Anarchism and taking the green pill

I'm thinking I should go from the right side to the left side
Should I take the Green Pill /leftypol?
Should I go full Communism?

Read What is Property By PJ Proudhon. Read Mutual Aid and The Conquest of Bread by Peter Kropotkin.

Read Debt: The First 5000 Years by David Graeber


Why don't you grow a brain and move beyond this anarchist nonsense?

Do this OP, everyone knows slave labour enforced by an state is the best system

become a based left wing market anarchist

which starts with reading Proudhon

Actually anarchist "voluntary" militias and labor camps were so much better. I mean at least they did not call it a state.

So why not anarcho-communism?


Every socialist state (they were not real socialism btw) had forced employment and labour, unlike several anarchist societies

Infected with marxism

ye do this op, just ignore the anti-semetic parts of Proudhon and you're good to go.

Google Murrary Bookchin

Like clockwork.

Were the free territory bandit crew marxists too?

Don't ignore the anti-semetic parts

that's good user. I'm no longer an anarchist myself but I still like most anarchists. always glad to have more comrades here. Kropotkin is the only one I've read from, but Bakunin and Proudhon are probably also required reading for an anarchist.

Ukraine was invaded by the soviets, thats why they had to militarize

national mutualism is sensual

soviets were invaded by the whiteys, thats why they had to militarize

see, I can do it too

Ukraine was invaded by anarchists who held no claims to that land since by 1918 following German capitulation in accordance with peace treaty of Versailles it was still part of Russia whom`s legitimate government the Soviet Russia was.

Yes, the difference is

a) the black army helped the soviets against the whites, just to be betrayed
b) the soviet union had more than 70 years to prove it could end exploitation , needless to say they failed

As usual

Not an argument.

In addition, the territory that Black army operated in was not granted to Soviet Republic of Ukraine until Stalin took the reigns of the state. Technically he operated in Russian soil more so than in Ukraine.

Scodems should all be killed

As usual socdem siding with fascists

Yes, the Finnish,Tzekoslovakian,Polish,British,American and French interventions to Russian civil war against Soviets were truly a show of international bourgeois support for Soviet Russia.

How does this constitute as argument?