Still no job

Anyone have any advice?

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Don't kill yourself

Lie on your CV, maybe even going so far to get SIM cards and pretend to be referrals.

go inna woods
make money
get laid
have fun

Just say that you are a community organizer.

It's employer's market. Only solution is revolution.

I feel you, man. I just finished uni and been applying for jobs for nearly 2 months. I do have a job as a kindergarten assistant but the pay is shit and I live north of circle so I can't do the things I want that cost money and I can't do the things I want that are climate dependent. Can't risk moving to my home town area because no work is waiting for me. It's stressing me the fuck out, can't sleep at night, trouble breathing when I think about my potentially productive time being wasted because of capitalism.

I have considered writing a sarcastic letter to our King, demanding he do something for his people except just taking our tax money. But I'm afraid I'll be known as "that retard who wealth-shamed our king" and will never get a job afterwards.

Get NEETbux

or just go join the Kurds/Naxalites

what skills do you have OP?

Move out of America.

I have a bachelor's degree and a few shitty short-time jobs on my resume. Nothing else really

I want to buy you kinda need money at least to start with and I'm broke.

If you want a job no matter what?
Whore yourself more or less figuratively.
I'm totally serious.

We need a revolution. But the thing is that people are incredibly classcucked.

If you admit to struggling, the majority of the population will call you a loser. Because our society has a "fuck you, got mine" attitude.

Most people don't realize that if we had socialism, workers would have shorter work hours without any reduction in annual salary for the vast majority of people. Instead even after I explain what socialism is a hundred times, they think that socialism is about unproductive people mooching off the productive people.

If their Autism Level is high enough to finally understand what socialism is (worker ownership of the means of production), they say that the less productive workers would hold back the more productive workers and their pay would actually be less, not more. They think it's important that productive workers work 40+ hour work weeks. And that the only reason why we have so much unemployment is because the minimum wage is too high. They want slave wages.

These people have absolutely no empathy or perspective. Pick one.

Since when did I Q filter to Autism on this board? lol

I'll never understand why people berate others for being lazy

Laziness isn't a bad thing. It's like everyone feels the need to drag each other down rather than uniting.

I wonder why so many people aren't class conscious. Maybe my upbringing was just different but I've always been aware of class and how it permeates everything. It's so depressing that we're nearly 170 years on the Communist Manifesto and we're still nowhere near achieving world socialism.

Even a lot of libertarians have libertarian-esque views when it comes to the economy. I'm tired of people telling me that I "play the victim" and that I need to "pull myself up by the bootstraps." I have autism. Even normies are struggling in this economy. When employers are turning away normies, what chance does an autist stand in a job interview? Every time I enter a job interview, it's an immediate game over because I don't have the social skills to win over the interviewer. The competition for jobs is very fierce these days that you need to have connections or be able to build social rapport with the interviewer in order to get a job.

And even if by some grace of God I am able to get employed, they pay slave wages. And make you work long hours. Because they want to get as much productivity out of you as possible as an employee. Because it's cheaper to have less employees on the books and work them to the bone than to have more employees and give them shorter hours. Sometimes employers need bit-part temp/replacement workers to fill-in now and then. And then they dispose of you when they don't need you.

for what purpose

Agreed. This is why I've found it better to support people in their discontent with their workplace and society in general and take it from there, rather than start explaining what socialism really is.

So yeah fuck this shit, I am on strike. I am a NEET (casual work from home freeter on the side. I have my own little small business but I don't have a lot of customers). The problem is that most people aren't in a position where they can go on strike. And they resent you for it. Instead of showing solidarity with you.

Eventually my dad is going to die and I won't have that support network anymore but I really don't give a shit anymore. I went to bed at 4:20AM, woke up at 1:45PM, had no energy to get up, lied in bed until 4:40PM. I'm just killing time and waiting for death right now. I feel no joy. I really don't care what happens to me after my dad dies. I am so disillusioned that I will probably become a cyber-criminal in order to survive. If I get caught, I'll fight to the death with the police officer. I don't give any fucks anymore.

I know your pain. I've never had a job yet, no connections, just scraping by on my uni loans. My social skills are also poor. I feel terrified of the future.

I even had a conversation with one guy who said that he agreed with me that there aren't enough jobs for everyone and that the problem is that women entered the workforce. He says that women need to get out of the workforce, then we will have full employment for men.

