Please help despook me

Hey comrades. I have a big problem with women, I'm not a woman hater, but I feel like I have been "infected" with negative ideas about women in general. I can't help but look at a woman and see her as a manipulative wench that wishes to screw me over, even though I love my mother very much. How in the fuck do I get rid of these negative spooks?

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By thinking of individuals rather than women.

How does that works exactly? Can you give me another answer that does not really involve seeing a shrink?

Realize that men are also manipulative dicks who want to screw you over. The problem with hatred of women (or misandry, for that matter) is that it pretends one gender is okay.

Tell me about your mother.

shit, are you me?

although I mostly managed to rid myself of thinking about women badly by distancing them!DJdkhYTR!gNrR2Hm7we5O0dyfwBHG0g
1997 → 2007 → 1995

With Zizek:

You might find your fundamental fantasy, and blunt its effects, on your own, but without an analyst I doubt you can traverse it.

gl hf

forgot zizek link:


I'm scared to answer this question, lol.

I've read the Last Psychiatrist. I'm basically an analyst now. Pls pay in advance.

i used to have negative feelings toward women in general, until i saw a psychotherapist and realized - oh shit - maybe the fact that my mother was a drug abusing alcoholic with diagnosed borderline personality disorder might have had something to do with these feelings.

it's popular to shit on psychotherapy, but it really is amazing the things you choose to ignore until you talk to somebody about it.

Hello OP, bona fide mysogynist here
Prejuices are not spooks, all your prejuices are justified (more so on women) but you should not let your prejuices stop your day to day life.

Even I know my conception of women is a idealized warping. A diseased man realized he is diseased, except my infection is an infection of ideas. However, I do agree with what some of the other posters are saying here, there was probably something "fundamental" in my psyche that triggers this.


do you have a cool guy club membership card too


also if your relationships with women have been shit and you want and expect them to go well, you'll be more disappointed and more frustrated when they don't. in that frame of mind you're likely to fall into the "all men are pigs" or "all women are bitches" attitude that infects so many disappointed people. whereas with others guys you're more likely to say "john is a fucking dick" and just cut him out of your life, because you would be less invested emotionally.

Not being a thirsty horndog or not seeing feminity as something special

I have a patriarchy membership card.

Yeah, I guess you are right. I have had some good relationships with some women who were really nice to me and I met some men who were total ass holes. I guess it's just something I have to figure out myself, lol.




Realize what got you into thinking of people as groups in the first place and realize you've been right this entire time.

he's a liberal who gets to stay out of gulag

Just so. hatred of women is merely the first step to misanthropy.

Get a female buddy

Not being able to get a female is why he's like that

I feel like men, oddly enough, are slightly more empathetic than women honestly.

Like women tend to view themselves as being specifically targeted. (Take for example being told to "Smile more!") Of course this may be a product of modern neoliberal feminism, which is why I oppose it.

I find knowing an individual well helps make you understand why they do things they do and if it's intentional or unconcious.

Stop surfing *chans. Socialize. Try not to be an asshole. It really isn't that hard.

Women don't exist.

This. You must abandon 3D and embrace 2D.

why are we not doing everything in our power to make OP the leader of our movement?
He has the qualifications

Sounds great, where do I sign up?

Some stereotypes about women are true. Some defy the stereotypes. Just remember that fact and you'll be fine. Get to know people on a personal level.


Yes, and isn't this fucking erotic??

You love your mother because she allows you to manipulate her. Keep projecting.

Just realize that gender isn't really even a thing and that we are all just balls of flesh with slightly different variations in our brain structure that lead us to different behaviors.

You can't dislike women if you realize that women don't exist.

