How do we deal with these people?

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what's up with the idiotic people that doesn't even know how to properly burn a flag?

pour gasoline/petrol on the flag and then light it up you fucking morons!

Thanks for the clothes, flag!

This is cointelpro

He actually unironically said this.

Tbh I'm not a big fan of leftist burning the American flag. Not because I have any attachment to the American flag, but because it makes the left like edgy teenagers who are just trying to be as rebellious as much as possible without any thought and it pisses more people off than makes people want to become leftist because America is extremely cucked by Patriotism which is why honestly I think more American leftist should take advantage of American imagery than attempt to destroy it since A a lot of leftist thought does originate from classical liberal thought and B while the founding fathers/others who fought in the revolution had very big flaws the American revolution was a necessary step away from feudalism which meant politics progressed a lot further meaning politics went more to the left.

All flags should be burnable flags.

Most millennial I know don't give a fuck if you burn it. It's just rightards who love spooks who you were never going to win over anyway.


most American flags have some kind of flame retardant.
but that is no match to gasoline.

No borders No flags!

Also unironically.

That fucking faggot really likes his $12/hr job doesn't he?

I bet his faggot father congratulated him when he got home and went to sleep in the same room he's been living in the last 25 years.

Somebody should file a complaint with FedEx about that poor man having his burning flag stolen. That's the real crime here.

Burning is the proper method of retirement for a flag that has be soiled, be it by dirt of by tyranny

Do ever wish in the middle of one of his videos government the single person would shoot him with a gun?

Tooth extraction via golf club

Millennials and a substantial portion of gen X are tech savvy enough to know how to look things up so they are aware it's perfectly legal to burn the flag and is seen by a lot of people as a patriotic symbol of free speech.

Where is this?

if this were true, Holla Forumsfags wouldn't exist, people revel in their ignorance and actively avoid educating themselves or others in anything that isn't outright lies and propaganda or lunacy. There's also a substantial percentage of the population that simply believes what they're told, this is outside of ideology and generations, it's just how a lot of people are for some reason.


Iowa City


It's a generalization. To be more strictly true, I could say that intellectual curiosity is more common in younger people.

Oh…thought one of the ladies in the vid was my ex. Now I realise I'm just sad and seeing things.


Americans are the most nationalism cucked nation of the west tbh