Any other teachers here?

Any other teachers here?
How are you subtly leftying your students?

I TA now but used to teach middle/high school. I would have them look up things like surplus value and many were smart enough to parse out the ridiculousness of capitalism themselves

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I TA as well, I don't really drop any greenpills or whatever the fuck you wanna call them. But I also teach biology classes so its kind of hard, since it's so irrelevant. And its hard to tell people to read Karl Marx or tell them you are a communist.

I TA history so its really easy to sneak in anti capitalism and assign reading by gommunists. but then i have to deal sometimes with screeching engineering majors who will come into my discussions ranting about cultural marxism.


Make them read a Marxist

Meant for

Not a teacher, but my sixth grade teacher covertly taught us about internationalism and guerrilla warfare. He was a bit of a twat, to be honest, but he was leagues above one of my previous teachers who was neck deep in identity politics and tried to make life very difficult for boys, because "THIS IS WHAT YOU MALES PUT WOMYN THROUGH EVERY DAY!" (paraphrased of course).

For the latter alone, I find trying to teach kids politics to be a bit of a very dark gray area. Not something I'd like to do, if I were a teacher. Teenagers and adults are a completely different story.


Liberals seek excuses, communists see duty. Which one are you?

Why do leftcucks get so angry when people point out academia and public schools are crawling with communists that hate white people when they obviously are?

Fuck you got me. Gotta get on it then…

i mean my department is history. many of the profs are marxists or postcolonialists (many of these are idpollers). it would be ridiculous for anyone reaching that level in study of history to defend capitalism

Why do you think Marxists hate whites?

idk i'd rather them be pilled young by ourguys than by muh liberty, muh constitution, muh religion.

This is good, I could print out a few copies and leave then on table I know undergrads study at in the hall.

Subtle propaganda might go a long way.

i really think academia is crawling with marxists because it is the consequence of actually thinking and reading theory critically. Much of the polfags I've talked to do not have the stamina to read a book which is why they like pol so much

Why can't right wingers be right even once.

Yes and no, I've had teachers that were Marxists, one was an economics/history teacher and constantly dropped critiques of Capitalism, but very subtly. Most didn't know he was a Marxist.

Others are too busy studying their minute fields they don't have time to read theory. I barely have time but I make it as often as possible. So they end up liberals because of the mass media

Yeah, I can definitely understand your viewpoint. Especially considering public schools were being strongarmed into "MUH GOD, MUH NAAAYSHUUN" propaganda back when I was a kid. It's just that I find teachers who try such things have no patience for children that do not pick up their ideology, and often single them out.

My middle schoolers were predominantly poor and black which meant the basis for class consciousness was there. Also because it was a school for poor blacks kids there was so little oversight from the admins besides constantly telling us to let kids go to the next grade even though they werent prepared to.

I had to compete with a fat religious bitch literally reading from the bible and a black nationalist. Had to explain to 11 year olds why the idea that black people have more melanin giving them the ability of telepathy and that white people are mutated blacks created in a lab was wrong

Also dealing with the number of Teach for America liberals who gave up in the middle of the year because these kids knew they were dipshits and berated them openly for it

I agree which is why trying to get them to think about class has to be supplemental not explicitly part of the programming.

English teacher here I always give my student anarchist texts when doing reading comprehension

I called it:

like what?

I thought "STEM=right Humanities= left" was a meme but I guess not..

Why are so many STEM guys on the right side?

English teacher. Give background on Orwell's political background and history during the Spanish CIvil War so the shit heels don't go through life using Animal Farm and 1984 to "counter" communism.

The curriculum forces us to teach Anthem too. Fuck that noise.

Engineers and CS kids usually choose their majors for the money, so they're naturally more prone to being greedy. Entrepreneurship is also heavily encouraged through start-ups, and there is the illusion that anyone can be the next Gates or Zuckerberg. So they worship capitalism and the free market. Their careers also usually end up paying very well, so they're less likely to be class conscious due to being so well off.

I teach Physics and English in europe. We have cartoons and texts in english but I never say anything too much political and try to keep it at a level of the discussion of current political events. It would just feels wrong to go beyond that.