Sargon Banned From Twitter


Also Sargon was banned from Twitter so that's funny too.

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Why was he banned? I'm not gonna giving him a view

He has no idea, no one does.

Who cares faggot, kys.


I'm gonna guess the cunt cries
But you know Twitter, a private company, doesn't have to give you a anventue to say what you want.I don't support private companies but I sure as fuck find it funny how these twats try to invoke constitutional rights,that protect your right to criticise the government, on private companies

This is fucking stupid rhetoric. Your ISP is also a private company.

What is this guys political affiliation? I don't watch enough of his videos to be clear, but he comes off as very ancap-ish

Anti-idpol liberal.

Essentially every fucking liberal ranter out there.

Insufferable Liberal

He calls himself a classical liberal

But he does flirt with neoreactionary/alt-right crap a lot


Yeah, he's basically devil's advocate or a useful idiot, as he's always protecting and defending the right while he insists he's a liberal

Thankle happy merchant meem

Seeing how liberals are right-wing, I'm not too surprised.

This is just going to inflate his victim complex. Still hilarious though.

What's going on here?

Stop muke

SJWs died and were replaced by these fuckers.

for sending unsolicited gay porn to another twitter user
Sargon is doing a livestream right now so he can whine about being banned
also jontron just showed up
Fucking hell, i actually like Jon

Nah, he's just a useful idiot.
You have to know what you're talking about to be devil's advocate, and have the time he straw man's the left.

JonTron's been out as a reactionary dipshit for a while now.

In fact, I've noticed a lot of the guys JonTron hangs out with are weirdly reactionary. PewDiePie's been on this trend where he dresses up in a MAGA hat and says dumb shit like "HITLER DID NOTHING WRONG", and h3h3productions keeps making clickbait such as "MTV HATES WHITE PEOPLE" or "FEMINIST PWNED BY EPIC GAMER".

I love how you link Rebel BTFO'ing Sargon a while ago when today they're literally best buds and Sargon RT's his shit all the time.

this is why nobody takes you cucks seriously

Which is why specific legal protections were put in place (net neutrality)

Yeah, it's pretty dumb.
I'd hate to be associated with that posturing, bloated, flotsam.

Rebel is such a dumbass. We know what libertarians are. anyone else remember liberland? The american usage of libertarian is so common it has all but replaced any way it was used during the french revolution or some shit.

Yes but you have to spoonfeed Sargon because he's a fucking mouthbreather.

you have the freedom to say what you want, not to pester people who don't want to be pestered especially if they are private people, and not public officials.

Yea I really cant watch this, they're all so ignorant and 'above everyone at the same time' it's cancer.

lmfao, what is it with nazis and their orbiters always owning themselves? Wasn't this guy supposed to be heterosexual? Why the fuck is he sending people and children gay porn

Don't checks his twitter.
Actually, do it, fucker's full aut-right now.

Don't tell me even more kids are going to become Holla Forumsyps.

I actually hate his fans more than him.
The amount of hero worship makes me want to gauge my eyes out.

People who play video games constantly for some reason go Nazi with startling regularity.

I hate Idopl fuckers too man but seeing what jon is like on his twitter and shit it killed any enjoyment I got from his work,even though he has made some comedy gold

I like those things too, but I'm also not surprised.

He's ranting about cultural marxism on stream right now with jon tron.
People have tried talking to him about that shit, and he straight up ignores them. He's a dishonest piece of shit.

Liberland was so fucking retarded.For those who don't know there is a border dispute between Serbia and Croatia about where the official border was originally the course of the Danube river but this has changed over time.I can't remember which side claims the old river as the real border and who claims the new river course as the border but what happened is that their is a piece of land in the middle neither side claims,so these libertarian Americans though they could just go there and claim this land for themselves.Thing is while neither side claims it Croatia controls it and said " but it is not terra nullius, and after international arbitration, it will be awarded to Croatia or Serbia, not a third party"

Maybe there's some way we can make hay out of this. Back during the primaries, Sargon looked for a second like he might be getting a bit more sensible, but he backslid a lot since then. He's allowing people like Steven Crowder and Milo to get away with supporting a whole lot of reprehensible shit without calling them on it so he can get dosh. TBH I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of these people's support comes from paid Trump shills, or if they themselves are getting paid behind the scenes to support alt-right retardation.

