Tfw you're too dumb to understand Marx


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Aoi is so cute :3

You don't have to understand, just go with the rhetoric!

I don't think that's a very responsible way to engage with politics.


Hi rebel!

Start with Wage Labour and Capital

follow this if you're reading Capital.

it takes you chapter by chapter explaining everything.

if you want a general introduction to Marxism, try this


Nah…Rebel understand Heidegger more than me…
way to rub it in my face tbh ;____;

I'm watching David Harvey's lectures while reading Capital. It really helps.

tbh the coherence of Bookchin makes him pretty accessible


the important thing is that you use it regularly in casual conversation


I gotta reread capital 1 tbh. It all made sense when I read it. I took notes and everything, but a lot of it I felt like I was unable to explain to other people.

Where did you Bookchin memers come from anyway? Are you the same people as the "read Bordiga" shitposters? Those posts seem to have died around the same time you popped up.

The true proletariat will break your ivory tower with a hammer and a sickle.

I've been on and off *chan sites for a while, but only recently became interested in Bookchin due to the Rojava Revolution. Not into Bordiga though

It's just a marketing buzzword

Engels > Marx

Prove me wrong

Engels is very underrated but it's apples and oranges really

Engels thought could be applied to hard sciences and was actually quite boneheaded about it.

I get pretty triggered when people tell me they have a strong understanding of Marx and have never read any of Engles own work, but at the same time SOOOOOO much is irrelevant today anyways. Origin of fam private property and the state was like 1/3 outdated genealogy and 1/3 hilariously outdated cultural studies. I liked the bit on cuckoldry though, just because Engels wrote the word cuckold.

Would you happen to know where one could find a more up to date study on the things Engels talked about? Even if it is one subject at a time that would be ok.

Like the Communist Manifesto?

Engels was the true hero of the story.

You mean like "scientific" racism?

I would like that too


Hegel is a question of faith, not understanding.

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Use Bernstein Tapes, fam.

Engels is a proto-SJW.

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Little-known fact: the 1971 Anarchist Cookbook uses "cuckold" as a political slur

Kek. Do it.

Can a guy watch the Harvey lectures without reading the book?

I'd like to know this too, mainly if you can watch it first and then read the book


Ah, but you have first theorized that you are too dumb for theory, no?

Nice try, dumbass.



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