Are there any Trump policies you support, Holla Forums?

Are there any Trump policies you support, Holla Forums?

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TPP death.

I have no issues with the wall or mass deportations. In fact, I'm baffled there's so much resistance against enforcing the damn law in those areas.

Axing the TPP and I think it's better to be on good diplomatic terms with Russia. He's still a corrupt scumfuck who should not be trusted.

not regulating banks
hope to see another crash

Just axing TPP and trying to be more diplomatic with Russia. He is astoundingly shitty outside of that, which is kind of a good thing for the far left but that's a whole other topic.

Killing TPP
Tariffs on China


China has become more capitalistic than US.

TPP getting killed helped a lot

NAFTA is next

I like his plans to increase tax on video games.

I support him in general because he triggers the fuck out of trots and anarkiddies

I sure hope so.

The Mexican wall as it reminds me of the time I was living in East Germany. I see nothing wrong with demarcating zones clearly.

It's an even worse form of capitalism as it masquerades as socialism to its citizens and still calls its oligarchs, the communistic elements.

Opposition to TPP, the wall, the deportations.

anti-TPP, but he's not special in that regard.

Aside from that, I'm pretty much opposed to him on every other single issue.

China has become a paradise for big corp. and wealthy porkies

I like his obsession with gold

A piss coloured America would be a far more honest representation of itself


He's considering scrapping NAFTA, I guess.

No. Red team bad, Blue team good, NO EXCEPTIONS. You are either with us or against us.

kek. Same non-argument that Hitlery's camp was using.

Fuck the TPP. Thats about it


Why are you falling for obvious b8

TPP. Plus, the coming crash will taint fascist policies in America.

So basically, you support him to be edgy?

Do you think the fed is planning to crash the markets to blame Trump for getting rid of the TPP user?

Hey, hey, hey- I get the joke guys but there's no need to ridicule a newfriend like this. The only reason I came here from /r/gamerghazi was because I thought this was a fairly welcoming, though tough, community. No punching to the the right.

I wouldn't put it past them but they've been run by idiots for so long that it's anybody's guess what they think they're doing.

The Wall, TPP killing, deportations. We can't even get to socialism let alone true communism if we are overrun by mexicans who support the the pigs by accepting low wages and shitty living conditions and bankrupt our social programs.

0/10 apply yourself

His anti trade stuff might help the working class in the short term, and maybe if he defunds idpol…well, the SJW kinda at least. He won't defund the WN idpol. The wall I don't ultimately care about unless he makes a large infrastructure project that also helps the working class. If his policies accelerate a communist revolution in Mexico that's a bonus.

i like that he's a pisshog

The only thing pol is right about is that the fed needs to be abolished.

The Wall, TPP killing, deportations. We can't even get to socialism let alone true communism if we are overrun by mexicans who support the the pigs by accepting low wages and shitty living conditions and bankrupt our social programs.

Stopping TPP and infrastructural development. The latter remains to be seen, though.

It's stupid. Prove me wrong.

This better be bait, fuck right off either way.

killing the tpp and being more diplomatic with russia. i would say his changing around obamacare, but i have a gut feeling his party is gonna make him push something worst in a couple of years

TPP death because it would hurt China.
Cutting taxes because the debt will ruin the dollar and make it no longer the world reserve currency.
Letting the states deal with weed.
Dismantling NATO (which sadly will never happen).
De-escalating with Russia.

I generally like him all around.

I'm worried about Iran though, also Israel but on a much smaller scale.

Don't like the wall/muslim ban but I don't dislike it either.

You're abusing it like "spook".

first piss retard president has to be inspiring for all of those little piss retards out there. they know they can be president too.

Killing the TPP, that was a huge corporate giveaway and I'm glad to see it gone.

I was hoping for some anti-bankster legislation, a decent jobs program, and a less aggressively imperialist foreign policy, as he made noises to that effect in the campaign, but he seems to be backtracking on all of those.

I guess that's how bourgeois "democracy" works - politicians don't have to actually listen to their voters or implement the ideas they campaign on.

I seriously hope no one on Holla Forums actually supports the beyond retarded 'wall' idea

pro-Russia, pro-Syria

It's amazing to see liberals going all hands on deck in support of war and free trade just to spite him.

We should take what we can get when we can get it, and adamantly resist everything else.

[conspiring concrete industry hands intensify]


come one anons, he's waving a flag that reads "I'm just joking, it's parody, not baiting". He's practically shouting that he's just kidding to the four winds, laugh at it or move on.