Wow, had no idea Jon was such a twat. Shame, I kinda liked his content too.

Jon's whole thing was being an entertainer. He doesn't know shit about politics, and lives in a bubble where people around him keeping screeching about "SjayDUBBYAS". I can't really blame him for being a product of his environment.

If you ever bother to check his twitter you'd realize how much of a reactionary cunt he's always been.

Post some tweets.

It's odd though, he was pretty anti-Trump not too long ago

>Sargon Banned From Twitter


he is a crowd pleaser fucking illiterate liberal.

I think people forget, he actually knew Zoe Quinn.
That dumb liberal bitch probably turned him off from the left.

Its the current trend. You can milk a fuckton now by going on the Anti feminist and sjew circlejerk.

This is the core of his being. He will drift around over time to talk more in favor of certain politics, but it's all in the name of "balance". He's said as much himself.

As long as we're talking e-celebs, Sargon made that Red Panels faggot glorious uprising a while ago.

He honestly seems borderline retarded.

God, this is painful


JonTron died after he lost his hat


It's not the case at all. Watch the videos in question.

he's subscribed to stefan "do you support me getting shot" molyneux as well, finally made me join Holla Forumss "was shit the moment he left for game grumps" bandwagon

Holy shit really? Man, between that and his twitter I think I've lost most of my respect for him. He's apparently going to make a video on this whole controversy, maybe he'll drop the pretensions and come out as alt-right

I never really understood that bandwagon. To me, gamegrumps were shit from day dot.

shame, he was one of the few i would lightly chuckle at

What was ever amusing about that dumb neckbeard in the first place?

Honestly, I still find him very funny, it's just a damn shame he's joined under meme ideologies. For whatever reason, he's also butt hurt that Spencer was punched and claims that he's not a Nazi


It hurts. I can't watch it.

Wasn't he spamming gay porn to annoy neo-nazis? Banning someone for doing that is a loss to all of us.

I don't want twitter to go the way of Holla Forums; if someone's posting nazi shit we should be able to spam them with all the gay and cuck porn they can handle.

Can we get a list of all the skeptic/alt-right chucklefucks? these cunts just keep spawning, it's like a hydra

Mister Merkotur

I want Holla Forums to fuck off

Armored Skeptic certainly counts

Holla Forums and reddit. Let's be fair here. besides, I wan't to see these tweets and deem if their reactionary myself. That is if the person supports Pinochet,

Everybody needs to do this. If you just go on the word of an anonymous stranger, you're beyond artifact.jpg tier.

The Golden One
Christ Ray Gun is supposedly one but i've never followed him so idk

why is getting punched such a big deal?

I don't fucking know

All I know is these faggots are treating it like some hate crime or some shit


people get their shit bashed in at protests all the fucking time and most of them never even performed the roman salute.

Does anybody have that video where Sargon says socialism is when the state owns the means of production?

I want to believe it's Holla Forums but this board has been filled with a bunch of triggered idpolers a while now. Sometimes it's barely distinguishable from r/socialism in some threads. JonTron is not alt right or a "reactionary". He just dislikes sjws like H3H3 productions. He probably voted for Hillary Clinton. He was making jokes about a post apocalyptic future if Trump was elected last time I watched one of his videos.

Reminder to jump into a thread to bully someone if they're acting like r/soc at every opportunity.

Finally lol


It's to late now. The behavior is way to common to actual attack without looking like a sperg. The board's culture has totally changed. Half the people on here now would have easy time fitting in on SRS. Look at this other thread. . It's like something out of gamerghazi.

What are you even upset about

Sargon got banned for spamming porn, it's funny.


It's really not, stop being such a wetbag and tell them to fuck off.


let's defend youtube ecelebs!


Lol, he said he voted for Bernie. People in this thread saying he is reactionary now for 'muh sjws' are idpolers. Jon may be into idpol now too, but so are most liberals… like yourselves

let's defend youtube ecelebs!

The only thing I've seen so far that's incredibly retarded is when SJWs are thought to be communists, and that's about it.

People were implying that young men that played video games were inherently reactionaries or something. It's the typical kind of liberal shitposting you'd find on the fem empire and not something leftypol use to do.

So you say that now but people were defending idpoler youtubers like hbomberguy and libertarian socialist rants a few days ago. We use to bash them just as much as we based the liberal athiest community. I'm telling you this board is nothing like it use to be.

