Why was GDR poor and badly administered? They used to be a well-developed capitalist country after all...

Why was GDR poor and badly administered? They used to be a well-developed capitalist country after all, Marx said it was the basis for a successful communist evolution.

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Central planning is shit and it will always be shit.

Soviets were fucking retarded red fascists basically

Because they were primarily focused on slaughtering white people and exploiting their spiritual energy for personal gain rather than properly running a country. It tends to happen.

Besides them being destroyed by WW2, yeah, great chances for success. And lack of democracy, of course.

This essay provides a good analysis of the DDR.

Best country in the world.

no they operated in the same way that other totalitarian police states like Nazi Germany did. They were not fascists, people need to not use this word so lightly. The structure of their economy was similar to what the original Not Socialists were allegedly advocating but it was still distinct from any kind of fascists economic organization. Private Industry still existed heavily and the landowning classes were not purged nor did they have their properties seized.

What the fuck are you talking about? Literally everyone in the DDR was white.


USSR extracted heavy reparations from the GDR

Also the East wasn't that industrialised before the GDR, it was playing catch up. Didn't have the luxury of Marshall Aid either.

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the GDR did more for the German working class than anything else

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We will give you communist liberation-BY FORCE!

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You call that a land-battleship?
THIS is a land-battleship

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it wasnt Da Reel Sosialismo


The GDR was always the shitty agrarian part of Germany, and Stalin gave the only good part (Silesia) away to Poland.

At this point I wonder if leftypol is still any remotely leftist, lenin hat

the FRG certainly did fuck the GDR over. No wonder Die Linke does well in East Germany, East Germans have no time for the neoliberal shilling.

Centralized planning always leads to disaster.

kys, working class had a less free and self directed life under the GDR than in the west

Any board that fetishisizes the word leftism at the expense of Communism was bound to be overrun with pro-capitalist sentiment from the start anyway.

Why was west Germany pretty good but east shit? Why is South Korea so successful but DPRK shit?

Because Capitalist countries are open to foreign investment and international banking.

DDR was the best Soviet satellite state.

Honecker did nothing wrong

Dogmatic Communists are absolute retards and their only recourse is vain psychologism.

DDR was a snitch state hellhole.

So says every apologist of capital. Not so much from those who were fortunate enough to be freed from it's dictatorship. Communist nostalgia is a well-known phenomenon.

East germany, this region, never developed much of industry and was, and again is, heavily dependend on argiculture.

The heavy industry centers were in West Germany, it's called Ruhrgebiet. Another center of former german industry now lies within Poland.

The GDR never was poor or badly administrated, it's a myth created after the Währungsreform with a wrong exchange rate that made formerly very much profitable industries bankrott.
Even during its worst time in the last years it was still a self sustaining country.

The former worth of industry around 600 billion D-Mark was turned into a deficit of -25 billion.

Try look up some critical analysis of the Treuhand organisation that was supposed to privatize the entirety of the GDR.

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Not sure what you're rambling on about here. I was just pointing out that the poorer elements of society naturally tend to appreciate limits on working hours, low rent, maternity leave, medical care, job security, extensive public transportation, and free education. All of which were available in Socialist countries.

A quick google search would show you polls consistently demonstrating upwards of 50% of East-Germans voicing positive sentiment for the old regime. The effectiveness of Socialism isn't something difficult to prove.

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As to be expected from an ideologue totally enamored with their own, singular grasp of the way things are from the standpoint of presumptive absolute truth. Note I specifically mentioned DDR, you're waffling on about the Russian SFSR. What went wrong in Hungary, Ukraine, Bulgaria? I'm laughing at your wooden predictability. Can you offer a more detailed analysis or did you not bother to check your sources because you uncritically will push anything that has immediate apparent propaganda value?

The key word is "used to be", East Germany was in total shambles after the was (in much worse condition than west Germany) plus administration of East Germany was installed by stalinists

I mean after the war

The West was riddled with Nazis and was staunchly capitalist