ITT: we make up quotes that Holla Forums will eat up

>"The Jews have infiltrated every aspect of German society, not so much as a conscious effort as it is a natural modus operandi of the parasitic race. Offering the public the lowest of the low of carnal cravings; bread, circus and pornography. The more sophisticated of them, the ones possessing an agenda, occasionally sacrificing their own kin to further the collective goal of hegemony, intruded the academia, dreaming up imaginary disciplines, one such discipline being psychology - pure charlatanry and sleigh-of-tongue. Not even the natural sciences are safe from their sophistry - Jewish Physics redefining reality as being merely 'relative'. Their greatest crime still is the attempted poisoning of the German nation, not unlike their ancestors poisoning the wells not too many centuries ago - Jewish bankers siphoning any money from the purses of the German workers, Jewish industrialists selling spoiled - but cheap - food to these very same penniless Germans, weakening them, essentially turning them into slaves, and lastly, Jewish doctors providing the cure to these illnesses for a hefty price. The life of the German laborer revolves around paying his debt to the banks, re-energizing himself to do it all over again, and when he can no longer work - crawl to the Jewish doctor and spend his meager life savings for a placebo effect. For the German volk to prosper we must do away not only with the decadent culture the Jews have forced upon us, not only with the bankers and academic charlatans, but necessarily with the Jüdische Medizin as well. The medical diseases of the present age, much like the spiritual failings, are a direct result of Jewish meddling, our Aryan ancestors were free of such maladies because they were free of Jews. A man has more chances of surviving the plague by wallowing in dung than take any treatment at all of a Jewish quack."

- A. Hitler, letters from Landsberg prison

>"For a nation to propel spiritually it must assuredly be vital. We must do away with notions of enlightenment such as natural rights; the rights of man are born out of the rights of the nation through a reciprocity; the physical and spiritual strength of individuals, as water drops fusing into a torrent, give vita to the nation which bestows its will through the collective spirit. Such feats can only be achieved through a rite of passage for the youth; a brawl of pure strength, a rite to be part of the nation, a ritual to be gazed upon and absorbed by the onlookers. A synthesis of the catechism of the Greek Spartan with the shows in the coliseums of Rome; it is no longer secluded education, nor is it indulgent entertainment for the masses - it is a show of brute strength to assure the strongest survive and reproduce, and a show of national spirit to infuse the crowd with the consciousness of their nation and its future. It is not merely natural selection, but spiritual selection as well - those using trickery will be lashed and subdued, only honor and might can win the day."

- J. Evola, postmortem collection of manuscripts

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Waste of time

go away

"Muh Dick, Muh Jews, Muh White,Muh Women, Niggers and the French are all degenerate cucks, also have you ever thought about human nature?"

Adolf Hitler, Reichstag speech July 12, 1933

the point is to make it retarded but word out elegantly so they'd buy into it

Niggers tongue my anus.
– Adolf Hitler before committing suicide

Just start taking quotes from the Frankfurt school and pasting them over Evola, Spengler, NSDAP members, etc.

-Adolf Hitler, letters from Landsberg prison

wasn't he against race?

Nice try Holla Forums. We're not falling for your tricks.

-Adolf Hitler, letters from Landsberg prison

why would Holla Forums even want something like this?


-Julius Evola Ride the Tiger

I got one:
"Donald Trump is a Zionist traitor"

Capped. About to make a thread with it to trick those stupid Holla Forumsyps.


Bump. Post caps so I can spread them.

-Adolf Hitler, letters from Landsberg prison

-Adolf Hitler, letters from Landsberg prison


Fuggin' capped. MOAR!

fuck, for a second I thought that pic #1 was Simon Gros.

this is a dirty pleasure of mine


-Julius Evola, postmortem collection of manuscripts

ironic shitposting is still shitposting

except masking Adorno quotes as Evola quotes makes polyps search them and find out that 1) culturar marxism is a conspiracy theory 2) that marxists are cool

-Adolf Hitler Hitler's Table Talk



could be easily mistaken for a postmodern thesis. Either way it sounds like absolute bullshit, good job!

