Uncut ideology

ITT: We post the pure ideology

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If you want to see uncut ideology look no further than socdem posters

OP I have no idea what this is saying


I remember a post on Holla Forums that was almost like that, but with punk
Should have capped it.

I want to see that

for a minute I thought this was about circumcision

Delete your post before the MRAs arrive.

Warning: risk of overdose.

Not wanting children to be mutilated for the sake of antiquated desert traditions hardly makes one an MRA.

You know when rightists pull the "inequality is a natural state of affairs" dog shit even if we take that to it's logical conclusion shouldn't welfare liberalism be the conclusion since greater steps will need to be taken to work over "natural" inequalities amongst differing groups. Our current western societies assume their precept and have basically tried to account for it a non-violent and non fascist way.

Instead they want "free trade" which will exacerbate "natural" inequality and cause further distress to the whole population.

GUYS Holla Forums BTFO




Babies aren't men you clown.


They support social-Darwinism because they think they're on top of the food chain.

And there not.



Uncut ideology, you say?

uh oh they are here.

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"They" have a point though, comrade. It's a bodily autonomy issue.

Oh no you misunderstood, I do not like cocks (male), but rather am into femdom circucmciaion

More accurately, they think they SHOULD be at the top of the foodchain, but Meanie Egalitarian Leftists are holding them down.
It's just like when they cry "muh Might Makes Right," and insist that they would totally take everything over if everyone weren't cheating.

Does it really matter though? I can't seem to care. I think the parents should be able to do it.

damn i thought u were a christian zionist they love my ashkenazi cock :(

Why should they?
What if someone wants to cut their child's nose off?

Sorry to disappoint fam

What is the problem with it? It is not a big deal I will circumsize kids if I have any.

And some ooga boog tribe says the same about removing clitorises.

Why is removing any part of a baby a good idea?

Hopefully this will happen to them to remind you what an utter failure of a man you are

Why does it matter? It doesn't have a detremental effect on the child. Why should the government not allow me to practice my religoin and raise my child the way i want to as long i do not cause them harm? Once again that is a false equvilance. Removing the entire clit is not the same as removing the foreskin.

So your only argument is "why not?"
Kek. You have to say why. What makes it different?

Yes it does. You're reducing sensitivity, creating the possibility of the surgical procedure going wrong, denying the child a choice, and being cut usually hurts. That's harm.

I'm not saying the procedures are equivalent. I'm saying the reasoning is.

My main point wasn't reason rather that since their are not scientific studies showing harm to the person because of male circumsion while FGM does I said it is a false equivalance. Babies don't get the choice since they are babies afterall. Their parents should be making the decision for them imo. Just because their is small pain involved in a procedure isn't a reason to ban it. The chance of the surgical procedure going wrong when it is done in a medical setting and all percations taken is miniscule .

I'm pretty sure there are regarding sensitivity, and do you need a study to tell you that having skin cut away hurts? Do you not consider complications harm?

Exactly why you shouldn't cut them apart. If the child decides that his foreskin is superfluous he can have it removed.
Do you think parents should be allowed to decide to FGM their children too?

There's still a chance. Why take it?

Why do you want to circumcise your children?

That's not minuscule.

Kek. Now I know you're taking the piss

The risk isn't that large, but where's the reward? Like, in any cost-benefit analysis, you don't do something unless there's a chance you'll come out ahead, an oppurtunity to gain something from it. You wouldn't buy lottery tickets if there's no prize. "Why not?" cannot justify purposeless, risky action.

Religious reasons. I understand your points regarding the harm. From a secular perspective there is no logical reason to circumsize. I do not try to promote because of the health benefits that some claim for it. I only will do it because it is a convenant between Abraham and God. You can disagree with me and that's fine. :)

Then why did you try to defend it at all?
Do you observe every demand your religion makes?

Everybody knows about Jontron now, but this is pretty much pure ideology

Kek. You got us good, Holla Forums. Fuck if I didn't walk right into that though

Of course to the best of my ability. Why would i believe in it at all if i didn't? I was just saying it is not a big deal. I believe my morals come from God and not man. So my feelings should not come into account.