I instead said "why not just have the women share the labour hours with us if they want to work so bad?" And he rails that I'm lazy, etc etc.


if you're serious and you just want a job right now, look into getting certified to teach something

you can do it before the school year starts next year

English Literature. I know, I know, I probably should've done STEM but I've always been more talented when it comes to the liberal arts.

Probbly because everyone goes on about how you must go to uni to get a real job. I'm not OP but people did to me and I went to uni. Got two bachelor degrees, psych and sociology, because they're what I disliked the least. I fucking hate academia.

Now I regret not getting into mechanics, woodworking and carpentry, metal working, cooking, or some kind of agriculture and animal husbandry. But it's too late. Now I need to get a job so that these things can become hobbies. But I can't get a job because everyone's overqualified. You've got Masters and PhDs shuffling paper in municipal bureaucracy because there are too many of them, and now every little public institution has idiotic education and experience requirements, either very high or very specialized.

Same here fam. Studying history because it's the only thing I'm good at. No idea what to do afterwards though.

It's disgusting how the minimum wage varies by age

I think they shove people into university because capitalism can no longer provide full productive employment, so it's just a masking tool

It's so infuriating to know the problem of unemployment could literally be solved overnight under socialism

Yeah. It's just so insane how capitalism, which people think drive productivity, is literally hampering productivity. I just want to kill someone at this point, to be honest.

capitalists don't give a fuck about unemployment

the goal of the capitalist is to extract as much productivity they can out of each individual employee. Because it costs money to keep an employee on the payroll.

Their hope is that the chronically unemployed will commit suicide or be killed like dogs in the street by cops if they rebel

Same thing with prisons. At least in burgerland if you added the people in prison to the statistic of unemployed people then the real unemployment figure would go up 2-3% probably.

I have a degree in physics but outside of academia it's slim pickings. I think that goes for a lot of STEM disciplines, like biology, chemistry, geology, etc.

that's fucking horrifying

In Norway our deep blue government wants to increase prison sentences, which are now max 21 years, or 30 in special cases, and strengthen our police forces. Not surprising. All the while they work tirelessly to increase class differences.

After what Breivik did, there is a lot of debate in Norway about whether 21 years is sufficient for a maximum sentence

Having worked at a call centre I feel his pain, its a terrible job that makes ditch-digging look fun.

Walk into a store, give the manager a firm handshake with eye contact, and ask for a job. Gotta pull yourself up by your bootstraps! :^)

literally what my parents tell me to do

It's particularly tough for me getting past the HR interview. You have to suck their dick and pretend to be normal, but I'm just not good at that. They can't even ask you proper questions regarding the work you're applying for. It's just idiotic things like "What is your greatest weakness?" and "Tell me about a time you resolved a problem." They ask shit like that and I go into half-coherent 5 minutes of rambling. This shit has nothing to do with anything.

Even after the 21 years he, and other especially bad cases, are sentenced to custody, meaning that at the end of their sentence they are evaluated and their stay in prison can be extended by 4 years. This can happen indefinitely.

I don't want to work at a store for the rest of my life after spending years and money on uni. Jesus, the gall of these people…

I think they'll let Breivik out after the 21 years for "good behaviour". He has ambitions to run for office I think. That's probably why he's taking a political science University program in prison. So he'll be free by the time he's like 53 or so. They need to have good reason to argue that Breivik is not fit to be released back into society. It's very unlikely that he's going to go killing people at 53. He's definitely going to run for office.

I know exactly how you feel.

I fucking hope if we ever have socialism that getting employment won't be such a fucking hassle.

I always seem to fail that type of interview and my best (successful) job interviews have always just been me sitting down with the boss who asks me non-BS, relevant questions about my background and my ability to actually do the job.

Hopefully they'll let him out of isolation to get shanked before that.

Can't even get a job doing that anyway. They all tell you to apply online and usually you're just annoying to the manager. My parents haven't had to look for unskilled jobs since the 70s.

I'm reminded of a time when I was at my first job. I was 16 working at a marina. I'd sometimes rent out fishing boats. So I'd go over this checklist and explain basic things to each customer, then off they went. The workers inside the store told me one day that a customer told them I was odd because I didn't laugh at any of their jokes. I was just thinking to myself, why would I laugh if their jokes aren't funny?

