Reddit tells me this place is for "race realist" and anti-feminist leftists? That true? Is my black ass not welcome?

Reddit tells me this place is for "race realist" and anti-feminist leftists? That true? Is my black ass not welcome?

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You mean you're a racist and anti-feminist? If not, you're welcome.

I don't think so

As far as """race realism""" that's pretty much only made fun of, and there are some gamer gate-era retards about feminism but mostly it seems either accepted or at the very least ignored

Don't say race realism, say racialism.

literally what

Don't say racialism, say racism.

You're thinking of >>>Holla Forums

Because reddit can't be bothered to look at an imageboard page for even a tick, they are also unable to figure out that every board has its own culture. You are more than welcome here - shit, we even have a few diehard pan-african posters.

Reddit thinks racism, sexism etc are issues of intolerance separated from class and thus thinks these things can be fixed by policing language. Here we realize that only by creating a classless society can these issues be handled.

There's nothing wrong with either of these things.

Here's the correct version of your picture.

Lurk before you post please

No. It's for leftists who believe these issues to be subordinate in importance to the class struggle, which encompasses workers of all races and genders and unites them in the struggle against the oppression of all, rather than dividing them by having each focus on their own particular issues.

The anti-feminist stuff has some truth to it, although with the caveat that anti-feminists here are only that way because feminism has a history of not actually supporting equality, especially recently. Nobody here is a racist except Holla Forums trolls though.

Are you a real Islamic socialist? I've never met one. Tell me about your ideology please. I was raised in a sunni family but I've given it up

It's a new fancy term for "scientific" racism

I see a lot of replies and other threads that could indicate so I thought I'd clarify

You can identify shitposters by that flag

Racialism means believing race exists. You can be a non-racist racialist.

However, being a racialist will get you made fun of here.

No, its not true. But unfortunately we can't accept anymore reddifugees at this time.

You are a proletariat first and a black second, so dont idpol us

Science is undialetical

Reddit are such lying scumbags.

Even from hearing the voice of that arrogant r/socialism mod I knew they were a bunch of prissy idpol faggots.

got any proof that race doesn't exist? sounds dumb as hell to me

Holla Forums are race realists, which is the 'politically correct' way of saying racist these days. This vague of narrative of 'well I dont WANNA be racist but just look at all these facts!!!' when they are specifically going out of their way to cherry pick facts to align with their pre-determined rhetoric.

We are anti-feminist in that we oppose liberal feminism. We are all for the emancipation of the female gender, but we believe this can only truly happen with the emancipation of the entire working class at once, rather than individually on it's own under Capitalism.

Reddit doesn't understand why liberal idpol is bad. We're not anti-feminist for the most part we just don't go in for the liberal class-blind interpretation that they do.

Also they're a bunch of thin-skinned pussies who can't handle mean words so they don't come here to find out how they're wrong.

That depends on how you define race, and how you think it matters.

to be honest I'm open to being red-pilled on the issue and don't have actual data to back it up, but feel that it's better to say race doesn't matter than it doesn't exist at all

If anyone has any good data to support that race does/doesn't exist that would be great

You are one click away form the neonazi hive that is Holla Forums and they have three time our numbers and we're one an anonymous imageboard. It's pretty easy for the racists to post here

Mostly affair of semantics but here is material about antirace stance:

Roberts, Dorothy (2011). Fatal Invention. London, New York: The New Press.

Lee et al. 2008:

Harrison, Guy (2010). Race and Reality. Amherst: Prometheus Books. "Race is a poor empirical description of the patterns of difference that we encounter within our species. The billions of humans alive today simply do not fit into neat and tidy biological boxes called races. Science has proven this conclusively. The concept of race (…) is not scientific and goes against what is known about our ever-changing and complex biological diversity."

Race realism gets banned on sight.

Generally, we're feminists, but there's a general understanding that the class struggle comes
first and the one common enemy that all of the oppressed have in common is the bourgeoisie.