Man it's worse everytime I come here. At some point you just have to give up.

Sargon is an annoying liberal shit and as far as I'm aware these two people are communists.

So honestly, I have no problem with this.

Yes, let's do that. Now fuck off from our board this is redditland now.
But really I doubt you ever posted anything intelligent anyway if all you can do is repeat yourself.

Would help if the mods actually put their foot down, rather than catering to our newly acquired retarded friends.

How many times will you repeat that sargon is a pure innocent liberal we should coddle before you shut the fuck up and leave?

The mods are pretty neutrual right now. Which is fine. They only ban idpolers from Holla Forums and reddit if they're shitposting. They're not like Holla Forums mods with a clear bias. They use to be way harsher on sjws thats for sure.

No one in this entire thread has said anything like that libtard. Fuck off

You call me a liberal and yet here you are being offended on a liberal's behalf? If it isn't about that, why be angry? He's a retard, nobody should give a shit about him.

I always enjoy the bullying of Sargon. Maybe the reason people call you a sperg when you get angry at the newfags is because you are actually a sperg.

I got my posts in a thread purged yesterday for saying we should be hostile to liberals on the refugee crisis while everyone else in the thread called me chauvinistic, racist and a reactionary. The mods are currently in full cockgargling mode.

No it's because you dwell on everything about it, and it's annoying as fuck

And theres the double standard. It's only e-celeb bullshit when it's peoplel you don't like. Those two people are idpolers that casually defend liberal sjws. Old leftypol had no problem calling them out on it. They weren't well liked around here just because they owned a copy of Das Kapital.

You're making sweeping generalizations and dissmissing others people's arguments based on a strawman. You don't get anymore liberal then that.

Authoritarians feel very unsafe when reminded violence exists outside of their imaginary safe space and it's daddy-surrogate enforcers/bureaucrats.


Being a communist, I'm pretty used to being blamed for everything now. I just embrace it, the number of concurrent lies that exist about communism can't sustain each other.

You're being a sperg just telling us "idpol idpol idpol" 24/7. Maybe it's less the board has changed and more your routine has gotten stale, old, and bores nearly everyone because of how over exposed it is.

It's tiring, I'd rather just shit on sargon, not have any trouble about it, and call it a day. Because we're arguing over nothing

No, it's only e-celeb bullshit when it's clueless liberals who don't relate to the board's purpose. Which is communism.

Expecting any of us to give more of a shit about some self admitted "classical liberal" is bullshit.

Yeah it's about what you expect from this board now. I think we've been flooded with redditers for a while now. It's just been geting worse is the population of the board has grown. Like I use to warn people anti-idpol leftist ar epretty uncommon on the internet. We were bound to be absorbed by the usual groups.

You're just reinforcing my statement. Edgy socdems like Hbomber guy that defend liberal sjws are not on our "side". Old leftypol use to understand stuff like that and we didn't call every liberal that disliked idpol a reactionary. People like JonTron and h3h3 are not reactioanires just becasue they shit on sjws. Sargon arguably is but that isn't the reason why I'd consider him a member of the alt-right.

But I hate idpol and love shitting on Sargon. I think you must have got the wrong impression of what parts of the board I like even if I was antagonizing you a little for fun.

Honestly it's a bit pathetic since Holla Forums was at 500 users before the drama and redditors jumped it to 1000. They're faint hearted cryptoliberals who can be bullied into either A) Fucking off, or B) Integrating. It's the complete lack of backup in threads that is causing it as these little fucks band together to sling shit and make non-arguments constantly.

Yeah that's the infurating part. We use to get a random influx of sjws screaming about patriarchy and intersectionality all the time but we use to come together as a group to rip them a new asshole. I don't know if the other posters just gave up or have just become pussies because this stuff just goes unchallenged now. This board was pretty decent at 500 users but it's been suffering ever since the election. Is bunkerchan still up?

Honestly there's always users calling people out so it's not completely lost, but these irritating fucks just don't listen, they'll just run away or wait for someone who is more intellectually qualified to join their side before coming back to the thread and swamping people. They're the exact sort of people who run r/soc, they haven't got shit on us and they know it so they have to call names, misrepresent, cry and gang up to kid themselves that their liberal larping is the true path. Not to mention the blatant newfag trend of ignoring entire posts and zoning in on the adhominem, which is about as reddit tier and newfaggy as you can get. If it does continue and gets worse though the original 500 users will fuck off and then the mods are going to be in the unfortunate position of having these whining little babies calling the shots unopposed.
Come on man don't talk like that.