I fucking hate this society

women do labour, they had the most important job in the world, raising the children. now they've been force into the workforce, kids are being forced into daycares and other kid holders. and everything is going to shit.


tell me more ;)

women have always worked fam

all the women in my family have worked.

women being housewives is a bourgeois fantasy

boomers are completely clueless. They still live in the 70s and they have absolutely no idea how fucked our generation is

worked on the family farm maybe

but mom who tended to the kids while the dad did the hard yakka has been the norm in the west for a while

unless ur talking about those african tribes where they make the women do everything and men just sit around

I agree with this, I'm about to get my masters and I'm no more employable today than I was before I started the program

women would traditionally do "in-house" labor and crafts
That said, they weren't really competing with men for the same positions as they are today

welp. you should try getting a teaching degree online or something. Besides that, there's flipping burgers or going to Rojava.

this is the sad reality

I agree with this assessment.

even in the 19th century women were working in factories, including my own great-great grandmother

Old times housewife: Help till the fields, harvest crops. dry hay and straw. Process meat, blood, and other parts after slaughter. Bake, make preserves, knit, sew. Help with maintenance of clothes. Literally create parts of culture through crafts. Stuff to use or take to market and exchange products in a more liquid currency.

Oh, and take care of kids and clean house and make meals.

doesnt sound like a career woman to me


I would rather help out with domestic work than wage cuck 40 hours/week. So if women want to help wagecuck so that we don't have to wagecuck so much, knock yourself out ladies.

The problem is that instead of reducing the work week to accommodate women, they just lay off men. And then women shame us for not being good providers and shit. TOP FUCKING KEK

Porky has also reduced wages for good measure too after they brought women into the workforce

Life for your great-great grandmother was actually very similar to our generation. They paid people slave wages back then. We are moving towards that direction again now. It was the Post-WWII generation, in the 1950s-1970s where a man was paid a family wage. Women, especially immigrant women, often worked at the turn of the 20th century.

Careerism is bourgeois.

Sorry, didn't follow the posts properly. Parts of your point are sound, though I see no reason why raisin children/working can't be done be split (if you are suggesting that women SHOULD be at home and be housewives).


Also see:

ok, naivety time
Why are there so many capable people without work?

There are many cases like , and of course it boils down to the market. It used to be that a degree was a sure way to earn a good living, but now evidently the increasing rate and accesibility of education has flooded the market and salaries went down. Unemployement is systemic.
You can argue that proles are not class-conscious enought to realise they are being ripped off, but why the fuck are professionals out of work?

Where does this "I need an employer" mentality come from? Is it not possible for them to organize and be job CREATORS instead?
Is running a company so complicated that rocket scientists don't think themselves up to the task?

going into business for yourself is hilariously risky, at least here in burgerland. Doubly so when the economy is so shitty, take a risk that probably won't pay off or accept shit wages?
For every success story you hear about, there's probably 10 people who destroyed their lives trying to get to it

Even just from the financial viewpoint, you're talking roughly a million dollars just so you don't go underwater in the first few months
There is also the aspect that you want some kind of experience before you move in it


Under capitalism you generally cannot create a workplace without having loads of money to begin with. Most businesses started by proles go to hell pretty quickly in part because it usually takes time to get into profits (marketing and such). Bourgers can afford to lose money for 5 years and start making money for 30 years afterwards. Then there's a merger and 50% of jobs are outsourced to proles in India.

Capitalism is an immensely efficient system of exploitation, don't underestimate it.

What a waste of knowledge

How about learning a skill that people are voluntarily willing to pay for and stop being a retard commie that expects everything to be handed to him?


Nigga, these things make me bitter as fuck.

Why not?

Gotta agree with this.

What if one wants to voluntarily give everything?

I have the best advice anybody here will give you.

Lie on your CV. Just fucking lie. Whatever you are going to be doing (I assume) is going to be pretty easy, service industry stuff. Just lie and wing it.

"Oh it was a different coffee machine at the last place could you show me how" etc.

Nobody in these places check references. Make shit up. Trust me. This is how I got my first jobs when I was younger. They ask for experience which you can't have as somebody entering the job market, so just fucking lie.

Also embellish, already worked somewhere for a couple months? Tell them it was a year. Tell them you had more responsibilities than you did.

Embellish as far you can, but if you need to, don't hestitate to just fucking lie.

What you need to do is, make a 4 CV's, one that says you used to be a barman, one that says you used to be a waiter, one that says you used to work in a cafe and on that says you used to be a kitchen porter.