I think a good way to remove these prejudices is to interact with some 3D women. I used to work on /r9k/ and their nonsense ended up rubbing off on me to a certain extent. While thinking I was above it, I sometimes found myself agreeing to their retarded infographics about how women are evil parasites.
Doing more seminars in university was my path back to reality. There are a bunch of smart, capable women there that you can talk to about all kinds of subjects. One interesting experience was meeting one girl in a seminar that always commented on the hypocrisies of gendered thinking and how modern feminism puts males in the role of aggressors. According to /r9k/ theory, women that care about men's issues shouldn't exist. It's still all identity politics but it was nice to hear those views expressed in reality.

If you are not boug enough to hang out at a philosophy department all day, maybe just chat up some women in whatever environment you spend most of your non internet time in, there should be a bunch of nice ones among them.

I though about the reality of gender myself and it really depends on how you define it.

If you go by genetics, there are infinite genders, the two main ones and all kinds of genetic freaks that technically have a different genetic makeup.
If you go by genitalia, you have at least 3 genders (assuming no hermaphrodites) and in this model, transsexuals qualify as real members of the other gender, since they exchanged genitalia. You can also change your gender to null by chopping off your dick, which is for some reason a popular sexual fantasy on /cuteboys/.
If you go by reproductive function, there are again 3 genders and all infertile people fall into the third, meaning that most old people are transgender.

It's kind of stupid to keep this going to be honest, gender is a social construct with intense readings on the spook-o-metre and focussing on it as anything important is a waste of time. There are real brain differences, that much is proven, but that doesn't mean we can't cooperate or understand each other.

But they are like that.Mostly. Just as most human beings are.
To be de-spooked is to accept very few people, proportionally, are above the toxic byproduct of the ruling class stupefaction machine.

Gender , while important in determining which mixture of poisonous dribble they get fed, is not the cause of people being shit.

Its really interesting that decades ago feminists used to argue that men and women were fundamentally the same because we share the same brand structure but then the me I came out and proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that male and female brains are structured differently.

That's why I accept trans people as a thing because there are cases where you get a male brain structure but a female body or vice versa. There are obviously more variations than just that but by and large they fall into these two groups.

I have an internal meltdown whenever I have to talk to women that are deep in ghostland.
Their favourite pastime is shopping, aka pure materialism. They wish for wealth so they can have an entire room full of wardrobes to store all their dresses. When confronted with some surface level philosophy, they shut down mentally and attempt to change the topic. What I hate most is when you have to justify yourself for your knowledge. They ask why you would know something or why you bothered learning something, as if any excess knowledge is a sin.
Fuck those women, but not literally because then they would reproduce.

Do you think people act like that because of some kind of inherent part of their being or do we have a culture that promotes this kind of disposition in women?

Say it with me


I don't believe in human nature. I only assume that a behaviour is caused by genetics if there are no explanations on the basis of culture or psychology. Of course genetics can be a contributing factor, strengthening a certain thing that is already in a culture, but I don't like explanations that are entirely based on them.

As for the example of cunty women, they are indoctrinated by capitalism to want to buy stuff. Instead of pursuing genuine happiness through philosophy or human relationships, they seek out money to get a kick from buying sparkly shit, it's basically crack addiction, only more expensive.
As for their shutdown towards intellectual discussion, they are as unaccustomed to theoretical thought patterns as I am to spicy food. We all had to train to really think things through, they neglected the training, because society told them that sex, drugs and money were more important. Now that part inside them is as shrivelled up as my penis when looking at 3D porn and they don't like using it.

I like to compare this with sport. Some seed event in the early youth sends you down one path or the other. If you succeed in early attempts, you associate it with fun and it gets positive reinforcement, if you fail or are discouraged, you associate stress with training and avoid it. When confronted with it later on in life, the positively reinforced person takes on challenges while the negatively reinforced person shies away from basic exercise.

The only way out is the way of the MGMOW–Me Going My Own Way. No one will be able to satisfy you but yourself.

The volcel life is your only salvation

Chatting to normal women mostly just made me realize that people of both genders are mostly vapid and uninteresting myself included Most women aren't particularly attractive either, so it's hard to keep this sort of /r9k/ hatred based on idolization going.

