Jontron confirmed for a sargon-lib

jontron confirmed for a sargon-lib.

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and how is this communist-related?

Hmm… Nothing of value was lost
I should not be surprised somebody so unproductive as him is an aut right

he called SJWs communists

who cares

If he wants to be politically illiterate, fine

I care


So wait, is he officially alt-right now? I could have sworn a year ago he was against Trump, but I guess that's not trendy anymore

wew lads

It always frustrates me when I see these things, but then I have to remind myself this is the kinda of thing that liberals are basically taught at birth, that almost anything negative in their lives is the result of le totally real communist oligarchs that are everywhere.

what a moron

he was, and he was in favor of bernie sanders, but far too many people base their politics on which group is being a dick to them on twitter

It's only going to get worse the more Trump fucks up. Even if he keeps some of his promises, his supporters are going to realize that he sucks when those policies don't help them.

I think some of these YouTubers are being paid under the table to support the alt-right, but I doubt JonTron is one of them. Like somebody said in the other thread, he personally knew Zoe Quinn. If she was all I'd seen of the left I'd probably be a flaming Trump lover too.

Not in general, I mean among the youtubers or Internet personalities. It seems to be the new hip thing

Trump supporters are autists with nothing to do but watch Youtube videos for hours at a time. Of course Youtube personalities are going to adapt to that.

It's sad, but honestly it's our own fault as much as anyone's. We on the left need to draw sharper distinctions between ourselves and the people who think ultranationalism and racial/gender/etc. prejudice is okay if you belong to the right identity group.

Holla Forums has the right idea, but too many on the left are willing to elide over our real ideological differences in hopes of drawing in college liberals, and it hurts our reputation accordingly.

Really makes me think.

Comprae Jon to other Normal Boots people, they all are capable of sticking to an schedule, gimmick and also keep a LP channel on the side of that, Jon releases a video whenever he wants about whatever he wants or simply gets paid by a third party. What a slob.

Jontron, Sargon, and others is what I think can be best described as alt-light aka someone who manages to who appeals to some of the tendencies on the alt-right, but doesn't quite completely fit within the alt-right. So for example Sargon is alt-light because he appeals to alt-right tendencies by believing in cultural marxism(correct me if he doesn't believe in that anymore), calling Bernie Sanders a commie like an idiot, associating with Davis Aurini to an extent before breaking with him, associating Milo Yiannopoulos, and defending that motherfucker from the EDL.


"Communism is when the government helps poor people, and the more it pays poor people and the bigger the government is, the more Communisty it becomes"

- Karl Marx, president for life of the Soviet Union, after being inspired by Cultural Marxism



Wait, did he actually say that? How historically illiterate can you be? There was a revolution every other decade after the French Revolution.

Do you guys ever think that maybe the reason the aut right gets all these people is because they actually make a serious effort to get these people?

As opposed to us?

Why does anyone still go on youtube other than for music lol

I do use youtube mostly for music but one has to admit the other content is fun

Did anyone else order Trendy American Millennial College Student Opinions? Because I certainly didn't. Next you'll tell us about how you follow le Black Twitter again.

black twitter is hilarious fug u

That's nice it was actually for the booth

certainly more funny than fucking sargon

Is this a sign that I need to get back reading theory?


Hey, at least Jacksfilms isn't alt right. M-maybe he can become class conscious?

At least peanut butter gamer isn't corrupted

100 100 100

Fucking based


I skip through it real quickly, the last thing Jon should be doing is getting involved with politics and Sargon, he's a video game reviewer not a political commentator, i don't know how he thought that was a good idea.

all the retards calling him autistic because he responded to jontron and called out shitposting with a basic reply, this in spite of the fact people went out of their way to photoshop his face onto the autistic screeching meme. This is low-hanging fruit level insults here

Oh boy I can see the thousands of videos being made about the drama between Jontron and PBG now


video games are styming the revolutionary potential of young men.

Tbh dude

You don't know what you're missing. It's like having a drip feed of the fresh prince of bell air left on while you're half asleep

black twitter is relaxing, it will calm your nerves

truly i cannot understand how people can watch jontron and h3h3 make weird faces at the camera and laugh at 9 year olds being "cringe" for 9 minutes but dont think this shit is hilarious

but it is

Classic gamer tbh. Only thing that matters to them are things that affect them personally.

That last one is probably the best

That's the attitude of half my country, though.

I remember early on in Gamergate, Jon was supposed to join a conference call with TB, Internet Aristocrat and Sargon.

Not surprising.

Because any deviation from absolute politically correct liberalism (ie. any "humor" that isn't just brain-dead DUDE WHITE PEOPLE LMAO) is doubleplusungood wrongthink. Unless you're black, and then it's perfectly fine to laugh at other blacks being pickaninnies.

I thought Jon rejected gamergate because he didn't want to get involved in anything like that? Am I misremembering because I remember when I was in gamergate seeing Jontron saying he give he didn't care either way about it.

dude black people twitter content by and large is not created by muh muh privilege liberals
but its funny to see former aut rightist get triggered because the truth is you just cant handle the bantz nigger

At first he showed signs of accepting it but after it started to be seen as a hate group he got cold feet.

I didn't say anything about being limited to creating it.

liberals gonna lib. just because they are crybabbies doesnt meant its bpt's fault.

And my point was that even consuming those heretical, unclean ideas is thoughtcrime to them. Something something "cultural appropriation", I guess.

ok well then ignore liberals and keep laughing at bpt. probably have more in common with these kids than liberals do anyway.

Remember that the SJWS THEMSELVES say they're communists, we're the only people who know or care enough to say otherwise.

America truly is disgusting. Gradually I have grown to hate them.

Many people here have read Gramsci. That doesn't make you're stupid conspiracy theory anymore true.