No, go to graiglists, gumtree, whatever shitty site people advertise jobs on in your country, now spam those CV's on absolutely everything that looks like it fits.

I guarantee you you will get replies, then its just about pretending you know what you are doing.

Another thing I did is send CVS that said I was a barman to coffee places, so I had transferable skills but didn't have to know what I was actually doing.

At the end of the day though, probably one day working there and you will know what you need to do anyway, maybe even just a couple hours.

Yes, careers give you an income, not the bourgeoisie that owns you and the product of your labour on contract, of course.

source of graph:

It's not "work" in the career sense; housework and raising children doesn't net you an income. It still needs to be done anyway. A single person was able to "work" and support the entire family.

Yes, working gives you an income. Is there are problem?

The problem is that careerism is only bourgeois security. You are not free from your class, you do not own the product of your labour still, no you are embossed into a petty contract.

Then you talk about the necessity of housework but treat something beyond survival ie making an income as a right for yourself.

I never said otherwise. The bourgeois now have twice as many people working for them, while the people in the end only have as much as they did when half as many were working.


You think that you, because of your identity, deserve something beyond the """"work"""" (as you were clear is only just """"work"""" but somehow it's also a necessity) of everyday life.

Drive around town and pass out your resume to all the companies. Make sure you go in, meet the owner, look him straight in the eyes and give him a firm handshake, telling him "I'm the man for the job"

What's my identity? Why are you bringing idpol into this? You're obviously very confused, or you're okay with the bourgeois scalping off all the value from the excess productivity.

Yeah, I'm the one who wants to separate people by gender, dude.

Why wouldn't I separate by gender when looking at historical workforce trends of the different genders?

lol what a faggot

This works for low paying low skill jobs. But it won't work with highly technical jobs where you really need to know stuff. You may get your foot in the door by bullshitting. But they will quickly discover that you can't actually deliver.

But I guess it's not a bad idea if you have no job at all and just need something to pay rent.


it's depressing how all the working class struggles and gains in the late 19th/early 20th century are now being rolled back

the future terrifies the shit out of me.

Wow you're dumb, nice argument faggot. Never butt in with your stupidity again and let the adults have a conversation.

Read Hume and stop being a reactionary.

Libertarians are going to have a field day in the next 20 years, at least the ones in the developed world. The "decentralization" of the workforce, which is really just the centralization of managerial units in automated task forces as formed by transnational corporations, a.k.a. the establishment of the gig economy, will result in millions of individuals effectively establishing their own enterprises.

I've read a few reports by former DARPA execs which I'll try to post here when I fidn the doc, that states these enterprises will integrate with the "attention economy" wherein consumers will be paid to consume, whether physically consuming a corporation's product, or mentally investing attention/focus on a consumable so as to be replicated or propagated.

Again, this is pure idealism on the part of these late-stage capitalists and economists, however, I do already see this gig economy being established around me. take for example the Amazon Flex app, that 'decentralizes' the shipping industry by allowing consumers to receive their own package and deliver their communities packages while getting paid. The pay is relatively decent but requires the individual to establish an enterprise with a functioning vehicle and functioning smart phone. Most silicon valley firms are utilizing this framework to expand their scope of operations. Another case which is the most illustrative, is Air BnB. Renting out private space is now as easy as marking a checkbox on your phone and transferring all liability onto the receiving party. Uber, Lyft, Grubhub's new delivery arm, Telenetwork, and other firms centralized around the encapsulation of ownership of the worker's once private property emerge almost weekly. It's hard to envision the future that will be established as the result of this attention/gig economy, however it's likely to result in a dystopia. Enjoy what little autonomy you have left while you still can.

Stop being an idiot and learn to follow along.

You're the one lacking arguments.

This is the direction Capitalism takes when it isn't aggressively regulated.

nothing is stopping you from doing that today
go live on a farm

The fact that you wrote

in response to what I said means you have very serious issues with reading comprehension and difficulties following along. Did me saying "income" trigger you? You realize "income" exists in our society, right? And I can talk about it?

Nice argument fag.

No, I care more about you having a bourgeois obsession with gender and careerism.

Why do I have an obsession with careerism? Because I stated that more women have careers than they did 100 years ago and thus the bourgeois are exploiting an even bigger workforce?

In summation:
You think that an identity doesn't deserve to have careers merely because of their identity.