You gotta be kidding mate he wants to establish "safe zones" in Syria = No Fly zone he is a warmonger just like Hilary Clinton.

It's not giving casus belli if it's part of an agreement with the other people doing the flying. The US has actually been invited to join the discussions between russia and the assorted syrians now. That's a bit different than unilaterally deciding you're going to start shooting people down.

are you me?

not to mention the warmongering about the chinese islands, which is honestly more concerning

3rd world immigration controls. We have a huge oversupply of labor and millions are basically reliant on the welfare state, or welfare by other means (the military). But his idiotic protectionism and social policies don't make up for it.

Porkies are afraid of losing their immigrant slaves. Tbh a better policy would be to grant citizenship to every illegal immigrant currently inside the country and then crack down on any that come in the future. That would take away the cheap labour from porky while keeping the libs happy.

With Trump, there are lots of words that don't mean anything at all.
Coalition forces are striking Idlib right now.

no more fence hopping -> more control of the entrance = no undocumented immigrants, drugs, illegal guns etc



White working class genocide

He has no social policies, you have been deceived by social media.
Nothing's gonna change, there won't be "progress" like hate speech laws but there won't be a return to christfaggotry in politics either. It'll stay like Obama let it.
Porkies won't need laws in other to build tranny bathrooms anyway.
You can't just re-indoctrinate people into conservatism, we have the internet now.
The Republican Party is either gonna look much more libertarian and try some National-Liberal shenanigans or it'll stop existing, along with the boomers that kept it alive till now.

There's honestly nothing any president of the united states could possibly do to make up for the fact they're president of the united states. Every single one is an asshole and it will never stop, adopting the role, or wanting to adopt the role, automatically makes you and everything you do forfeit of anything good possible.

Not to mention strenghtening the power of the cartels who will be the only ones to have the means to smuggle people

but the internet is indoctrinating people into conservatism

KYS tankie

Conservatives who never went to church and masturbate to anime? They might mock trannies on the interwebs but they wouldn't go after their doctors to keep them from getting their dicks chopped like their parents did.

Racism is its own thing, but a homogeneous , cohesive and comunitarian social life like that of the 50s is never ever coming back and with it is going the remaining traces of legislated morality.

Literally nothing is going to happen to gays. Mark my words.

Yeah that's all they got. A strategic campaign VP choice. Trump hasn't made any moves or expressed any interest in making moves against LGBT. I'll hold my breath till he actually does something, because until then it's just peddling a liberal canard: anyone who is racist is also a homophobe.

TPP, NAFTA, Syria, Russia, ending the Obamacare corporate cash grab.

Hugely expensive + proven cartel tunnel expertise = ur mom, dude.

Getting rid of TPP but probleem is i suspect he will make a new similar one.

His Muslim immigration ban when it was a ban on Muslims was stupid but someone talked sense into him and made it for a few Islamic countries. What I dont agree with is he picked them arbitrarily leaving many extreme Islamic countries not banned. Only temporary of course and by that I mean some months til better solutions are worked out

Except, y'know, the FADA. And copy-pasting SC candidates from the fucking Heritage Foundation.

Crashing the economy.

Curious why so many are supportive of his cozying up to Russia. Putin is far more reactionary than Trump ever was.

Because we oppose imperialist warmongering and Russia's still a lot more restrained than the US in the foreign policy arena, it's not an endorsement of Putin's domestic policies.



Regardless what you think, or what the media says, Trump's policy on Syria has been hilariously parallel with what Hilary suggested she would do during the election, so the end result of actual Russian relations remains the same.

And once again I'm right. Always bet on things remaining the same when it comes to any given issue that isn't self congratulatory conservative social policy.

It ain't easy running an intercontinental empire, famrade.

An atrocity in time saves nine, so long as you can cover it up.


This isn't a solid defense. "I'm guilty" is not a plea of innocence. It's still a bunch of horse shit that doesn't do anything for you that you feel the need to defend, because god help us all if we can't defend the liberal politicians for ten goddamn seconds.

He's implimenting the same safe zone policy that Hillary otherwise would have implemented, among other things.

Banking on Trump being a non interventionist is so fucking hilarious when will people stop with that idea

Doubtful. What NAFTA has done can not easily be undone now. Repealing it will hurt the Mexican economy more than the cheap subsidized crops the US floods their economy with to destroy its agriculture sector and create the immigrant flood. They're the third-biggest importer of goods to the US and repealing NAFTA will just precipitate a trade war.

exporter to US*

Except there's a world of difference between the "safe zone" policy and actively seeking the ouster of Bashar Assad.