Fair, if disappointing. Just make sure you're not paying on a debt that's already been fulfilled. If you're in the USA, Paul's epistle to the Romans is not merely cc'ed to you.

What about the adult that child grows into? We all have to suffer the psychopaths y'all create with your strange traumagenetic not-even-rituals.

Dear god, make it stop!

That's how you turn them atheist, my dude.

Not really true tbh most people aren't atheists.

How will they become pyschopaths? God commands us to have conceren for human beings. Why would I be a leftist if i didn't have concern for my fellow man?

Just to play devil's advocate, why should the strong links of society be cut down to prop up the weak links? How does that benefit a society? Because it "feels good"? Because it's the "nice thing to do"? Sounds like all you're doing in your scenario is bringing down the whole of society.

To traumatise your children as to reign them in (not just being stern in general but actively coercing people to participate) is what makes children distrust their parents in the first place, as if you don't really believe in the principles yourself. This goes for all discipline. Peace means nothing to them without freedom.

What do you mean?

I mean that I have a friend who was so upset about his parents cutting his foreskin off that he turned gay tbh.

Almost 50% more likely to develop autism… bug or feature around here? jrs.sagepub.com/content/early/2015/01/07/0141076814565942
I've been on both sides of the fence as a sexually active adult. There is a definite loss of sensation 20 years on.
If your attitudes toward sex are such that sexual sensitivity and pleasure are not valued, well, that's your framework, but own it. I bet it's just as perverse to some of us as hedonism is to some of you.

But wait, there's more! Romans also counsels not to force their Law onto nonbelievers.

Well as my post alluded to if you're someone who believes both that capitalism works and you believe inequality is "natural" meme. I think you have two eventual options you either eradicate the so called natural unequal/expell them from your society or you try to make it function around them through the welfare state. I think most people find one of these options more desirable and while conservatives seem to think there is only one conclusion (the fascist one) I think you can just as easily still believe what they believe and perfectly justify the alternative within the confines of the current system.

I wasn't so much saying this should be done, I don't think capitalism works, but that even given their shitty starting premises we can still justify options they would find undesirable (I'm assuming).

Exactly i don't believe that sexual sensitivity is that important. Even premaritial sex at all is perverse to me let alone everything else. I'm not shy about it .I do own up to it the harms whether they were great or small (which they are small) I would do it regardless. My point is for the government to not be in my business.

Lol I'll watch out then thanks for the warning don't want my kids doing that.

Here's a video that goes into the known effects of the procedure. Learn some shit before you spout off. youtube.com/watch?v=XwZiQyFaAs0

Yeah..Christian parenting may be harder for you this way, but we know there is no easy path to salvation.


Abrahams. They're all the same to me, tbh.

How should I format post in a meme? The thread with the Holla Forumsyp about race gave me some quality material when he tried to talk about economics.

From each the same thing, and to each the same thing. Everyone is equal dude.
- Carl the Marks of the Union of Yuktobanian Republics.

Although a half-baked thought i've had is that it could be a working point for liberalism, especially economic. All members of the genus Homo-Economicus are equal and fungible.

I think this is more about liberals, not communists


I did it anyway.

I did it anyway.

*vomits internally*

are they that retarded ? i've seen many americans think that bourgeoisie meant middle class, idk maybe it's just easy for me because i'm french, but holy fuck dude

The bourgeoisie were the middle class in feudalism. You had nobility, merchants (booj), and serfs. That and the tendency to have "small business" are how "bourgeois" got associated with the "middle class". If you casually used the word "bourgeois" around an American they would think of your upper-middle-class hipster drinking Starbucks.

Favorite part is
God they're dense

I read a book by an American conservative where he claims that Marxism is a secret ruling class ideology, and he bases this whole claim on the misunderstanding that bourgeoisie = middle class.

National Agrarianism is only ideology people really need

Burn the cities ,deurbanization now


That's sounds very familiar.