Is there some sort of reading list to follow to get into lefty philosophy (and philosophy in general)

Is there some sort of reading list to follow to get into lefty philosophy (and philosophy in general).

Where to I start and in what order should I read things to get the best understanding?

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Start with le greeks

Don't fall for this meme, OP.

Just read stirner, it's all you need.


Most "philosophy" is pontificating nonsense written by richfags with too much time on their hands

Google Murray Bookchin

does anyone have a PDF of his books?

Just read Stirner and then get all smug about spooks whenever anyone brings up any sort of belief system or philosophy at all.



Read Mutual Aid By Peter Kropotkin. Read What is Property by PJ Proudhon.

thanks for the suggestions

This is why far-left will always be fringe.

the suggestions above are complete shit

for Marxism


read Engels' Principles of Communism

Communist Manifesto by Engels and Marx

If you want to dig deeper The Reproduction of Daily Life

Read Bookchin, kindof renders a lot of other things people will suggest completely irrelevant.

Not perfect, but a good start.

I'm not sure if there is a good introductory book on DiaMat in English. People have been mentioning Maurice Cornforth, though.

Fuck off, Aristotle is essential to comprehend Marxism just as he is for any western philosophy. Particularly note the way in which his virtue ethics are opposed to individualist bourgeois ethics of Enlightenment thinkers - Aristotle explicitly states that ethics are directly related to politics and the form of government in a society, very valuable for leftism.

At least pick up an overview of the Greeks.

Why's that? If it's not self explanatory at least point it out.

Ha, you knew I was talking about Aristotle though didn't you?

I was enjoying that video until he started appealing to the intelligence of the audience "some of the smarter among you have already figured this out". It's cringey as fuck and really seems like he's going for persuasion instead of a rational argument.