I like how you never cared that half the threads used to be from Holla Forums, but now that there's some people who don't want the west to close their borders and think NazBols are faggots its been ruined for you.

I think the revisionism is what pisses me off the most. Someone tried to get a brocalist flag going and some newfags were claiming that leftypol has never supported the "sexist" term and if we made a flag like that we'd be turning off "allies" from joining our board. The contrast between what this board was and what it is now. Is just depressing. When this board had like 250 posters you could make any topic you wanted and have a deep and intresting disscussion with people you've gotten to know from previous threads. It was really great. I just don't see us getting back to that point.

Fuck off, half the threads didn't use to be from Holla Forums and there was actual discussion which wasn't oriented around crying liberals and their feelings. I've seen more OC and interesting points from Nazbols than Trots too, and being one of Holla Forums's three favorite flags yourself (anfem, nazbol and trot) you aren't exactly a representative of high quality.

I think a two week crackdown would do wonders, newfags can't into ban evasion. Brocialist has always been ironic and there are plenty of memes for this, but maybe it was an attempt at joining in without lurking.
It literally says in the FAQ specifically addressing redditors to lurk you little shits I know you're reading this get off our board reeee.

I don't really support the mods endosing any kind of ideology. It's best when they stay out of things. If this was r/soc we'd already be banned just for this conversation

I agree, but as the Trot just said, I'm not annoyed that there are people here who "don't want the west to close their borders", I'm annoyed because a whole group of people failed to produce any arguments and starting using liberal emotive language for opposing them and then a mod caved to the pressure/got buttblasted at me arguing with them and purged my posts on the matter. If this conversation gets purged you'll know the canary is well and truly dead beyond resuscitation.


Surely you could tell them to fuck off? There'll always beconcern trolls, but I really doubt they have significant numbers.

Yeah the trot is a perfect example of what has been going on. He doesn't even know your stance on immigration. He's just passive agressivly implying that your a reacionary that agrees with Holla Forumsyps and nazibols without any evidence. The board still isn't totally lost but it's getting worse everyday.

mods need to stay the fuck out of this
recently I'm started getting paranoid even when they ban poltards better pol than sjw
spectre of r/soc haunting leftypol

plus BO with his new rules
first they came for CP
then they came for Nazbols…
you get the drift

kek noticed that I sound like some libertarian leftcom, even tho I'm a tankie

A few months ago I'd agree with you but I think there's been a real flood of these kinds of people lately. In the brocalist thread I mentioned anyone that tried to call them out on their shit just got dog pilled.

That was literally what this board used to be, you disagreeing is just proving that you weren't around back then.

really gets the brainox bouncing doesn't it "comrade"

I really must have missed that thread then. Then again, both Holla Forumss did have some COINTELPRO about flooding us with socjus. It's possible you caught a concerted effort.

only leftypol could make a thread about something as hilarious as Sargon whining about being banned for fucking spamming porn on twitter, into a debate about idpol

To be fair, Sargon and idpol go hand in hand

But it's sargon being banned from twitter for spamming porn, that's hilarious

Why is there arguing


Should we make a list?

By this logic we should defend Jimquisition too now.

If pol ever makes arguments, they should be left up to be refuted.

This. I know why people hate reddit now too.

I simply pointed out that this board has a long history of being inhabited by Nazi/nazbol idpolers, but its only now that a tiny handful of anti-racist/feminist posters have started oming here are people like you throwing a hissyfit

It's not a tiny handful at this point. That's what I'm saying. They use to be small enough in number for our tiny userbase to deal with. The Holla Forumsyps are easy to identify and don't act like they're part of the board or pretend like their beliefs were always popular around here. The redditers can actually take over. The poltards are an easy to deal with annoyance. The mods do a good job of removing their bait threads anyway.

I don't think it's just poltards. I think it's falseflags and genuine retards feeding off each other. That's the problem.

I'm sorry, but you sound like reddit
polyps always met an organized welcome here

we always had a plenty of anti-racist posters

I have no problem with anfem
she shitposts, but so do we
I have a problem with sjw feminists
seen one recently, don't wanna see another

That is precisely what they do and continue to do.