Be aware of the existence of wordfilters for they are useful to trigger meme spourters but can make some conversation hard to follow if you don't know them.

Rather, race only exists in the human mind. Unfortunately that's enough for it to have very real effects on the world but important to keep in mind all the same.

More like: that feminism only has any kind of meaning inside the class struggle.


idpol get out

Yeah this is my understanding, liberal feminism is doomed to failure from the start. Bourgeois women won't side with proletariat women when push comes to shove.

Quality post, thank you.


yes, thank you for correcting me. The only feminism is socialist feminism.
bourgeois feminism get out

Your statement is anti-scientific.

No. Holla Forums will come here to shitpost with race realist threads sometimes though. Mods leave it up because we're fully capable of destroying the race realist arguments, and it's better to have that happen than just delete the thread and look like we have no answer to the bullshit.

I'm pretty sure most people here consider themselves feminists, but many don't. Very few people are bourgeois feminists though.


No thing exists fam. All things are imagined. The material world is a singular whole. There are no discrete parts, i.e. "things". Differentiating parts or things only happens in the mind.

Your black ass isn't welcome, but your big black cock is. 🍤

YOUR statement is anti-scientific.

>Mods leave it up because we're fully capable of destroying the race realist arguments

No. People get shadowbanned.
I have been engaged in countless discussions only to have the other guy and his posts suddenly disappear.

It's quite comical.

Were you here when it was left up? Every hour was autismo hour.

Uh, ok then. It wasn't that long ago that I directly asked in the moderation thread why race realist threads were left up and they basically gave me that answer.

Imageboards, or at least 8ch, doesn't have shadowbans.

Must be a recent change to board policy.I don't believe that people who are attempting to argue a point would suddenly delete all their posts.


Maybe that wasn't the correct terminology.How would you describe it then?

Race realism is pseudo-science and gender equality is a perfectly fine goal as long as you realize economic concerns need to come first.

Re: posts suddenly getting deleted, I've seen that multiple times. It's happened to me and I've seen it in other threads where half a conversation is gone.

Historically we have had bans and public bans. The latter has red text underneath.

(User was banned for this post.)

Race realism is not science. It is just acceptance of fact/"fact" that different races exist.

I'm talking about entire conversations suddenly disappearing.Followed by the other person just going dark.
This has happened to me 3 times in the last 2 months.
Personally, I think we may have a rogue janitor.

Board volunteers have been instructed to remove flagrant racism. Refer to:

If it's anything like the threads I have seen, it as completely warranted and I am happy volunteers applied the one, public rule.

8ch doesn't have janitors.

It's not recent, but it was never made official policy. It crept in because one autist was literally here every waking moment of his life making the same argument and posting the same images for around two weeks until mods just started to delete it on sight.

These sort of bans were called shadowbans before reddit was around, it just dropped off the lexicon because as all the smaller chans died red texting became the status quo again. At least that's what we called them on the small ass chan I was moderating in 2008.

Yeah at least one of our janitors is a shitter.


I'm a race and gender egalitarian. I think people should be judged as individuals.

If that is all it entailed we would call it biology. Race realism is an ideology that pure races exist and that they exude certain cultural and aptitude based qualities. Free from broader historical circumstance and current socioeconomic circumstances.

Cogito ergo spook.

Get a load of this fag

You ain't fooling me, porky.


wew lad…

We aren't race realist, but a fair amount of us are anti-feminists.

I'm not a feminist but I'm pretty sure most people here consider themselves marxist feminists.

Many of us including myself consider race to be a spook but you're more likely to find a racist leftist(excluding deeply triggering and problematic racism) here than on most other leftist boards, however you're also more likely to find a person with "anti racist" views on here than on most boards on Holla Forums so it goes both ways. As for feminism it varies quite a bit, most of us support gender equality though.

I think most people here just want to put the term into the trash at this point.

A person can be judged as an individual while still displaying characteristics of a larger group.

