausible future sense), and as such the ideology most open to abuse by evil people if seriously attempted. I mean, even the Nazis had non-autistic concepts like mutual aid for their fellow volk.

Isn't "fun=EVIL" the entire basis of PC? Your statement doesn't seem to make sense, but it sound a bit like the philosophizing going on in

He's the very opposite of totalitarianism.

I disagree, building a wall, tightening immigration and what seems to be beginning the process of structural reshuffling production seems like totalitarianism.
A libertarian is for open borders.

Saying he's totalitarian is ridiculous but saying he's the opposite is just as dumb.

Oh, and to illustrate what I said.

I think it would be fair to say that he is overall anti-technocratic, pro-plutocratic/kleptocratic. That will probably tend to work against legal strictures, and toward arbitrary fiat.

Fucking triggered

If only you kids really knew how fucking bad the world has become from the late 90's onward.

The 90s were an illusion. Blair and Clinton blew it big time.
Why do I not live in the John Smith universe? Why does god torment me so?

The liberals really forgets that these two knew exactly what they were doing to the country.
They knew they were destroying it.

member when labour was electable?

vid related

"Rotten Apple" by AiC really is 100x more impacting after all this bullshit and the degeneration of society.

member when labour was electable?

Post it again to remind me.

Rhetorical question: Without a dubya equivalent, would Blair have been nearly as horrible as he was? Would the continuation of Clinton's DLC "New Democrats" under Al Gore have been as awful as the continuation of Blair's New Labour turned out to be?

He didn't prevent migration and outsourcing.
He was a terrible labour leader.

Good taste, but I prefer I Stay Away. Well, actually, I prefer Dirt over all.

I noticed the "protection" symbol on the bass guitarists strap in the "would?" video.
They fucking knew what they were doing in the end.

I won't die happy unless that cunt goes to jail. It's not even about Iraq, that's just a pretense. It's everything else I want him to suffer for. Forever.

John Smith would have won. Blair threw away a Labour government to give us Majorism + Immigration. He even turned around to have a cunt-off with Gordon Brown for "overspending" after the crisis. Tory bastard.

The Labour party died in 1979.

Yes. He might not have gone full 1984 like he did in the end, and some British soldiers and innocent Iraqis might still be alive, but he'd still have comprehensively FUCKED the only chance we had at steering the ship away from Thatcherism and back towards something resembling social democracy.

I am disappoint Holla Forums


I think you're misusing or possibly misunderstanding that term.


From weapons factories spun into high gear to fight terrorist "organizations" that coalesced out of thin air around a CIA meme name, all the way down to removing your shoes at the airport, "security theater" accurately describes the entire thing.


yeah but i think it's kind of a stretch to equate security theater with "bread and circuses," especially considering its classist origin

capitalism fixing the problems caused by capitalism. i love it.

I've often wondered what the world would be like if 9/11 had never happened. Would we have seen the Republicans completely disgraced and then the Democrats engaging in their usual behavior? Maybe we would have arrived at the point of complete disillusionment and disgust with the system we're at now 4-8 years earlier.

There would have been a different major terrorist attack
The MIC, CIA, and other groups tied to national defense needed a new boogeyman since the Cold War disappeared so quickly

Bush was a racist war criminal.

"Classist origin"!? Literally distractions and palliatives to keep the proles in line.

Probably the same thing that happened following Watergate: Republicans immediately fall into total disgrace, milquetoast Democrat gets in and wastes every cent of the free political capital heaped on him, new Democrat-hybridized Republican walks over his shriveled body and does ten times worse.

Why do Americans always label their fucking political cartoons?

Thats because rock died in the 90s you retard. Early 2000s had GOAT electronica and rap.

Longstanding tradition

yeah, and the origin of that fiction is juvenal that was exiled to romania for ridiculing the ruling class, until he started shittalking proles and they let him come back

"bread and circuses" is a distortion of historical fact that places the blame for rome's decline on the penniless proles that were almost entirely divested from the political process rather than the obscenely wealthy ruling class that controlled everything and made all the decisions. "bread and circuses" is the "why don't the poor just work harder" of its day

That doesn't mean others didn't survive… I survived. And so did my family, and everyone else I know.

Even if the chances are a million-to-one, that means we still have a chance. Never give up hope, comrade. The night is darkest before the dawn.

I miss Emo.



I hear that from people who lived on the East Coast at the time, like you still had mullets and neon shirts.