The eternal leftcom strikes again!


Ack, how do I get shamrocks?

Reminder that the second Wikipedia page was dismantled on grounds of being nonsense and correctly noted as being a conspiracy theory

Are you going to prentend that because they're both bourgeois parties, the fact that Trump and the Republicans are much further to the right doesn't matter?

Three parentheses either way will wordfilter to three shamrocks, 3, 6, 9 etc.

Reminder that these parasites are still in total control of every radical left organization's leadership positions, regardless of what the correct term for them or the true nature of their agenda (if any, in a coherent sense) is.

We're the only people who can stop them, and the only ones who WANT to.

The Republicans are somewhat worse than the Democrats on average, but the two form a unified neocon/neolib gestalt, one that Trump (if not the man, quite possibly still his supporters) poses a credible threat against.

If these "protesters" had done anything whatsoever against the similar (if lesser) policies from Obama, I could believe they had a shred of sincerity. Even compared to Bush, they are wildly disproportionate. This is about footsoldiers for rival porkies crying about each others' feefees, acting as a pressure valve on political awakening, not political protest.

Sup Holla Forums

Not just Trump's supporters, but the pragmatic reaction to their success inside the left. These "protests" are simply an attempt to both continue driving leftism off a cliff, and to browbeat Trump's supporters into fearing SJW wrongthink sanctions again.

One of the things Obama was good at was downplaying his crimes and putting a polite, smiling face on neoliberal policy. While sure there are shillaries at the protests, many more are simply waking up to the brutal realities of our system now that Trump has put an ugly, brutal face on it.


I wish I could believe that, but aside from slagging on Trump's cabinet picks, I haven't heard anything except the same old "muh scabs, muh lifting billions out of poverty, muh russkies, muh soggy knees" lines that lost the election.

Wow, what a surprise.

he's not an alt-righter he's just a standard issue youtube liberal

Wow, what a Nazi! Punch this man!


99% of the time I see someone on a chan say "thought police" they use it in the context of "HOW DARE YOU DISAGREE WITH ME".


Most of his fucking shit is about movies now for some reason. Not even video game movies, just fucking movies.

Heard from who? I doubt a Holla Forumsyp like you was at a protest.

The NSAbook/Twatter feeds of all the narcissistic virtue-signalling LARPers

Can i just ask one thing?
Everyone is calling Jon a nazi.
Now, i can agree that Jon is not a very intelligent person, and he's not very politically informed either.
If you've ever heard any Sleepycast ep where he's been on, you're also aware that he's basically a complete drunken mess in his private life.

The guy is not very mentally or emotionally stable.
However, can someone explain to me
a person that back when he was on gamegrumps one time he said something along the lines of "sometimes i feel like i should be gay to understand gays better", and ARIN
had to say to him "What? No, that's dumb, dude".
Do you fucking understand what i'm saying here?
How in the everloving blue hell can such a person be a nazi?

acknowledging that the black community is destructive and devolved makes you a nazi. Same with supporting trump.

Compare Jon to other Normal Boots people, his stuff is funny.

Welp, guess this guy right here is a nazi.

Are you being ironic? The black community is in deep shit, and black people are talking more and more outside the plantation about it, and traditonal values will appeal to these people, calling them a coon won't, they think liberals are retarded.

He can't be a nazi cus hes black

Isn't Jon arab or some shit?
Can arabs be nazis?
What do they even do, walk up somewhere populated, yell ALLAH MEIN FUHRER and explode into swastika shaped kebabs?

Halfu, Iranian or Palestine or some sheeet

The other NB people prioritizes game opinions over shouting nonsense.

He aint a nazi but he is even dumber than they are and BFP is shit.

Big fucking deal.

It's not like he's politically influential or anything.

Enjoy your autism.


Umm, aren't groups like Hezbollah and Hamas big antisemites? Also that reminds me…

He is, however, influential on the minds of the young people that follow his channel, just like pewdie.
Compared to pewdie tho, his content is basically 100% apolitical so unless they specifically read his twitter it shouldn't matter.

He is influential in no way, only to make them make derivative content. He has spoken once about anything political and liberals want him dead, he's not supposed to have opinions he's a popular brownish kid he should be joining the borg.

I thought he was Italian TBH.

Has someone already used "alt-libs"?

Fuck no, look at his eyes, listen to his accent.
His family is a bunch of rich arabs or something, i think he had an amazing apartment in NY at some point.
t. spaghetti sucker

Literally who

Don't answer, it was ironic. Youtube celebrities are extraordinarily meaningless


hi Holla Forums

Hezzbollah is anti Zionist not anti Semitic unfortunately a lot of members are but the official position of the party is that Jews are not inherently bad

The majority of SJWs are communists, why do you think r/socialism is the way it is?

And why would we want him?

Are you retarded?

You know that this tipe of thinking doesnt stop trump winning accusing the supporters being nazis.

Also you dont sound like a socialist you sound more like a sjw.

Are you autistic?
That was clearly a joke.

Keep saying that you retard.


He wasn't "trolling", he was making a simple joke.
We all played along with him.
Then you came into the thread, acted like a spastic autist, i called you out on your autism, and now you're spilling your chiken tendies all over the floor drolling like the autismo you are.
Embarassing child.



i kinda wonder if jon leaving game grumps had anything to do with shit like this. he's seemed very passively right-wing for a while and even slipped a little sometimes on game grumps

He's Iranian.

Look, I agree WoW irrevocably ruined the genre, honestly I'd say it was dying from the day consensual PvP was added to UO, so w/e, but a lot of these people never played anything better. My point is the behavior is at least logically coherent and morally sincere.

we should have seen the signs.

even if it's been like five years since i've been into his stuff, this still makes me sad

My nigga. Not being able to murder people willy nilly truly deprives a game of its villains.