Will we have worldwide communism by 2100?

Will we have worldwide communism by 2100?

If not, when?

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I dunno

50% of socialist hegemony by 2100

Depending on how hard we boosh history user

Pretty sure the return on investment will be so shit in the next 50 years it starts to cause the economy to collapse.

I really hope so.

But look at the bright side, we'll probably have a lot of new craters if we keep capitalism going that long.

I hate that version.

Either we are gommunist or we are underwater or in a sweltering desert in Canada.

We'll have anarcho-primitivism by 2100.

Nope so stop LARPing

Yeah, it's fucking terrible.
No, you fucking idiot. Mass violence makes the empire fall.

I love this timeline!

wot is the sauce of this ?

Thomas Piketty, Capitalism in the 21st Century.

national agrarianism burn the cities agriculture war now


Thanks, don't suppose you have a page reference also?

There is also this one by Esteban Maito from The Historical Transience of Capital.

I'm not being a dick I own this book but haven't read it yet I want to look it up



What does this mean

What does this mean

If this is real why aren't /r/socialism types posting this everywhere

What the fuck




We never will. Your utopian visions won't happen.