Best post. Nothing is as important as the class struggle. Fixing the class struggle should be step one.

You mean the white males at r/socialism/ that ban women and minorities for using wrongspeak and drawing catgirls?

I assume the admin is using the definition of feminism here, and not referencing the neo feminism movement.

I've seen plenty of "race realist" topics here that weren't purged outright.

We're generally anti-idpol, which is also anti racist by default, as that is a form of idpol.

Now in my late 20s i realized that identity politics are a the reason why politics suck so much today. And i am talking about for both left and right identity shit. Muh blacks lives matter muh anuddah shoah muh gender power.

I hate feminism and black/white nationalism i don't fucking care about your gender or race i only want people to stop being such dicks.

End the class struggle, and most of that other shit is resolved as a side effect.

Besides Nation of Islam and it's splinters there aren't really any black nationalists. If you're talking about BLM most are harmless libs.

not going to happen

see my second post ITT
also, I speak for myself and not the BO

Your first source has it's own definition of race defined as a subspecies, it's impossible to make arguments when you just make up your own definitions.

Yet another thread devolves into race autism. For those who claim to not be racist you sure are obsessed with it

It's Holla Forums you idiot.

Yeah, like i said, it's a matter of semantics.

And the history of philosopy and science in general is filled with people making up and refining definitions to express their thoughts. That's how knowledge evolve.
What matters is people talking about the same thing when confronting their ideas.


Stop deleting non-shitpost threads.

Quit posting in every thread that you're butthurt the pedobait thread got deleted. We have age of consent threads all the time and it never does anything but draw posters away from the rest of the board.

don't say colored people, say people of color

No wonder no one take this board seriously.

Who, me? :^)

No I spend a good chunk of my own free time debunking race realism so I really resent that. I'm also on board with most of feminism, just not the 'rape cases shouldn't have juries and the woman should just be believed' kind

no, just class-focused leftists.

No there are many groups across the US

And they're mostly nation of Islam and it's splinter groups as well as the stupid black israelites.

Not all are associated with groups like that though.

Also haha I just realized they added "alternative right"to the list anticipating groups to be formed in the future.

Those are just regular imageboard bans. Public bans are actually much less common everywhere.

This is absolute cancer, red text would actually stop people from shitting all over the place and silent bans are fucking retarded and make a mess of the place.

Actually, they keep the "GAS THE NIGGERS" to a fun and cheeky level around here. We'd probably like to have you.

The anti-feminism that's on the board isn't usually in the "I fucking hate women" sense like Holla Forums. There is a little bit of that hanging around and it's annoying, but it's not really "endorsed".

It's a neato board overall. I never really went on r/socalism so I can't compare, but then again politics on leddit is pretty shit overall so I never searched.

The feminism we would support is Marxist feminism, which focuses on the way economic systems structure gender subordination. The struggle for female equality should be intimately connected with abolishing private property, and we would refute non-materialist feminism that accepts gender roles as unrelated to historically developed socio-economic systems, as bourgeois obscurantism and dividing of the proletariat.

The Reddit attempt to paint us as a bunch of sexists and racists is ridiculous and ironic considering the mod behavior of their socialist boards.

I could understand how it would influence racism but i dont get how it influences gender stuff. Not saying it's right or wrong, I just dont get what the theory is.

your black ass is welcome so long as you arent one of those infiltrated NBPP tards


Then how about you read the link I conveniently provided and follow the sources cited, such as Engels' Origin of the Family etc. ?
You actually need to read a book for proper social analysis, we're not gonna spoonfeed you all the time.

Slightly intoxicated atm. Will read later.

Anyone is welcome. We've managed to pick up all kinds of normalfag scum from reddit, so one more isn't going to do any harm.

Personally I think "race realists" are fucking retards and the overwhelming majority of active western feminists are bigots who are hurting the leftist cause by associating it with stupid shit like "mansplaining" and assaulting mens rights activists.