Yeah, they are mostly angry that they can't have a girlfriend but that is a form of being spooked in itself. Society taught them that they don't have value otherwise and they amplified that teaching in their personal philosophy to a point where being a virgin makes you some kind of outcast.

While I wouldn't use their cringy label, I know of one tumblr sexuality that applies to people like you and me. We don't really go on a train and stare at the women there, rarely are we so attracted by a woman that we can't stop looking. Instead, attraction comes from first being in a relationship already, not as the starting factor. I'd probably only fall in love with female friends, if at all.

Woke af

You dont want a frigid humanist wife user "genuine" happiness is a lie, there is no "genuine" hapiness

Literally just shilling for misery and unhappiness now. New lows every day.

Suffering is the only eternal truth

Read Schopenhauer

Dude, just keep challenging yourself I don't have anything to say other than to get out and talk to women and try to remember that they can't be fit into a box.

I remember when I was 18/19 I fell for that "Red Pill" PUA/MGTOW shit and ultimately it is being totally drunk on right wing ideology (which those guys LOVE because we all know being Nazi makes you ALPHA AS FUCK AMIRITE??) that brought me over to being a leftist. So, just keep pushing.

And ditto to all the people saying men are just as shitty. I think that's important to keep in mind, too, it's not a "woman" thing.

Oh god no please not the leftist asceticism stuff that is no way to live!!!1


Don't mean to derail the thread, but while we're on the topic of women, I have realized the women I've been most attracted to in terms of looks always end up being conservative.

I consider this a curse as a leftist. I know that most of the time, if I see a girl and go "oh fuck yeah she is SEXY AF" she will usually turn out to be a Republican.

This isn't bad if I can convert her, but I think to "change" someone is a futile endeavor. Basically, I'm just hoping I meet a hot leftist chick.

I mean, they exist right guys???


Is there an actual reason to get rid of them?

You're spooked if you think there's anything wrong with what you said.

of course we aren't hot stacys. we are too busy building revolutionary momentum to care bout that shit.

also veing hot imo means u will usually be happy with the status quo. u r rewarded and don't have much to worry about. it us uggos fuggos who are want to shake things up

We live in a laissez-faire hookup culture. Similar to how a business owner will do anything to maximize profits, so will a female to get the highest social status possible.

Courtship must end.

t. Incel

You do know thats actually how all life works right

There's some things in favor of organization being communal and not socially replicating natural process

But there's nothing to suggest in mammals at least, sex doesn't come without an existence for denial of it.

Baby boomers spoiled you, fuck off

Hello Michel.

Good that you got out of that ideological swamp, congratulations.

Nazi flag. Is a beta incel that believes in a million spooks.

No wonder why the nazi flag dude.

They do and I've dated a few. If you really wanna meet them, go to art shit or punk shows or just get tinder and make it really obvious in your profile. they won't always be as "left" as you, but as long as they're not liberals who cares.

also, no shame in hate fucking conservative chicks>>1302771

but it's all I want

Also, if Freud is still here, what does a bad relationship with the Father mean for my future development?

Freud was wrong about most things, psychology has moved on. Asking him for advice is like reading Ockham for language theory.

But it's funny

I bet modern psychology will not give me a satisfying explanation like Freud would

I'm pretty sure you must have a bad relationship with your father at some point to properly develop accordind to Freud. Do you even Oedipus complex?

According to Freud, failing in your potty training will lead to you getting stuck developmentally and collecting your faeces.
Even his oedipus complex you talk about involves you wanting to fuck your mom and being afraid of your father castrating you, but all unconsciously so that you have to be told about it afterwards instead of remembering it.
If you actually look at what this madman wrote, it's almost comical. He has his place in the history books because of the few things he got right, like the existence of the subconscious. Meanwhile, the majority of his propositions are complete garbage and should be discarded.

The reason why thinks that Freud offers satisfying explanations is because his "theory" fails at the falsification criteria, literally any pattern of behaviour can be explained with it after the fact without putting the theory itself into question.