You obviously interpreted what I said in a very different way than what I meant, probably from not having read the context, or are confusing me with someone else, or are trolling.

Or vice versa. It's idpol either way.

Probably the second one then.

Some caps from the Darpa Econ report on digitization of the U.S. economy and the establishment of the gig economy.

A worthwhile read if you're genuinely worried about your career prospects and don't believe a revolution will be coming within the near future (10-20 Yrs).

got u covered, fam


Another report from a Program Manager at DARPA regarding the rise of autonomous, intelligent systems and their influence on the economy.

Truly some efficient allocation of resources by the free market right there.

The "S" from the STEM jobs meme should probably be removed, most sciences are too theoretical to have immediate and obvious applied skills.

boggles my mind when i hear people moan about regulation

Regulatory capture is a legitimate concern.

Deregulation only escalates the class struggle.

Corruption is a never ending struggle. Despite some failed attempts at regulation, we can't give up.

They are already pushing for basic income to quell revolutionary aspirations that may come from this.

-Karl Marx and Frederick Engels, Address of the Central Committee to the Communist League

If they subdue us with their scraps, we could just end up with an Elysium situation. Welfare is good of course, it alleviates of a lot of working class suffering taking place RIGHT NOW, but we can't believe that it's the "maximum that can be demanded".

Been unemployed for like 6 months now after my degree but I've only applied for a few jobs… I dunno, I'm just too lazy and disorganised and I'd probably get fired even if I did find some shit minimum wage job for showing up late. Life is just shit, I'm so depressed I don't even think about using my degree anymore, I don't even know why I got it other than to avoid having to make any plans for my life.

having been there i just wanna recommend you try to find something soon. otherwise you'll internalize how awesome the NEET life is and have enough time on your hands to realize just how fucked the system is and get even more incapable of functioning in society

Welcome to the science job market for everyone who didn't go to an elite institution.

I'm sure you're right, other than that I don't like the NEET life either, life will just be shit either way. I was depressed when I was stressed out about uni work and I still am when my whole life is full of nothing. I guess I should find something soon yeah. My persistent dream is I would just go get a gun somewhere and shoot as many bourgs as I could before the cops showed up and then blow my own brains out. If I lived in burgerstan I actually might do that
Sorry I know that was kind of unrelated to the topic but when I'm not distracted by video games etc all I feel is hatred for everything

I have been NEET for nearly 2 years (aside from my small business I have been running since June. Which provides me with some income but not a living wage. Hence why I live at home) and I feel the same. I was more miserable as a wagecuck than I was as a NEET. At this point I don't give any fucks. I would rather become a cyber-criminal than wagecuck for peanuts

What TYPE of jobs are you pussies applying for? Some cushy indoor job? Probably in front of computer? If you say retail or service industry I'm going to punch you in the fucking face.

Have any of you thought about skilled labor jobs? HVAC, Auto Repair, Plumbing, Welding, Electrical???!!


what I see in this thread is really pathetic… a bunch of fucking idiots who's idea of work is mopping floors, flipping burgers. Or cleaning tables. That fact that some of you actually have degrees in useless shit makes me even more angry… somehow we are suppose to represent the working class , but none of you here are actually part of the working class?

Fucking immigrants do it. When Holla Forums says mexicans are "stealing" jobs, THEY AREN'T LYING. Hispanic immigrants have been taking over lots of the trade industries that use to be dominated by whites. AND NOW I KNOW WHY, BECAUSE INSTEAD OF JOINING A TRADE, AND ORGANIZING UNIONS, AND LABOR GROUPS, HALF OF THE COUNTRY HAS BEEN FALLING FOR THE COLLEGE MEME. AND WORKING DEAD END JOBS (YOU FAGGOTS)


become a cam model and shove things up your butt



Are you 12? Everyone has to work somehow.

i'm sorry that nobody took your elaborate bait fam, try again another time

In most states (If you're from the states) you can substitute teach with a degree in Eng Lit. I do it while I'm in school. Pay ranges from 90-120 dollars a day

you have a degree?
go to china and teach english.
get paid to learn mandarin and even possibly complete a masters paid for by chinese govt
Just don't become a timbudong faggot

You do realize that we're here now because of regulation right? The barrier to entry for most things is so high from excessive regulation only the bourgeois can afford the cost and legal trouble.

