So there seems to be more momentum that usual behind California separating from the United States

So there seems to be more momentum that usual behind California separating from the United States.

I have serious doubt that this would actually happen, but it did make me think a bit.

Since Californian independence is far from a socialist project (California is one of the most porky states in the Union), this probably means they're going to have to rely on nationalism to justify their existence as an independent state, some sort of national myth that posits that California is somehow culturally incompatible with the rest of the union.

Which is funny because Californians are basically beach Iowans. By which, I mean that culturally they're very generically American. At one point they could have argued that they're more friendly towards the use of recreational drugs, but with full legalization in Colorado, they can't even claim that anymore.

What does Holla Forums think? Do you think we're going to get some hilarious display of the nationalism meme in California and what in the world would it look like?

Are you implying Californians don't believe they're a separate, superior race already?

Whenever one of them winds up here on the other coast they never shut the fuck up about it.

Californians that support this seem to think that the United States will fall apart without them. Not sure if there's anything to back this up or that it would be that tragic.

There is no legal way to leave the Union, California will have to start a civil war.

god i hope the US has a civil war

I know this, but feeling vaguely "superior" isn't the same thing as being culturally distinct.

Between this and recent comments from Boston's mayor, the upcoming Fallout LARP is gonna be awesome.

somehow I feel like it would end up like a neoreactionary fantasy, except the government would promise to protect liberal values and diversity.

to add to this, I think the porkies could totally get people in heavily urbanized states to go along with something like "give up elements of democracy so that we can protect minorities, gays, and the like from backwards Trump voters in rural America"

The funny thing is when New Yorker's/Tri staters come to the west all the can talk about is how much better New York and the east coast is by comparison.

Muh pizza
Muh culture
Muh authenticity
Muh lack of environmental laws

At least half of the problem is everyone thinks of California as just San Francisco and LA. Most of the rest of California is like any other state in the union, but we have nicer looking police cars and street lights. That is the one positive difference I noticed at least.

I never notice Northeastern resentment (i'm from CT) towards the west. They usually admire the west. The problem i have with the east coast are the smug liberals who have nothing but contempt for anyone in the south.

No, personally, I think that this idea would be entirely unfeasible.

If we were to get the rest of the West Coast, like Hawaii, Oregon, and Colorado to secede with California, however…

Lmao no. 1/3 of the state was born outside the US, and their social attitudes are FAR more liberal. Holla Forums hates California more than any islamic nation and creams over rural white states like Iowa and Nebraska. They are culturally closer to Canada and the Netherlands than to "real America".

Well everyone on the coasts hates the south that just goes without saying.

This would not be good for the left at all

An independent California would still be capitalist

there's no way Holla Forums actually lives in these states. West Virginia for example is 99% white and isn't exactly a paradise

Sure it has some kind of manufacturing base but the state has decided to fuckup its labor force and survives on 4million of illegals.
It would loose all the funding from the government and would have to make bi-lateral trade deals with America just to get BASIC PRODUCTS IN STORE.They would run out stuff within year or 2 because they have to make all the deals from scratch with their corrupted officials(good luck after screwing America).
If it would secede America would most likely start blockading it militarily by the sea, land and air.
Self-sustaining California is a pipedream.
It has no fucking history of ever doing anything by itself.

And the south deeply hates anything that comes out of California, or anything that is different from them for that matter.

So why does Holla Forums fetishize the poorest and most rural states of the union?

they are fucking stupid mostly

Not really. You described it perfectly. Outside of a sort of reactionary, moralistic liberalism, they're really not very distinct from other Americans. That's why I called them beach Iowans. Iowans are also pretty generically American, the only difference is that more of them adhere to a reactionary, moralistic social conservatism rather than a reactionary, moralistic cosmopolitan liberalism.

You might as well imply all of Europe is the same except eastern europe is "only" more reactionary.

There's this weird belief amid middle class Americans that there's some sort of nobility and virtue in toil and poverty. It has its roots in old protestant theology and is maintained by capitalism.

Because they're "white"

Don't the various European countries, and Europe and the Middle East, have vastly different languages, customs, cuisine, social norms, dance, festivals, dress, so on and so forth?

The same couldn't be said of Californians and other Americans. Californians are merely slightly more into cosmopolitan liberalism than the rest of the country on aggregate.

The South and Appalachia are pretty distinct from California or the East Coast, though.

I would say there's a big difference when 1/3 of the state are foreigners.

What's "weird" about it? The only societies that held the inverse - that physical labour is demeaning and detracts from "better pursuits" - were either slave-owning or feudal in nature.

Latin America probably wouldn't be in the state it was in if the Puritans settled there, instead of being conquered by Spanish second sons and aristocratic bastards out to recreate the feudal lifestyle they could never enjoy in Spain.

It's more like the South is distinct from those areas than those areas of distinct from the South. There's nothing genuinely unique about California culture-wise.

Who get assimilated into a sort of very generic American "melting pot" culture. Even you can't think of anything distinctly Californian, you have to bring up foreigners who brought their distinctiveness with them.

I fucking hate the liberals that abandon their nation in its time of need
Rather than helping out their fellow man they leave him to rot



Also it's funny that Marx is glorifying what was essentially aristocratic virtue, since he was by most esimates a NEET and seemed to much prefer hobnobbing with aristocrats than the "work obsessed" bourgeoisie


You still don't get it.

Lmao desu senpai