About the only thing Trump and Hillary agreed on re: Syria was "keep bombing ISIS". It's pretty clear from her team's statements, her associations, and her decisions as secretary of state that she would've stuck with the "Whatever happens in Syria, Assad must go" line

can't speak for anyone else, but hostility between the ruling and political classes of nuclear states makes me nervous and I'd prefer they stop waving their dicks around. Nothing deeper than that.

When relations remain the same of what was proposed how is it not affecting relations with Assad anyways

Just because there aren't troops on the ground, doesn't make this an entirely hypocritical move.

You don't need to defend it.

Who said I was defending it?

Obviously, it's in my rational self interest as an American citizen to support the empire my country's carved out for itself over the past three-quarters-century; but here I'm arguing that the president doesn't kick puppies and topple democracies for shits and giggles, but rather just to further our interests as a country.

Needless to say, things would be little-different if any other country became a global hyperpower. But at this point I'm just stating the obvious.


The death of TPP. The entire concept of the wall.

This is so moronic because nothing is actually helping "your interests", in this sense. It's actually counter to them. But you have the fag flag on so why bother trying to talk sense geopolitical maneuvering isn't actually helping anyone

Never mind just don't pay attention to geopolitics and actual relations between nations, how that all works.

There's plenty if his policy I agree with.

it's the hate and ridicule against seemingly anything depending his mood that's insane to condone. and that he's exploited investors like that is his god given purpose. and that his family and friends are profiting from his appointment. and that his rampant ignorance has created a cabinet destined to spend more time defending themselves from Congress than doing anything good or bad.

but, at least he's gonna fence the back yard! new step dad ROCKS!

Sorry, forgot to put on my flag

Welp, so much for being civil. Never change, Hoochie. Never change.

Also, you forgot your tripcode.

Why are you trying to defend the united states with communists and expecting things to be civil

do you shit in a pond full of freshwater leeches and act smug when your ass is bleeding

I don't understand the sentence you posted, but by most indications there's a significant difference between how Trump is dealing with Assad and how Clinton hypothetically would have.

They're starting with the same ideas to initially implement between nations at the beginning of term. So how would it be different

Do you think anything short of total war will sour relations

I'm suggesting you don't know how things work, sorry you didn't understand the sentence.

Do you agree with Third Worldist line or something and just draw different conclusions from it?


I don't understand what's not to get. They're starting the same as what was suggested.

Do you think you just declare war on syria day one lol


Lel, have you not heard of Trump's "we can take back the oil" comment that he made in front of the CIA?

Why are so many anons on Holla Forums trying to build Trump up as the "peaceful" or "better" alternative to Clinton? Hasn't it been made clear so far that he's pursuing a similar foreign policy?


Trump has Flynn, Flynn is on speaking terms with a Russian ambassador, Russians are now inviting the US to diplomatic talks over Syria that they were not before.

That's a pretty fucking key difference in approach compared to denouncing everybody and trying to cast syria as a member of some new axis of evil in a reprisal of the old neocon wardrumming.

Definitely not propping up Trump. Say Clinton is better/Trump is better is like saying a gun shot wound is better than a stab wound. Very conditional, very nuanced. They're both capitalists at the end of the day. Fuck em both, IMO

Killing the TPP, but it was arguably already dead policy walking by election day. I used to like that he was bringing back protectionism, but after the "20% tariff = Mexico paying for it" thing I'm skeptical that he even understands how to use tariffs effectively in the slightest. If the man's not literally suffering mild retardation, he certainly plays it very well.

To say Clinton would have been the lesser of two evils isn't nuanced at all, it's just patently false. Trump ran slightly to the left of Hillary on the most important issues. Clinton ran as a continuation of the governance we had over the past 30 years, i.e. she ran on the policies of George W. Bush, Obama, Bill Clinton, Ronald Reagan. Trump's was campaigning against that.

Literally nobody here is saying that. Anons are questioning why people are saying that Trump is the preferable choice to Clinton, when they're both equally shitty as candidates. Why do people on Holla Forums get accused of supporting Hillary whenever they criticize Trump?

Take a look at the military buildup in the South China Sea, his hostile trade policy towards China, and his statements in front of the CIA.