I can't even open a lemonade stand or sell food and drinks at the beach or the police will come and arrest me. Regulation is what's destroying capitalism because it keeps the little man down.

What is this?

And you faggots wonder why the 1St world prole has no revolutionary potential.

I'm trying to help people not only improve their current situation and empower themselves, but also educate organize against capitalism within their trade and industry. Revolution cannot happen without the "petty bourg" we already build and maintain the fucking world. I'm sorry if it hurts your feelings. But SKILLED workers are more important to revolution than UNSKILLED workers, because if you MOP PUSHING FAGGOTS seized the means if production, you wouldn't be able to do shit with them .

Unskilled minimum wage, arm chair "communists" who don't try to empower themselves are the TRUE BOURGEOIS.

foreigners in china who cant navigate china. they start o believe the myth that girls like me because muh superior western genes and live in china for years without knowing how to say anything besides nihao!


That picture is aesthetic as fuck. The dream


flag related

nigger are u fucking dumb? you said
as if being a wage slave is bad because you are not owner class and not because capitalism is a fucking pitfall
not realizing that this is the fault of global capitalism not the proletariat


One day we will be free.

I've actually gone down this exact route a few years ago, so let me give a couple points about this:

1. The myth of the "small business owner" is just that, a myth. Maybe it was possible at some point but currently you're considered lucky if some megacorp notices you early on and buys you out for a fraction of what you'd eventually be worth if you were willing to lose money for years first

2. Because it take so much capital with an initial investment and it takes so long to start turning a profit, you will need to have several partners working with you. Because of this inherent dynamic, you will have to work with the absolute scum of the earth opportunists, and invariably the people who actually come out ahead are not he innovators, but the people who are just good enough at politics and backstabbing to throw the actual innovators under the bus at just the right moment

3. If you by luck manage to have a vision AND are good at internal politics you are resigning yourself not only to internal backstabbing to get ahead in your own company but petty backstabbing and shitty deals to get one over on your immediate competition and will absolutely have to trick and exploit your employees. There is not chance that you get ahead without being able to look people in the eye and lie to and belittle them day in and day out. And then you have to go and basically bet on your ability to out-sociopath every single entity or business you do any contractual business with.

It is not hyperbole or exaggeration that everyone who goes through this process and comes out the other end successful must necessarily be a piece of shit who deserves to be strung up by the general populace. In nearly half a decade of wheeling and dealing and talking to execs and corporate heads as part of a "good culture tech start-up" that everyone fetishizes these days, not a single "successful" person I dealt with was not an up and coming sociopath.

I wish you faggots were actual janitors. No, you mop the floor at Wendy's , faggot.

I use bougeous in the cultural sense, not in the owner class sense. Hmm working indoors at a restaurant or outside doing hard labor… I worder who lives a more cushy bougeois lifestyle…

Not to mention lots people here are college graduates, drops outs, and people who are still supported by their parents. They are the epitome of bourgeois in every way BUT controlling capital.

I didn't say being a wage slave was bad. I encouraged people to become a high paying wage slave in the sentance before. Obviously capitalism sucks. But would you rather someone exploit you, and your work , or would you rather become a freelance tradesman and exploit yourself for YOUR OWN GAIN?

I didn't say it WASN'T the fault of capitalism. I'M ENCOURAGING YOU TO DEFY CAPITALISM .

I also didn't say Wendy's workers aren't proles, I said skilled proles are much more important than unskilled proles.


Culturally bourgeois cucks freelance lumberjacks? Holy fuck you're retarded. You obviously have a very elementary understanding of what the "bourgeois class" is. Read some basic fucking Marx.

Are you exploiting your own labour as a freelancer, by getting your own surplus value? Who are you exploiting (other than the third world)? And not all businesses are bourgeois, eg co-ops.

FreeLance lumberjack is a left as fuck profession. But you're too pussy to step outside of a WiFi signal ,so you said that in a sarcastic manner. You can't empower yourself. I feel sorry for you.

To anyone that is reading this. The skilled proletariat will never listen to part time minimum wage college-aged internet activists . When youre ready to stop living in Internet communist fantasy land. Empower yourself, Join a trade, Educate your fellow tradesmen, and then organize.



at least u got ur shitposting flag on now

It's quite depressing when I think about all that dystopian fiction where states are completepy ruled by corporations and police forces are literally emplyed by multinational corporations. I always thought it was silly "haha, the future will never be like this, so pessimistic"…


M8. Are you even thinking about revolutionary strategy or are you happy with being an Intcom?

