Who else /titoist/ here?

One of the best ideologys.

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Hello middle aged serbian man


Yep, best example of a socialist society so far, shame it got ruined by nationalists and the US

Tito was based AF.

I heard that he brought up Philip and has a fondness for the female gender

Pretty based, but the market experiments were very poorly implemented and caused a huge amount of unemployment and general discontent.

Yeah they should have done a Chilean style decentralized planned economy.

It's true. It's such a shame that the Balkans turned into such a fucking nutshack in the 90s.

it only turned that way because the balkans need an iron fist ruler
one that isn't part of any ethnic group from that area

I secretly like what he did.


The market was OK.

Not a Titoist but I really like Tito and his market socialist policies.

Tito himself made some mistakes, the whole guest worker program was a poor solution to unemployment when they could have just implemented some kind of limited economic planning to give people jobs. Also going anywhere near the IMF was a terrible idea for obvious reasons. That being said he killed Nazis with his bare hands, told tankies to fuck off and didn't afraid of anything.

Market socialism more generally I think is a good idea and could serve as an excellent stepping stone between capitalism and full socialism, or could even lead right to FALC.

I agree. Essentially market socialism should replace state capitalism as the transition state.

Zizek should have taken over from Tito tbh.

No. Just no.





Also forgot to mention that the dude literally looks like my 80 year old Polish grandma.


Don't you know that when slavs get old they all look the same? Like melting toy army men.

Literally this.

Never knew that.



Tito wasnt a communist/socialist he was a fascist.

0/10 bait thread

You take that back. He gave the workers the means of production and thats what matters.

because of his stupidity Yugoslavia couldnt feed itself until 1965. and he drove millions of people outside Yugoslavia

Who do you think was a true socialist?



someone who didnt had millions on his bank account and didnt drink whiskey every god damn day like Tito

Hell Stalin was a true communist, when they were supposed to bury him they found out he only had 2 suits and nothing else

someone who lives here?

he's a young autist from Serbia (Novi Sad) most likely


tito didn't take money from the imf, his successors did

im serbian and you're full of shit

But in all seriousness, I'm so happy Holla Forums has finally acknowledged Tito. Fun fact, he was one of the few world leaders, if not the only one, to personally tell Stalin to fuck off. Stalin kept sending assassins to kill him, but Tito just kept sending them back.

Baddest commie mothafucka if I ever saw one. He was actually closer to achieving Marx's envisioned utopia than even Lenin was.

also he cucked thatcher because she hated him but had to pretend otherwise in diplomatic relations because people liked him

Yeah, his opposition to Stalin was badass as fuck and in general he ran way better Socialism than the USSR did.

i mean you've won everything when you have a trap on your side


not all revisionism is bad, you just have to do it right

Not in and of itself, but I like Yugoslav Aesthetic.

Weirdly it started because I love aviation. Yugoslavia and Romania were weird aviation-wise. The Yugoslav Air Force had lots of US jets in the 1950s, JAT - the Yugoslav airline, was almost entirely composed of western types.

Romania even got a licence to manufacture the British BAC 1-11 passenger jet (Which Yugoslavia leased from the Romanian airline.)

Then you throw in that they had a pretty cool indigenous series of jet fighters (mostly trainers or light attack, but they were working on a Gripen-style jet fighter until the breakup) AND the story of the flight attendant who survived the bombing of the plane she was on ( en.wikipedia.org/wiki/JAT_Flight_367 ) and it's a pretty interesting place.

Tito was a complete faggot.


great socialism you have there mate

As the ancient Hawaiians used to say… "Who are you quoting?"

no shit, because they had no civil aircraft production
gotta keep dat Boeing rate of profit from falling


Yeah, but in the 70s they were getting MiGs for the air-force, you'd think they'd slip in some Tu-154s or something too.
It's a shame the aviation market (and design trends) is so centralized nowadays.
"Boeing/Airbus Low-Wing, Wing-Mounted Twinjet" describes far too many aircraft.

Rhodesia is a fun story of Boeing getting rekt. While under huge UN sanctions for their unilateral declaration of independence under a white-minority government, they managed to sneak 3 Boeing jets obtained second hand from a bankrupt charter airline into Rhodesia via Portugal and manufacture the spare parts themselves. Boeing were hilariously angry, threatening to stop providing spares or planes to anyone who passed anything onto the Rhodesians. (They couldn't stop 'em though, they kept flying until something like 1988, by which time Rhodesia was long gone.)

There's nothing secret about it m8.

He was far from perfect, and u think any future attempts at market socialism has a lot to learn from Yugoslavias failures, but I do admire him most out of all the cold war leaders.

I still can't believe how naive he was regarding the IMF and similar organizations. Did he have a fucking lobotomy or something?

Can't wait to be unemployed!

Not me.

Much of Tito dicksucking will come from FDCKs who feel too sophisticated to be drawn to anarchism, or too scared of stigma to be outright Stalinoid tankies. He is the "safe" 20th century left figure to rally behind, because there is no real substance.

Tito provided little more than an illiberal democracy that united several ethnic groups. He can be commended for chasing out the fascists that before him ruled to be Yugoslavia, but that's it.

Unemployment was sky high, "economic freedom" in his pseudo-cooperatives was near-nonexistent and the whole thing ultimately never really was substantially any different from post-NEP sovkhoz/kolkhoz worker units in Russia.

Good read from Transform! magazine on this: transform-network.net/journal/issue-092011/news/detail/Journal/workers-self-management-in-yugoslavia-an-ambivalent-experience.html
Another one, much more detailed, about the at best very milquetoast "socialism" from Yugoslavia: insurgentnotes.com/2013/10/yugoslav-self-management-capitalism-under-the-red-banner/

that's where you went wrong, counting macedonians and kosovo albanians as people :^)

If Tito was so great, why did the Yugoslav economy fail so hard and collapse in the end?

because his successors borrowed money from the imf