That feel when joined a newly-formed socialist party in Poland

That feel when joined a newly-formed socialist party in Poland.

feels useful man

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You know pretty damn well you guys are never going to win anything, right?

At least we can make conservatives and neofascists on the rise bugurt.

Do you go to free parties or teknivals?

You have some balls, comrade, how come they didn't lynched you yet?

They don't know about us yet. Also we're not afraid, nazi classcucks are strong in mouths only.


link to party?


I thought Poland was just full of nazis these days thoughści-500895423404090/?_rdr

This is true: catholic reactionaries, neo-fascists and liberturds. But the maisntream opposition isn't better, bunch of neoliberals led by an alimony dodger.



Poland stood at the edge of civilization. Double-digit, chronic unemployment, low wages dramatically below the real cost of living and lack of prospects wygoniły the country millions of people, including many young and well educated. "Green Island" was as real as holiday under the palm trees for retirees attracted to the tool robbery pension funds. The capitalist paradise turned out to share the muh privileged few, and hell for the rest of society. Neither governments successive capitalist parties, nor the European Union have given ordinary people the elementary stability and security. If the Polish society, workers, pensioners, students can not maw about their rights, nobody will do it for them, and certainly not parasitic on it and now the ruling bourgeoisie.

We Socialists, loyal to the socialist idea of ​​social justice, we strongly oppose the governments of the capitalist dictatorship. Regardless of who wins the elections it continues the sale of common property debris generated by whole generations. Distressed real sell-off is not even the forests and lakes, and the richest tax cuts and raising the indigent is a fundamental objective of the government. Putting the interests of businesses, while reducing further the social rights of employees, which are nothing more than human rights, it is presented as the only possible model of social telling that the interests of the capitalist is the interest of all. But the theory of "trickle wealth" from the top of the rich to the poor completely failed to show that the opposite is true! There is therefore no difference who today governs the neo-liberal Civic Platform, right-wing and equally neoliberal economic Law and Justice, an ardent supporter of zones of special exploitation called for smoke Special Economic Zones - Democratic Left Alliance and being open lobbyist financial corporations Modern Ryszard Petru - the effect is as tragic for the majority of the population.

Place true left is not between supporters of neoliberalism, capitalism, repair and service of entrepreneurs, nor among the supporters of the war in Iraq, the CIA prisons and imperialism, nor between the People of the Year Business Centre Club. Place true left is at the side of ordinary citizens, which constitute the vast majority, in the struggle for their rights.

Nobody wants to take responsibility for the capitalist crisis, which everyone today deny. But it is antisocial, antypracownicze and economically liberal governments SLD, PiS, PO and PSL led his country to the brink of the abyss. For 26 years, "change" Poland has been reduced to the role of the protectorate of Western capital, deprived of their own industry and economic sovereignty in the field of unprecedented since the partitions. As a result, the operating experience are required current bad loans. As citizens we have been deprived of elementary dignity and homeland. We have been deprived of hope.

Paradoxically, we do not feel in Poland today the crisis, because the crisis has been with us forever. The crisis is a child of predatory political transformation, catastrophic for the Polish and the vast majority of its inhabitants. As socialists, we know that the only way out of the crisis is a radical change in social and economic policy of the state. Conversion policy of keeping army of the unemployed and produce cheaper, suffering the misery of labor policy of equality. Poland may be a country of true social justice and civic mutual concern, but it is essential our own initiative.

That's why we refer to the life of the Party of Socialists, in which the principles of equality and partnership will work to rescue our country based on the principles of social justice. Times of crisis are times that require unity and cooperation in order to break the dominance of false leftist groups for 26 years cheating society. It is also time to abandon disputes between socialist-oriented organizations to focus on a common fight against the real enemy, which is capitalism!

We invite you to cooperate with all non-governmental organizations and ordinary people left - socialist left, fights for the interests of the majority - of the interests of workers. Only a true congress of the Left and the socialist program will turn Poland from the edge of the precipice and point towards a better future.

United against right-wing economic liberals, against the interests of equity, a fair, a socialist country!

top kek


Socialist Party represents the interests of employees, self-employed, cooperative, farmers, the unemployed, pensioners, young people learning, and thus the absolute majority of Polish citizens who wish to live in peace, stability and justice accessible to all. These are our main policy objectives.

Party of Socialists is a democratic movement, as tends to liberation and empowerment of society through self-organization of citizens and the participation of representatives of the working people in all decision-making processes - at the state level, the local community and the workplace. We reject the false ideal of capitalist democracy in which the eternally ruling winners are representatives of only the richest and most influential.

Party of Socialists to power of the anti-capitalist, because capitalism is a system of total injustice to the majority of society involving the exploitation of working people hired in the interests of a small group of the richest.

Party of Socialists to power internationalist and anti-imperialist, because only by the common struggle of people of different nationalities, it is possible to overcome enslaving humanity of global capitalism and the creation of an economic system that divides fairly good, which are the product of working people, not the owners of capital.

Party of Socialists is also a patriotic force, because only the recovery of sovereignty by Poland and its liberation from the domination of big capital structures of the imperialist powers make possible improvements being wide circles of Polish society.