I've kinda by default become an accelerationist so his rampant unrestrained capitalism is a huge plus for me. I would like it if he could get the US involved in at least one major war/occupation against an enemy that has a steady flow of weapons from a competing superpower and a strong will to resist US occupation.

Invading Iran with Russia backing Hezbollah would be ideal, but unlikely due to Trump's pro-Russia views, but I still have hope he can invade Mexico and China could find a group to provide arms to.

Sorry Trump is a generic terrible capitalist, worse than hillary because people think he is a shallow idiot and he is just doing ton of bad shit while everyone is looking at his loud autism and due to his outsider status he can do shit a career politician wouldnt.

Hopefully he ll start a trade war with mexico and China and gets fucked over

China might be bad but as long as the people at least have some connection to socialism it is way better than the average brain dead american who believes Trump cares about America

It is literally just Holla Forums, when you criticize their "perfect" leader they cant do anything but start whining and finding ways to attack you.

A really easy way to reveal Holla Forumsacks in leftypol

Killing TPP. Common one on here, but still, way to go, Trump. Within just the first few days of office, he actually showed at least some potential to be a… decent? President? I don't want to say he'll be a good president until he does something to really support such an assertion.

go ==RIGHT== the fuck back to where you came from, we don't need your kind around here.

I wonder what Lucas was angling at putting the "only" in this sentence.

Granted, the "only" kinda makes the quote self-contradictory, but the point still stands.

Would you like for this to devolve into a Star Wars discussion? Because I don't care either way, I love Star Wars.



Even assuming for the sake of argument that the wall (or, to a lesser extent, deportations without an equal focus on punishing illegal employers) will work, illegal immigration pales in comparison to legal immigration. It's not a total nonissue like the other hot-button garbage (guns, abortion, terrorism, homosexuality, federal debt, etc.) at ~10 million illegals, but it pales in comparison to the TENS of millions of 1st-generation legal immigrants.

Trump as a popular phenomenon might create the political will for a genuine slashing of quotas, but until he walks back his "great big beautiful door" comment, I'm not counting on Trump himself actually doing anything about rampant immigration.

(heil das dubs)
"Milennial hipsters are soooo much more progressive than hippies were!"

Sadly Holla Forums is tointelligenttoointofunnymemes.jpg.exe, so when something good comes along, we go nuts and run it into the ground

I like spooks' popularity though. It's our version of cuck, ie. inferior pleb blissfully abused by not actively trying to take control of his attitudes

Altough I'm sceptical about them, I'm hoping his protectionist policies will stop corporations from setting up shop overseas. Because if there is one thing that has killed the labour movement it is the idea that you have to be thankful that your job hasn't been moved to china yet.

The strengthening of labour combined with antagonisms against a common enemy for the left could possibly lead to a perfect storm.

Let's hope Leto II get's to play out his endgame.

I support his anti immigration stance since large scale immigration is pushed by big businesses in order to drive down the wages of the working classes.

I seem to remember leftypol was basically CTR HQ for much of the campaign.

Not me.

This is just some sperg trying to peddle his narrative, I've seen him make practically the exact same post before. Probably one of the guys we trolled in the election general by making Hillary/Posadas edits.

The election general was hilarious, I still remember the mixture of keks and bone-chilling terror as we made "pantsuits & mushroom clouds" memes when Sanders started faltering in the polls.

Tariffs on foreign goods as a way to strengthen domestic industry and ultimately consumption,
Such a nobrainer, but of course it is antithetical to neoliberal capitalism, which is why no administration since FDR has pursued it.

Haha yeah I vividly remember one guy's brain melting at the thought there were people out there with more nefarious long term goals than genocide.

Did you save any of the pics? I had a quick look and it looks like I dropped the ball and didn't save any.

i have literally nothing against Trump, as a non American person who's not willing to visit burgerland.
beside, its too early to decide how bad he will fuck up.
the only fear i have is his indirect support to facism and ethnn-nationalism around the wrold.
that dick head Bannon isn't hiding his objective to start European vertions of Brainfart.
the propaganda will hit hard the next few years, we'll have to be active

Nah, all I've got left is the Doom Bernies.

holy fuck, call the president, why did nobody think of watching out for those before?

yes. But if they do a good job hunting down illegals and punishing recidivism with prison, how many will actually want to risk it, when they have better chances through the legal means?

Yeah, pretty stupid. In a sitcom that would have been a laugh-tracked line.
Also, what shitty CGI