Anarchism and Communism both sound really cool but have major drawbacks...

Anarchism and Communism both sound really cool but have major drawbacks. Anarchism is too unfeasible and communism is too potentially tyrannical.

Which should I choose? Is there a third path?

[citation needed]

market socialism maybe

this thread is going to be fucking awful

Social democracy with post-fascist characteristics and human face.


Fuck off neoliberal scum.

Why do you think that is?
How much theory have you read?

Before you think of authoritarianism like that keep in mind that there is not a single place in this world that is free, only capital accumulation can set you free right now.

Neck yourself protofascist.

Has Holla Forums finally discovered what truly pisses off Holla Forums?

You see, if we just make everyone work 20 hours a week when they need 50 to survive, and bring in austerity and lower taxes, the stats make us look like geniuses!

google murray bookchin

Feels good, man.

I tought that you of all people would understand the importance of our pan-European project, comrade.

I was clearly kidding about the fash part(we need to bash them).

Hello, Holla Forums. I bet that I have been posting here longer with my fellow federalist comrades than you.

How about, virtually everywhere it's been tried.

Most Socialist states were no more oppressive than the average bourgie state. I mean, this conversation is recorded as we're having it and most of us are probably on lists to be monitored. The only reason we're not getting arrested is because we can't do anything threatening yet.

Brain damage

The one which arms all workers to give them the ability to defend themselves, their rights and property, gives them consciousness and organizes them.


Communism is anarchism. You are conflating the theoretical communism with state socialism.

what about anarcho-communism

Don't like gulags, one-party politics, and state control

Are the means of production not supposed to be the property of workers? Don't workers deserve that property right?

why are you here


What is it about anarchism that you find unfeasible?


To remind you that e-politics aren`t that serious business.