What exactly do you find wrong about that?

The problem isn't the factory owner, it's the system that allows them to thrive. Even if you are "self-employed" or "freelance" you are still subject to the exploitative system of capitalism, not to mention that there are countless jobs that resist freelance work (freelance burger flipper?) and that even among "freelance" jobs (e.g., graphic design or music production or journalism) you will be competing for shit pay. Who cares how skilled you are at cutting down trees if there will be machines or Mexicans willing to do for next to nothing? You seem to be stuck in the an-cap delusion that capitalism is in any way a meritocracy.


Has anybody here used I'm thinking about starting to freelance as a translator, it pays better than the shit jobs i have to put up with in my hellhole country.

As someone who is multi-skilled, but has been long term unemployed, your posts strike a personal chord with me. I think you lack perspective and understanding of the situation many young people are in.
I have got more than a few issues with your posts, but I will start with the most blatant one: your repackaging of right-Libertarian ideology in a Marxist rhetoric. The latter does not absolve the former.

You are assuming that people can alleviate their financial situation by getting a degree, doing "skilled labor" (you are confusing skilled labour with a vocation). Pulling oneself up by their bootstraps, so to say. The problem with this is that most people are limited by their socio-economic surroundings.
Just from my own position: I can't enroll for a vocation degree, because I am already waist-deep in study debt from my former, university study. Likewise, I can not get a drivers license - let alone a car. The result is that I can't take jobs where I have to drive. These two things alone limit the jobs I can legally perform.
Furthermore, there is such a thing as being 'overqualified'. A university degree will make you less attractive to an employee for several reasons - most pressingly the right to a higher salary. I am not sure how common this is in the U.S., but here it is common for people to get rejected from a vocation due to their academic background. Cleaning (though not custodian), fast-food, delivery, packaging and similar jobs have no qualifications at all, so people who would otherwise be overqualified end up doing these.

So, in spite of my actual skills, the jobs I am legally applicable for are quite limited. Mind that I studied a craft AND education. People who studied philosophy or sociology can't fall back on the praxis of their degree: they are completely helpless to the whims of the market and are burdened with a crushing debt.

The big issue, though, is your fundamental misunderstanding of Marxist thought. It is irrelevant if people on here become self-employed or not (I have been nickeling-and-diming a freelance job for a while (it pays worse than a steady job, by the way)): there will still be an entire strata of unemployed, it will be just as difficult to land a job, social mobility will remain limited and the rich will get richer while the poor get poorer.
Your evangelisation of skilled labour neglects to mention that, at least where I live, most fields are enduing massive, field-specific unemployment. The one exception I can think of is computer science - and guess what, exactly because that market has more job opportunity it is being flooded with applications. The same happened to Law a few years ago: the market became saturated and Law students make up a notable chunk of the currently unemployed. Ergo, regardless of people getting a degree in a specific field, unemployment remains steadfast.
This results in a lot of people being unemployed and clamoring for a job. As there are a lot of people looking out for a job, positions get filled very, very quickly. (In my experience it is not uncommon to see a position be retracted within hours after being opened due to a flood of applications.) This is especially difficult if you are an alien, or part of a stigmatized minority, as you can not fall back on social networks (working for a friends uncle, etc.). Just because people are hiring, doesn't mean there isn't a considerable unemployment issue.
Which in turn keeps social mobility down: people who aren't working are not moving up the social ladder (and are likely being pushed down instead). However, people who are working are forced to take the scraps that are thrown at them - you don't want to become unemployed again, do you? So people work horrendous amount of overtime (40 hour week? Every young person I know works 60 hours a week, including on Saturday! ( Despite laws prohibiting this! )), take less loan (did I mention this is unpaid overtime?) and have less time to do anything but work (I rarely see some of my friends because they are being worked to death). These people aren't moving up the social ladder either (marginally at best) - and self-employment is the furthest thing from their mind. They are more occupied with surviving instead. (Keep in mind that almost all these people are white, former middle class people with a university degree or equivalent: they've lost all wealth the former two generations managed to accrue.)
All of this inevitably, leads to the "working" class getting increasingly poorer, while the managers get increasingly richer. The proletariat have to make due with less money, more debt and less social security, while the rich can continue to grow richer from the work others perform.