-Julius Evola, Ride the Tiger

XD O I am laffin, going to post these fakes all over Holla Forums.



Dunno to who atribute it

u afraid?
u better be afraid?
u frightened

Nice one comrade!

-Julius Evola, postmortem collection of manuscripts


-Julius Evola, postmortem collection of manuscripts

The Jaws did it – Hitler, every day

The Muzzies will control all the world – Le Pen, every night

The ZOG Occupied Government are doing it – Mussolini, every week

anyone read Adorno? use his quotes dammit

meh. Leave it to the better comrades tbh, you're not particularly funny or innovative.

-I don't know who to attribute this too, but I'm sure you can figure it out


Not particularly effective, somewhat unbelievable, switch it out.

I'm aiming at variance here. So what if some look ugly?

how about some anarchist revolutionary? It's a start for a Holla Forumsyp, to maybe bait him into further reading.

they'll gobble it up, anyway

As i said in another thread, posting them here first diminish efficiency because some Holla Forumsyps are lurking, and i realized that unlike the last time, 4/pol/ is also aware of this place. That being said:

-Julius Evola, revolt against the modern world

"from each according to his ability, to each according to his need."

A real comrade will help his comrades no matter how little he can offer. You belong in gulag.


then they'd be compelled to read Adorno since his quotes fit their narrative

it's a win-win

The look is fine, it's the quote that you included. It won't work tbh.

Sorry comrade, I thought we were helping each other create better forgeries not circlejerk over shitty false quotes. Other comrades have posted great ones so far, I'm just helping you realize that maybe your services would be better suited for shopping the quotes on pics rather than creating/satirizing them.

"Jewish crooks have driven thousands of German businessmen to bankruptcy with the glittering trash in their department store palaces. When someone does get good products more cheaply from the Jews than from Germans, it is only because the united Jewish firms force down prices from the manufacturers, which means reducing workers’ wages. He who has bought good products cheaply from the Jew should never forget that the curse of a German worker and the tears of his hungry children come with them!"

-Julius Evola, Revolt Against the Modern World

PS I took this quote from Herbert Marcuse

Yes Holla Forums, please continue to post threads that strawman Holla Forums's ideology so you can all have your little pseudo-intellectual communist circlejerk and pats on the back to reassure yourselves that solely focusing on class warfare as the chief cause of human conflict throughout history is the educated viewpoint, meanwhile Holla Forums actually makes waves IRL.


Wew lad

m-meme magic mufugga…

Can we please stop this retarded meme that Holla Forums had any effect on convincing the poor that they should vote for the candidate who promised change instead of the one who promised stagnation?


I always thought it would be funnier if you drop the truthbomb. Not to mention that they could be eager to dismiss without even reading if they're warned by other Holla Forumsyps about Holla Forums's subversion. But maybe i'm sperging over nothing. Godspeed comrades!

You haven't been paying attention evidently, or am I mistaken? Is it possible that there is a surge of worldwide communism right now?

spot the liberal

Okay comrade. For the greater good.

Your greatest achievement was your leader getting BTFO by some guy who you insist is a scat and cuckold fetishist

- Speech in Munich Germany, Heinrich Himmler 1939

It is certain that the Jew, if he desired-or if they were driven to it, as the antisemites seem to wish-could now have the ascendancy, nay, literally the supremacy, over Europe; that they are not working or planning for that end is equally sure… The resourcefulness of the modern Jews, both in mind and soul, is extraordinary…
pls come app with a name and put it in pic

Yes, that's what I'm implying. Excellent reading comprehension, comrade.

Not sure what you're referring to.

There isn't.

Sounding familiar?