I have a better theory: your entire psychology is because of spirits that inhabit your brain and fight over it.

If freudians disagree, I'd to like present them with evidence for their model as opposed to mine.


honest answer lad, get your hands on some mdma and so some soulsearching with someone you love and trust

my bet is you prolly had some trauma growing up either stemming from your mother, or from some rejection by girls in your environment (so you formulated this rejection fantasy if you wanna use the cigar's gibberish jargon)

therapy would probably help you, but it would take years. since you accept the fact that you're spooked and logically oppose your spooks even if you can't do it emotionally, chances are that with some mdma and someone who either knows you well and is objective and intelligent enough to help or a good shrink willing to do this you could get rid of your spook

This should really be a Freud-poster.

Maybe you are gay.

Just kidding, women can be manipulative whores sometimes, especially the ones who have good looks since they use that.

If you talk to everyday women they arent like that always so you really should just judge on an individual basis.

I am gay and i am really disgusted from watching manipulation in general, whenever it is done by women or someone else, if you dont mistreat innocent women i wouldnt consider it a problem

I feel the same way. Maybe it's because I'm an 18 year old in a bourgie neighbourhood, but most of the girls I've met were either idpol liberals or utterly uninterested in politics except for this one qt but things didn't work out with her . I also notice "older" woman as basically being plus-sized versions of these 18 year old girls, but slightly more eloquent and pragmatic. In other words, I've come to hold woman in a low regard.



Need to combine to create perfect husbando

Say no more

The only females that I've ever talked about politics with have been liberal or just not cared mostly. Maybe it's just a US thing.

It depends on what economic stratum they happen to inhabit in my experience. It seems like political apathy increases the further down the wealth scale you go, and I can't say I blame them.

I'm glad my friends are class conscious or else I'd go insane.

I've met a couple of actual leftist girls on dating websites

That bio…
a skirt wearing, morally impaired austin powers look-alike.

You may have picked up leftist girls like that, but were any of them decent?

No, they were terribly flawed just like you and me. One was so autistic that when I was making breakfast once she smashed an egg on my head like out of a cartoon and actually thought I'd find that funny.

Who gives a fuck about "decent" women. They're all liberals.

I think you're confusing cartoons with Nickelodeon. Did you wrestle that filthy whore to the ground or did you cry like a metrosexual little bitch?

No there are plenty of decent conservative women.

They were decent if you mean decent as in not whores

I found it funny. Maybe it is you who has the autism?

women are no worse than men

There's nothing wrong with hating women in the collective, so long as you don't let it spill into treating individuals unfairly.

Perversely I view it almost as an effect of patriarchy on my personally: One reason I find women distasteful is that, because men dominate society on the whole, and men want to dick people, women can get easy access to attention by merit of people wanting to give her the dick, even if she's unattractive - while most men don't have this route available.

Witnessing online communities collapse with the induction of female posters (and those posters, naturally as a result of the attention tend to develop bad personalities.) naturally makes one weary of inducing that factor - even though strictly speaking the problem is collectively underlying the male population base, leading to a vicious cycle of entitled women and thirsty beta men.

I wouldn't even say I hate women. As an abstract entity I just prefer to imagine they don't exist. Individual women exist - Jane Doe is an entity - but there is no collective "woman" in my fantasies, while I can give or take the collective "Men" as necessary. This includes fictional women - actually, I'd say it's them I keep my genuine ire for, because they tend to crop up more easily, carry less redeeming features, get more attention from the kind of man who congregates on imageboards *and* ruin media as jap porky shoehorns them into otherwise interesting concepts to make up the dosh on merchandise.

Then you throw in minor political notes and it confirms that in the collective, one should be distrustful. Their voting habits on the whole seem to be small-c conservative. (Avoiding Labour until after Iraq, and avoiding the SNP in Scotland until at least 2015. Some polling also shows they were inclined against independence while men were more strongly for it.) Which is obviously not a position amenable to social and economic process.