Alright LeftComs, you keep criticizing literally every other leftist group out there whenever they do anything at all...

Alright LeftComs, you keep criticizing literally every other leftist group out there whenever they do anything at all. So what are you suggesting we spend our time on instead? Bordiga was in favor of a vanguard party, no? Should we be trying to set up a new mass party of the revolutionary left? Should we be trying to get /fit/ and learn how to use a gun to be effective in the mass revolution that is coming any day now? Read all theory there is so we can be Marxist geniuses in the future revolutionary assembly? Seriously, just suggest any sort of constructive activities for a leftist to undertake.

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Because they consistently do it wrong. If can't do something right, don't do anything at all: wait until the conditions are right to do it properly.
Yes, but in the modern day, entirely strip any direct parliamentary involvement from the ordeal. Too many people get caught up in bourgeois parliament scuffles and lose sight of the actual revolutionary goals. Additionally, it removes any and all remaining pretense that democracy will play any role in a post-revolutionary society; no disappointment among those who felt that some idealized "directly democratic" society will bring forth communism.
Pure lifestylism, perpetuating fantasies about far-flung "revolutionary goals" while bringing you no closer to bringing it to reality. It's pure ideological fetishism.
The vanguard always needs those who have the time to have studied and contemplated such matter on the behalf of those workers who don't have the time, resources, or ability to do so themselves. That being said, it is a special few that actually have the potential to reach such aptitude and are capable of creating a coherent enough theory to survive revolution: if you have to ask questions like these, you're probably not cut out for it and shouldn't bother getting too entrenched. Just reading Bordiga, Lenin, and Marx should be sufficient if you're really interested in study.
Building up the revolutionary party for when the time is right is the only thing that matters. Anything else is a waste of time, be that pre-revolutionary struggles for "workers benefit," protest, or whatever additional public displays of impotence you can think of.

How do you expect to build a revolutionary party from your armchair?

There's actually quite a few reasonable leftcoms. Just ignore the clowns that think Bordiga is anything but a meme. Ridiculing them doesn't work, it just serves as fuel for their dogmatism and intellectual masturbation.

how do you know when the conditions are right

Is this thread for the Bordigists mostly, or is the INTERNATIONAL COUNCIL OF PANCAKES also invited?

Wow, all council coms in the world gathered in just a single thread!

Would you like to build a revolutionary party?

Yes, but let's call it a union instead.

pls no bully

Which ultimately doesn't change anything since they will sit out the revolution anyways

okay, lets do this. Right here and right now. This is the beginning.

Leftcoms out

Then why aren't you doing that? It's not like there's an International of Bordigist vanguard parties just waiting to take over when the moment is right.

Go make your own thread, cunnilingus poster.

so if I make another thread, you are going to be part of convincing people to form revolutionary union?

If you have any concrete suggestions as to what the Left should be doing, I'm all ears.

Am I the only one that's a little bit tired of the leftcom not doing anything meme?
Gimme more examples leftcomrades

like clockwork, any mention of action, derailed. Is anyone really not seeing this?

Last summer the same thing happened. I kept posting about organising and then all of a sudden we were flooded with all this bullshit. The board was unusable for a time.

fuck off

Are you that fag who wanted to bomb a gold field?

no man lol

That's literally one example which happened 100 years ago.

Create large-scale revolutionary situations.


I'm not even the previous black flag poster and I am a leftcom.

Bordiga pls

Because both Holla Forums and Holla Forums are being astroturfed so that no meaningful dialog or physical action can manifest in reality.

Not everyone is telling the truth here on Holla Forums. Maybe not even in your personal life, you gullible fuck.

What is to be done?

That's easy: get out there. Get out there and talk with people, ordinary people. Your friends, your family, people in the bar, in your church/temple/whatever if you attend one, people in your village… Be patient and respectful but firm on class-related principles.

Then recruit cadres whenever you see potential.

This, of course, is way outside the capabilities of most recluses who populate this board. Me included.

Reminder that Bordiga was allowed to walk free by Mussolini.