-Oswald Spengler the Decline of the West

spot the liberal

Holla Forums immediately bans anyone who says that. It is nothing short of incredible how they can condemn historical figures with the weakest of ties to Judeaism while bending over backwards to justify the nakedly obvious relationship between Trump and Israel.

n-now someone tweet it at him with text like "thanks milo" or sg

True I got banned for that.

Really shows how fragile they are when it comes to Trump's stand toward Israel.

I was under the impression you were using the term "Nazi" interchangeably with Nationalist. No, communist, I'm not saying that Hitlerboos are increasing worldwide, I'm saying that national pride is becoming more palatable with each passing day, and it is due in no small part to the effective counter-culture produced by 8pol and their equivalents on different chans.

I come from Holla Forums (among other boards) and you thought that I literally meant the Not Socialist German Workers' Party brand of nationalism, yet you call me a liberal? Are you aware of the meaning of the words you use?

Hey man our board is terrible as it is, don't shit it up anymore than all of our new traffic already has.
I might just start lurking here more than there.

Mods are compromised and are shilling Trump, somewhat similar to what goes on here, except replace Trump with every communist idol you've ever looked up to in your sheltered life. Who knew political shills post in so many different boards?

then let the dialectic continue

This Thread.

8pol has done nothing. 4pol, TRS, TDS are all vastly more important than your board of NEETS.


study, faggot

You said there was a "Nazi" uprising. I said there wasn't. You changed that to saying there was a resurgence in nationalism, and credited 8pol. I said that while that may be true, 8pol is unimportant.

Keep shifting the goal post, I'll keep shifting along.

Oh, you mean I'm a "liberal" because I like it when my countrymen are economically empowered to pursue opportunities independently, rather than being an economic opportunity of a bureaucratic mess of a communist state? Is that what you mean? Don't use the word liberal like that simply because you read your peers here typing it.

No I didn't. I implied there was a worldwide swing towards nationalistic thinking, you are misrepresenting me based on words I did not even use.
I did not just credit 8pol, I credited also their counterparts throughout the various chans, though I did not specify.
8pol's counterculture is undoubtedly more important for nationalism than your juvenile parodies on Holla Forums are for communism.

Never shifted goalposts, you can't read properly.

Here you say >>1295768:

So if that isn't what you meant, why did you say that was exactly what you are implying.

And I'm saying there's no reason to credit 8pol at all.
Yeah, your board of 3000 NEETS is the vanguard of the aryan race faggot.

Thank god.

Yes you are a liberal

This meme is really a quote from a pedophile nazi.

I reiterate my point again, you can't read.

I'm aware.


An internet vanguard is still a vanguard, national pride is always going to be more sociable to bring up in a conversation then going full Bolshevik on your mates.

Cute, still calls me a liberal because I don't want, need or should let the government run everything. Find a different word you morons, liberal is already a buzzword for another ideology. I imagine this is how you gain recruits on Holla Forums, much like on any other left-leaning websites, you use words that can only be properly understood in the context of your economic theory memery, then continually keep repeating these terms until your targets start repeating them back at you. But this is precisely why it hasn't and won't catch on, it is a forced meme.

just listen to the webm, for god's sake, I'm not even the user you are replying to

Stop acting like a liberal

Mate you know nothing about socialism and communism if you think that we want everything done by the government.

Why would "Nazi" mean "nationalist". Why would those two be mutually inclusive? Is Thomas Sankera a Nazi? Is Ocalan? After you clarified that, I said there was no reason to credit 8pol for anything. Then you posted a meme about Jews and started shitposting.

I though you guys were against civic nationalism?


This board needs IDs. I'll watch it in my own time.

Oh yes, I know, it's done by the people, right?

Nazism is commonly used as a synonym for nationalism, that's why. I shitposted because you gave no reason why out of all the myriad counterparts, conveniently enough for you, that 8pol supposedly has contributed nothing to this growing chan culture.

