Hello leftos…

Hello leftos…

I shared this political compass BS in an general Arab community and almost everyone is a lefty/libertarian… even that we answered the "religion" questions and the homo stuff with right wing answers…

Is it normal to have like 95% of the population lefties?

Are most people in your country "economically lefties"?

Also, should I be worried that this guy is building a gulag in Saudi Arabia or something or it's fine?

There is no such thing as a actually reactionary leftist because leftist realize that social norms come out of economic orders.

Political charts are bullshit too.

Agree political charts are BS. But surely they aren't total BS.

Nah, you're fine.

t. red sector

True, make sense. I'm a NEET and don't even afford having internet so I'm stealing WIFI from neighbor. There's no way I go to gulag…


I don't want to dox myself…

That's because internet arabs that frequent English boards are largely secular. They are not representatives of the population.

t. leninist arab

It's an Arab board, that allow people to speak only Arabic, that is general… and only a few are strongly secular.

I myself religious and answered the religious stuff with basic "what Islam told me to think", and I'm still half full-lefty.

I think the left/right thing here count only economics… religious stuff sometimes can be libertarian other times authoritarian.

I think generally a large portion of the population is indeed far more left wing than you would expect.

Tbh almost all regular people in my country never oppose anything social democratic. They even typically propose stuff like that in discussions.

I would say it's the more "educated" people are the more likely to be right wing. Maybe it's why socialism was way popular the last century and specially between workers and farmers…

It might be because they aren't really aware that they are the ones paying taxes, but they don't care even after I explain that to them…

They normally go like: anyway the gov is corrupted and stealing our taxes anything we get back is fine…


These charts are super bullshit and incredibly America-centric. Don't look too much into it.

can i just say it's great that we have Arab comrades on here

How the hell do you even get to the upper left? All the authoritarian questions seem to involve being a social conservative religious nut.

I was one for a little bit.

Fuck, looks like you're on a direct trajectory for gula- er, green sector!

Thanks comrade. If we ever made it. We will build gulags in Sahara. It will be so greaaaat.

I'm somewhat like you… was right winger. But never authoritarian.

what does "left" and "right" mean on this chart? Purely in economic sense?

yes. you have to be hardcore retarded to not end up in the left-lib square. I mean I've seen people who support North Korea as "actually existing socialism" and think homosexuality is a bourgeois myth get left-lib. What's amazing is that I've noticed Holla Forumsacks still manage to end up pretty far outside of the lower left. I mean there are some questions on those tests where it makes sense, but with like 60% of the questions I'd say, you'd probably have to knowingly pick the shittiest possible answer for the sake of the edge to end up outside of the lower left.

let me elaborate, does "left" mean "collective ownership/less private property etc" and "right" means "more private property/less public property"?

polite sage

it's kind of a mixture. like there are some questions where it's ambiguous enough to where you could either support a liberal welfare state or a socialist society and give the same answer. I don't think it differentiates much between leftist and lib. So you can still be like pro-mixed economy and end up left

comrade what do you think of pan Arabism and Nasser? It seems like after that failed the pendulum in the Middle East swung to Islamism

The left/right is purely economic. The left simply means would you "control" the market somehow to make sure everyone is living an okay life. Then more left to would you support paying people according to their needs.

I really don't know… from replies on that thread I notice people are actual lefty for the sack of "whatever it need so we can all live alright".

Actually it never was something. Not was moved by it, it's somehow famous on the West…

The swing in Islamism is purely because Islamists are banned from engaging in democracy, so they still have credibility. And granted they still have some integrity since they didn't engaged much in politics.

I noticed in my country Morocco, Islamists were somewhat sacred, now that they got allowed to engage in politics people are like "ohh Islamists only fool us with Islam for status"…

Communism/socialism was bigger of a something in the Arab world outside Gulf IMO.

For an Islamic unity between country most of the Islamic world's public opinion support it. Mainly that we are done with America's shenanigans in MENA… people actually look to South America as an example to look up to (free from America's intervention finally).

This test is designed to place the vast majority of people around that point, just in how the questions are phrased.
Kind of like how the quiz the libertarians used for a while would place you as "libertarian" unless you straight up say the government should break into homes to give women forced abortions or something.
Political spectra are generally useless and misleading

i like where that projected trajectory is going