President Trump - The Trap is Set

President Trump - The Trap is Set

This video is not bias.

This video will boggle your mind and leave you thinking: scared, confused and wondering what is to come.

Have any of you seen this video before? What you are about to see is disturbing to say the least.

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wow my mind sure is boggled

Hello Holla Forums.
This guy doesn't seem to be a liberal. If he's right Trump will be JFKed.

No anons, watch this video, seriously. This is mind blowing. It's not promoting or bashing Trump. It's about all the events that surround him in this presidency… and God only knows what could happen or what he will do.

Where's the synopsis?

I watched the video. Are you 12 years old?

I did watch it. If he's right on all points it seems like the ant-Trump deep state elements will JFK him long before he can trigger any of the disasters.

Nah, it's just that it's an overwhelming amount of information to factor in, and questionable how this will all pan out.

Possibly, although you must factor in he knows this threat and has hired his own top-notch private security force.

It's an edgy and incomplete analysis of the socioeconomic reality of the US, something that is easily digested in the form of a 6 minute YouTube video. Hey, what a surprise, that's exactly what we are finding here! Watch some Richard D. Wolff or something instead.

The only "trap" that's set is the interest rate hike leading to another bubble-burst, a cascading depression the likes of which will result in millions if not billions of deaths and a resulting world war to bring the U.S. economy out of said depression likely involving China.

Anyone else have any thoughts after seeing this video or are all you anons well aware of this stuff already? I posted this so anons could reflect on the info / debate what may happen in the years to come. Possibly a resurgence of fascism …or a new communist movement? Economic collapse? Martial law? Civil war? World war?

Interesting perspective, but why sage this thread?

Butthurt Trumpfags.

Should I just post this on the main news board or on pol? Perhaps it will lead to more a bit more conversation.


I named the OP the exact title of the video.

Did you not watch the video? Do you not notice the ramifications of this information provided?

Anyway, thanks for the arrogant reply. I'm going elsewhere to post this and hopefully it will start some conversation unlike it did here.

see pic
just click anywhere in OP's vid
listen to the first 15 secs of OP vid with your eyes closed and try not to smirk

You should post it in 10 hours or so. The Western internet is slowing down around this time everywhere.

Play up the insurgency aspect when you do. It'll suck in the larpfags.

He's on the point with the Federal Reserve and Protests though.

I watched it user. saved it too. good video.

sure is.

I heard JC Denton from Deus Ex

We know it is coming. There is nothing to do except wait and get some pop corn.

It is a process that is accelerating for some time. Point of no return has been crossed some time ago. Only question is what is catalyst for whole thing to come crashing down.

This is from same author and explains how we ended up at this point.

The Road to World War 3