You guys got a surplus of straw here or something? Taking incremental steps to remove foreigners who ultimately cannot integrate and dilute the original folk, weakening social cohesion over time, is much different than a bloodthirsty uprising. If the governments of the world, particularly Western ones, were less beholden to political correctness and outside lobbying by foreign power interests, we could likely remove them just so. But considering that the majority of these governments have turned traitor on us and instead have continued to churn out over the decades subversive cultural marxist doctrines, the seeds of which are even now growing inside all Holla Forums users brains, many right-wing young men are becoming increasingly radicalised towards and disassociated with everyone who is a proponent of these doctrines. We have been turned into a counter-culture in the face of an overwhelmingly leftist establishment.

Most of Holla Forums is also /fit/. However, most of Holla Forums are likely physically weaklings, as you lack a distinct philosophical outlook to improve yourself for the betterment of the individual, which draws in other degenerates and physical/mental retards who treat Holla Forums and leftism like a safety net to protect their lifestyle.


You cannot deny that out of Holla Forums and Holla Forums, idealism and materialism, the former will be the one inclined to physical, mental and spiritual growth.

I don't think ever seen anyone use Nazism and nationalism synonymously, except for infantile liberals.

8pol's not contribution is evidenced by its size in relation to the wider WN community. A fraction of the people who use 4pol, TRS or TDS actively post on 8pol. Why don't you tell me exactly what 8pol has contributed to culture growth? By doxxing TRS?

You have never read any of the Frankfurt school theorist, don't act like you have. Adorno was culturally conservative when it came to art, but you still spread false memes about him.

Anyway, I can really only base my views on 8pols agenda. You repeatedly estrange yourself from softer white nationalist. You are dedicated to ideological purity, and there is nothing about 8pols agenda that has made it into the wider narrative of WN. 4chan yes; but we both know their multicultural.


Nothing super male vitality can't fix.

You're more likely to fantasize under idealism than with materialism. My point still stands.
LARP as /fit/


It is not just liberals, even centrist politics would associate the two because nationalism has a negative connotation to it due to years of propaganda from Hollywood/mass media.
Never did. I can be reasonably aware of what Cultural Marxism entails without reading the entirety of the theory behind it.
Fair enough. But 8pol is subject to outside interference just as much if not more so than any other forum.
This is what 8pol's strength is to the culture, its focus on ideological purity. 8pol is the inner sanctum of 4pol. It creates catchy memes that reinforce this uncompromising attitude. 8pol routinely calls out any concessions by, as you mentioned, distancing themselves from the concession, and attempt to get their counterparts back on track, or label them as an ally who share core values but are ultimately an impure, corrupted faction.

Ha, Alex Jonestein is routinely ridiculed over on Holla Forums, Alex is where teenagers start their quest for truth and to fight the power.

I'd say you're more likely to fantasise within a materialistic, nihilistic mindset because nothing matters to you anyway, everything is relative, your lifestyle choices are unimportant and not worth being examined to you as long as you're happy and not dying. And where else would an escape be needed than from the drudgery of an almost completely materialistic lifestyle and philosophy.

Can't prove it either way, but I have no doubt you are projecting your own failings on Holla Forums right about now.

Comrade, Holla Forums hasn't even read Hitler.

But not if you didn't read a fucking sentence out of it.

(LARPing intensifies)

Kek. Did you see the Holla Forums raiding on that Shia Labeouf camera? Most of them were pathetic overweight men who kept spouting memes in real life. Truly the epitome of fitness and discipline.


There is no need to make anything up. Julius Evola embraced Cultural Judaism in the first place.

How about we just Put Bakunin and Proudhon quotes on pictures of Hitler. Or quotes from 'on the jewish question'. Would be super easy

Have you turned on Fox lately? Have you watched pro-imperialism hollywood movies (we iraq now, muh heroes servink le nation abroad, i pledge allegiance to the flag, etc.)?