Now this is a reductionist, revisionist and simplistic approach to Marxist thought, so I will encourage others with a better and more thorough understanding to amend what I've written. Nonetheless, I think my point is apt: it is irrelevant what position you work at; if you have a vocation degree or none at all, if you are self-employed or not; you are being exploited and survival isn't guaranteed.

There are a couple, more nuanced issues I have with your post… Notably your inflation of the share vocation jobs have of the entire labour market (it's very small - that's why these positions are almost constantly filled), or your over-reliance on jobs to determine someones worth (just looking at highschool education: most teachers are either woefully unqualified, usually students who were hired so the regional manager can push their pay down by promising them a position once they graduate; or gruesomely overqualified, former field-experts who grew tired or too old for their job and settled on education instead)… but I don't think these are worth discussing at length right now.

Oh and, P.S.: the reason why aliens/immigrants tend to do low end jobs is because the majority of the former lower class has moved "up" (see above, they haven't really gone anywhere) the social ladder, unwilling to do vocation jobs and leaving those spots vacant. Stigmatized minorities then fill those positions (there is little else they will be accepted for), resulting in the 'middle class' becoming further disconnected with the 'lower class' jobs. ("I am not going to pack boxes: I'm not a slave!" - sentiment expressed by a highschooler a few years back.)


Yeah, I feared so.

I'm a somewhat accomplished programmer, and I always had the idea that I would gain some experience and fly on my own later. I could put forward projects on my own and coordinate a team, so why not? After all I made most design decisions anyways
But I bitterly realised that all my mediocre bosses, idiot PR and HR people and other simple-minded individuals that seemed to contribute literally nothing to the projects, had something I have no idea how to get:
Marketing experience, business experience, "professional" attitudes, contacts, managerial skills, etc

These are the new means of production:
The corporative know-how

I could have produced better quality on my own, but these guy's insistence in making shitty work and hire mere codemonkeys I had to deal with and correct all the time, that's what drove the costs down. My enterprise wouldn't have been optimized enough to be fit for the market
And to produce actual high quality stuff and be profitable, I needed to be a large player like Google, and know even MORE business stuff, go to social events galore, shake hands with thousands of people.

Shoe making is advertising shoes
Politics is getting votes
Game developing is paying for thousands of adds for your shitty game

So go ahead, seize the factories, and you'll go bankrupt in a month for not knowing how to make a business strategy

Please do find the DARPA reports

Thanks, that was interesnting

Reminds me of this thread:
The guy claimed to have been an important factor in the social engineering of Brazil's cosmetic surgery boom ("beauty commodification as an equalizer"), and presented his and his peer's view of where the world is heading:
All is marketing. It ties in with the first part of this post.

Quoting the thread:

He puts forth a very good case, his worldview looks very realistic/informed, and this shit is obviously going on anyways
Just read the thread

oh nvm, I saw the reports now

For a good example, just look to entertainment/vidya
They expend massive portions of their budget not on making a quality product, but rather the marketing aspect

STEM is a meme
Sure it's better than other degrees for employment, but not by much. only about half of graduating students in STEM will find a job

Just seize some marketeers, have them eventually reprogram the population. Or develop an AI to do it for us. If you have an armed party to enforce it, you can seize specialists as easily as you would a machine.


Of course I thought of that.

I was thinking if there aren't any services that would basically "run your business" out there.
As in, a colllective or workers buy/get a factory, and they call in marketing people or something like that, who get wages (unless they want to join the collective, of course)

But there's still the problem of getting the "corporative know-how":
Everybody who runs a successful enterprise is already doing it, and they are not gonna tell you how to become a competitor.
It's easier to seize a factory than "incepting" some porky into being the suit behind the business

Have them joining the collective, why not? Until then, pay them the going wages. Unfortunately, he'll make more than anyone in the collective…

That's the problem with collectives of course, they have to compete in the market and are subject to forces of scale. The problem of the market as such is that it has been monopolized by capitalist enterprises, so competition is a hopeless endeavor.

Don't get a job. There's a very high chance you'll stop being a revolutionary.


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Exactly why I'm doing engineering physics as a graduate program, while working part time as a software developer. I would be much more interested in academia if it weren't a fucking nightmare right now.


Go volunteer.

There's an article about how millennials like conservatism until they get a job. Which theory is correct?

stop yelling at the interviewer and calling him a meager tool of the bougeriousie over the means of production

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