NazBols + Tankies = <3

NazBols + Tankies =


I'll love you comrade.

I bet this is a Holla Forums shitposter who just found a new flag

if only…

I love you too user. Have a lewd cat grill.

Are you /cute/?

Anarkiddies, go home

it wouldn't matter
i'm sorry for ruining your thread, goodnight

This is an image board m8. You can be a qt grill if you just believe

Obligatory shitposting pretending that NazBols are Hitlerists.

Don't mind if I do. I've got my new gf reading the bread book and will soon have her radicalized.

Stop it.

I am larping. i'm a National Syndicalist/Neo-Strasserist

Hope she enjoys 10 years in prison

Forgot to mention. Still pretty close tho I consider NazBols to be comrades.

What are the repercusions of this image to the nazbol ideology?

Shows that they're smart kids.

Stop kidding yourself it means your ideology is worshipped by little kids dude

One image doesn't really prove anything tbh famalam.

Nazbol here can confirm I am 12

You're a smart kid.

Its actually just me shitposting