It's like you don't care about facts at all.

how about you actually do it?

lmfao ok
kek. what do you mean by this, exactly? and in what sense is it not? context is central to meaning. you of all people should understand this, when fascism is a fundamentally pragmatic philosophy. it feels like you're referring to a completely different concept than you actually brought up

>I don't understand that philosophical convictions aren't chosen according to what is most comfortable, or even chosen at all

Considering the fact the "centrist" and the United States have spent years overthrowing left wing leaders and instituting right wing ultranationalist like Pinochet, they sure must have a lot of cognitive dissonance.

That's what the anarchist/Marxist said during the first international and see where that got us.

Btw, the reason I didn't reply to you is because I was at my job as a personal trainer.

I think it'd be more fun to put quotes of leftists attributed to rightists, and get them to repost them. Easy mode: replace a word with a loosely related pol buzzword (i.e. bourgeoisie -> the Jews)

I've already been doing that if you look at what I've posted I basically used Theodore Adorno, Walter Benjamin, Eric Fromm, and Herbert Marcuse quotes and attributed them to people Holla Forums like.

Which sentence do I have to read before you'll take me seriously?

Yes, LARPing, like this:

There is always going to be exceptions in any group. I trust that you would change your mind if a contradictory video was posted.

Civic Nationalism is a vehicle through which more definitive ideology try to consolidate support, regardless of whether right or left. Holla Forums does not advocate Nationalism lite.

Nihilism is the natural conclusion of pure materialism.

I'm trying to state that the legacy of communist existential thought is that everything is relative, all power struggles are based in wealth disparity, what many consider natural social roles are social constructs to serve the ruling class, all ascetic philosophy and religion is merely opiate of the masses.

As mentioned above, communist ideology, with its mundane view of the nature of human society would lead to a worldview where only economic capital and assets and the implications of their use and misuse are considered, where a person is only a worker in the larger collective, a collective which they have to serve to ensure the stability of the society and their own lives, creating a circular existence where one dedicates themselves to the state so the state in return allows them the economic ability to continue serving the state. It disregards the mystery of human existence or the human spirit, considered "spooks", and reduces everything to its relative value to the state or more exactly "The People."

That's not what I'm referring to, you do not have to challenge the status quo or your understanding of economics to simply fantasise a more appealing existence when you so desire. RPers do it all the time. My point here being that a communist worldview is based on materialism, as you agree.

Although we are forced to deal with the results of the actions and thinking of others and the impact they have on our own lives, we as human beings certainly do make a choice in the type of lifestyle we engage in and the type of philosophical outlook we cultivate, that's why people differ in the first place. Believe it or not, not everything except Communism and scientific authority are spooks.

A materialist philosophy begets a materialistic lifestyle, so they are very much related. Your philosophy will eventually change the way you live your life, a philosophical idealist who has not fully realised the ramifications of his or her worldview may indeed harbour materialistic values that they have not properly examined and modified yet, but it does not demean the nobility of their dream. It's a work in progress.


Are you fucking serious nigger?
Maybe try clicking the wiki article. You're really coming off here as the kid who didn't do the assigned reading, who's just trying to bs through the discussion.
You can choose what viewpoints you expose yourself to, and how hard you work to understand them, as I'm sure you're well aware in this moment, but belief itself is a compulsion. You can't "choose" on a whim to sincerely believe in God for a moment when you don't, or vice versa.
You fucking imbecile. "Spooks" are not a communist concept.

You seem not to know what "idealism" and "materialism" mean, friend.
Right now, real quick, define them for me.

Idealism is the envisioning and practice of the optimal form, whatever they may be regarding.

Materialism is the reducing of all phenomena to solely base, quantifiable, physical things.

I'm fairly sure I'm using the terms right, sorry I didn't get back as soon as you would have liked, you sound pretty busy.

I really shouldn't have mixed meme replies and serious replies, whatever.
Ok, so how does "fully realized idealism" preclude "materialistic values," now that we've agreed that the latter is not the same as "materialism?" And how does the idealist position imply belief in a "noble dream?"