Party of Socialists is on the side of peace, because only in terms of cooperation and friendly relations with its neighbors and all the peoples of Europe from the Atlantic to Vladivostok can build a secure future for our country. Eliminate capitalism that is to liquidate the war on the basis of a global system of security and mutual assistance.

Party of Socialists to power progressive, because they work for the elimination of classes and social exploitation, to promote the emancipation and comprehensive development of individuals within the framework of a modern, secular society. It works for the material needs and cognitive development of people through science, technology, culture and art are not subordinated to the principle of individual profit.

Party of Socialists is committed to implementing the constitutional principle of social justice and to secure a stable, dignified and peaceful existence of material of all Polish citizens - by the construction of the socialist state, assuming the priority of collective forms of ownership of the means of production - state, cooperative and municipal.

Party of Socialists considers the priority of human rights, including the right to work, decent wages, housing, free health care, access to culture and education, decent security in old age, procreation, healthy environment, and access to healthy food. As socialists oppose a capitalist destruction of the environment and will actively contribute to its welfare, which is also subject to human welfare.

Party of Socialists is a movement for a better future, but referring to with respect to the achievements of generations of our parents and grandparents, who are in difficult post-war reconstruction and development of the country, transforming the People's Poland in the modern industrial state. Own state industry is the basis of social welfare, which is why the Party of Socialists opposed the policy of liquidation of the Polish manufacturing and the privatization and re-privatization of social assets.

We strongly oppose a nationalist and conservative politics historical awakening the demons of xenophobia, racism and fascism in right-wing propaganda.

Party of Socialists is for the development of international economic cooperation and economic integration within the European Union, but it has to be a Union of mutual assistance and aligning the levels of life, not the capitalist mechanism of formation of the rich countries' handheld colony "and sources of cheap labor. The European Union on which we depend and for which we fight is a union of a socialist.

Party of Socialists is the international system of security and defense, but against zamienianiu military cooperation aggressive military blocs, which force breach of international law, they become tools of the imperialist policies of conquest and destruction of entire countries. We object to a professional army, which under capitalism serves as a colonial expeditionary force. Internationalism, cooperation, assistance, peace - these are our core values ​​in international relations.

Party of Socialists

May 1, 2016 r.


Oh, google translate

poland did nothing wrong


I fail to see problem with that.


Jobs - good and guaranteed to all

Family - safe motherhood and tacierzyństwo

Apartment - The housing economy in state hands

Health - effective and truly public health

The economy - the state as an active trader

Communication - Free public transport, cheap trains

Affairs - solidarity rebuild the rule of law

Foreign Policy - a socialist Europe, against imperialism

Equality, secularism, progress - secular and modern state

Ecology - nature as a good future

Culture - widely available

Education - school learning community

Science - we create a modern knowledge society

Visegrad group is a fucking joke, everyone there, except from Poland is pro-russian. And even this doesn't stop our ruling protofascist catholic party looking forward to Trump's presidency. Retards.

Regardless of the current ideologies of the ruling parties, the visegrad group (or any post-EU grouping of the periphery) could be a sweet alter-economic unit, tho.

In case you're wondering why therese people weren't hung immediately by the conservative mainstream, the sole reason is because it was a reconstruction (done by leftists, but still a reconstruction) made for the anniversary of the Lodz 1905 revolution. Still 10/10 also impressive.

Under socialism, sure - why not :3

We are the cutest :3

Be careful the rightists in Poland are freaking insane. I've had friends beaten and intimidated for simply stating that they supported socialism in public.

The rise of racism towards anyone with a darker skin tone is a major issue too. That feel when your native polish friend might be beaten up just because he's swarthy. Fucking insane. And the government either justifies such acts or says they didn't happen. A fucking portguese guy got beaten up, and then a POLISH professor speaking german to his german colleague in a tram.

I don't think that socialist should be afraid of a little beating.

Poland? A contender for the most reactionary nation in Europe. What do you hope to accomplish?

Yeah, in the confused minds of post-soviet bloc righttards, communism = neoliberalism = jews = EU = atheists = etc.

lol, harden up cunts

Warszawianka is a great song

What's the left in Poland like?


The funny thing is, this 20-something kid was working in a literal cancer factory, creating car tires in totally unsafe environment, where average worker works there for 5 years before getting totally degraded health-wise, inhaling molten rubber steam and shit.

got bress the germanes :DDD

my sides

Small. Anarchists are organized around Federacja Anarchistyczna and are bretty active in terrain. There's the Razem party, active (and adorably naive) socdems who are also doing a good job (but got only like 2-5% in polls) working with unions, but are a little bit to petit-bourg and hipster. Several trotskyist organisations, dogmatic and sectarian, and the Sociallist party, I hope they won't end up on one couch ('a couch party' is a polish term for a party so small it can be seated on one couch). Oh, forgot about the post-commies from SLD. They're a dying party, thank god. They drove Poland into a neoliberal hell.

Ok comrades, I'll be going to sleep nao to gain some revolutionary power. Goodnight.

sweet dreams, towarzysz

Didn't know that there were other people on leftypol from this hellhole in mid-europe. Chan culture is pretty unknown here.

Poland seems to be a very reactionary place, sadly.

I wish the best for you and for our socialist bros in your country.


Recently read that the polish anarcho-syndicalists are sectarian af against the german FAU, which is pretty sad

So then why are they in the EU

there are like 3-6 Hungry anons here