Why aren't you organizing?

Why aren't you organizing?

An isolated socialist is useless

Too pretentious.

This image has me lost. Also, I want to get my friends to socialize since they are left leaning but some still hang onto liberal values. I still have to get some of them reading a bit more.

I don't know how

all organisations are shit

You make like minded friends, you all read, you all discuss, you all take action to undermine capitalism and help those that suffer under it.

A socialist has to organize himself first


I'd have to leave my armchair.

You have to break that mold if you want to change things. I know it's hard but you have to try, user.

I have tried and so far failed miserably

I-I-I'll be your friend c-comrade

Thanks user

Too scared to talk to people.

I've made some friends online and found some in my city. You'll find someone.

Perhaps we should form a Revolutionary Alliance of People With Terrible Anxiety

Anxious people of the world unite!

(one day)

I have one online friend, but that doesn't do much in the way of organizing

I've decided to try to put up flyers, perhaps attributed to some made-up organization to spread consciousness

Anxious people of the world unite!
(separately in the comfort of your own homes)

And the system continues on because a small group of people is literally of zero relevance to global capitalism as long as society is still functioning on a basic level.

The next step is for small groups to find each other. Making larger groups as time goes on, all doing what they can to spread class consciousness.


Would you like to organise? I would like to organise

Trying to, but I live the bible belt.

organise online

There's got to be some southern reds out there.

I know a couple, but most of my friends are at most 'progressive' liberals.

My group of friend contains 3 Cuban immigrants and one conservative. I mention communism once and all of them started ranting about how it was just slavery and then the Cubans started talking about Russian hacking .

I have the same issue and thankfully enough some can come through to understanding the faults in progressives. Contact those reds and have conversations with them, hang out.

You can only sometimes convert liberals. Just show them some Richard Wolfe.

nah man, you're supposed to stay at home and just wait for capitalism to disappear on its own, obviously

Checks out.


Ironically, my lease comes up soon and they're looking for a roommate as of yesterday.

Maryland socialist here.

It's funny because I'm already their 'political guy' but as soon as I start talking about capitalism they just parrot yooman nachur at me.

If you trust them, do it fam.

Thats the least common argument I see in real life. Most common is "But my 99999999 gorrillion!!!"


I'm mulling it over. Ideally, I'd like to get a place of my own, though.

Yeah, and that too. Or "muh venezuela"

I have a ton of Cuban immigrant friends.

Because it's liberal idealism to the core

Tell them their dads were probably slumlords or enforcers.


as soon as you make it up it's just your organization though fam

They would probably just go away If I insulted their family's.

i know that feel fam

i feel like i'm gonna lose it sometimes

How reactionary is it these days?

Surely the blacks there see the problems of capitalism

Its pretty fugging reactionary!

a lot of black people have fallen for the "obama is racist" meme and unironically manage to support trump

depending on how christian they are ofc

Wew. How is Obama Racist?

I was kidding.

Black people are usually very reactionary/religious, they just hate republicans. That said, many of the younger generation see the inherent contradictions.

Hang in there, comrade.

dem rayciss muhslims aint eeeven blayck

they had'ta teech'im how ta be black

they along with other reactionary conservatives here believe the meme that george soros and obama are funding black lives matter to start a Nazi masturbation fantasy


oh hey guys

Socialism is the true beta revolution, solving the "alpha"/"beta" contradiction once and for all.

There are dozens of us!


dozen. just the one.


Any of yall in the north florida/south georgia area?

there's nothing to organise around. no broad class solidarity, no concrete demands to make, no popular theory to provide any and nothing seriously motivating people to write or seek one out.

I could reconnect with old contacts and go do some 'activism' for this or that neatly packaged, off-the-shelf social cause like LGBT shit, or environmental causes or whatever but I did that for years when I was younger. You can only spin your wheels annoying people trying to go about their lives and chasing corporate money for so long before you get bored with the impotence, empty platitudes and meaningless "victories" of getting a response from a company PR rep or getting some signatures on a petition.

been thinking about joining my local ML or trot party for the sake having some tradition and chance to talk politics in person. But socialist orgs are just hobbyist clubs for the most, not serious political organisations.


but not south alabama >:^(

Among my acquaintances, there is exactly one anarchist and one socdem. (out of ~600)
Most of them are conservative, liberal, or nonpolitical. Still don't know which is worse.

There is no leftist organization which is anti-idpol or nonsectarian and anticapitalist. There is the remnant of the previous system, the labour party, which is a joke since they were ridiculously corrupt.

There is no class consciousness here, only nationalism. No solidarity, the "every man for himself" ideology dominates the society. I should also mention the apathy. There were several civil movements but almost none of them achieved anything at all.

I also think that being in the EU means no hope until there is an international movement within (or greater than) the EU.

At least there is DIEM25 which aims to reform the current system of the EU (which I'm not satisfied with of course) but there are almost no supporters of it in Hungary.

I came here to find leftists and exchange some ideas. It was one of my best decisions.

From what I can tell, "organizing" means writing organs.

The last real US ML organization were the old Black Panther Party. All about that community outreach, socialist defense, education, etc.

I hear good things about the socialist rifle association though, but its only several thousand people.