No they can't, the truly tumblr tier trigglypuffs will self filter themselves out because they have no desire to engage with a "brocialist" space in the first place. The rest will be the ones who are at least mature enough to have a conversation with us, and if they "take over" the board it will be because people got asshurt over someone else's opinion and left of their own accord.

bait threads anyway.

Because the situation got so bad that half the userbase was demanding that they do something, there was a time when this board got well and truly shitted up with Holla Forums bait and fellowleftists.jpg.

hahahaha, so pointing out an objective fact makes me reddit? You shouting "REDDIT!" at everyone who disagrees with you instead of making a counterargument makes you sound like Holla Forums

seen one recently, don't wanna see another

OH NO! ONE FEMINIST! Truly we are being swamped, what a horrible experience that must have been, I hope I didn't trigger you by making you bringing up traumatic experiences.

nice splitting, anfam

That's not refuting anything I said

they're called paragraphs faggot

I have been here for basically the entire life of the board that's disingenuous bullshit. The poltards have always been terrible at fitting in and their threads are always obvious. The moment they mention race or Autism Level they cannot stop sperging out. The only problem was the sheer amount of them before which the mods have taken care of. The Tumblrinas have a much easier time blending especially with people like you that enable them. SJWs are very good at blending in until they have good enough numbers to overwhelm the original userbase. Unlike the Holla Forumsyps the can use keep their autism in check. I'm saying we're already starting to see some of that stuff in threads like these. Because they're starting to feel comfortable here.

I forgot about how SJWs are literally cointelpro. We should be more vigilant and ban the derailers. Keep watch fams.

spouting bullshit like "half of leftypol always was pol" makes you sound like reddit

as for polyps, they come in waves
eventually they go back to their safespace, or convert and stay

That's a fairly good analysis about the difference between Holla Forumsyps and tumblr.

Jesus Christ

And? All you're describing is people posting with a certain set of opinions, in a manner that is reasonable and non-autistic. I fail to see how this is a bad thing, there's nothing wrong with diversity of opinion.

I understand that not everyone has been using Holla Forums as ling as I have, but i really wish you would understand how shit this place used to be, and how shit the userbase was at dealing with Holla Forums

I get it. You're an oldfag
I've been lurking here for three years now and it never was as bad as you makes it to be
raids? yes
capitulation into submission? never on my mind

How can you say this and then go to say this:

Theres no diffrence between the two. You don't have a diversity of opinions with SJWs and poltards. Poltards are easy to spot at least. I just told you SJWs are good at puting up a front until they control dissent and make themselves the status quo. The only reason they're being some what " reasonable and non-autistic" is becuase they know they have to be. As soon as they have control they won't be. They never are. Just like the Holla Forumstards/

All I see is that you're fine with certain kinds of idpol. You clearly have a double standard and you're wildly exaggerating the kind of influence Holla Forums had on this board. Which is a common tactic I've noticed from idpolers trying to slide the board.

My favorite one was when they were pushing the idea that anyone that didn't share thier views was a recent convert from Holla Forums and that the orginal users shared their opinions. Which I know is bullshit because I've been posting on here from this boards infancy.

I've seen them both in action. So, I'm speaking from expirence. I watched Holla Forums take over Holla Forums and 4chan and in the mid 2000s I use to be part of a few forums including neogaf. It always starts the same. Idpolers pretend to be moderates until they can get into postions of power or have a big enough userbase to overwhelm the orginal members. There are always people like the Trot that pretend like nothing is happening and enables them or worse actively helps them. Honestly, I don't think theres anyway to stop it. It's just been getting worse each month.

I don't think any goverment offcials have to actively do anything. All they did was find a bunch of nutballs and gave them an active voice and power. Now the whole thing just spreads itself.

Yeah man, the tiny minority of posters you don't like are part of an insidious shadowy plan to take over leftypol, it couldn't possibly be that not everyone agrees with you.

fucking hell you really don't have any sense of self awareness at all do you?

I don't think he's talking about a plan to take over things. That they kinda swarm in.

They're not exactly swarming in are they? I can only think of one unironic feminist poster, and he's been here for ages. (No I'm not talking about anfem poster)

One. I've made the point I think that they really aren't that small of group anymore. Mutiple times yet you keep brining it up. Two, I've already mentioned the Holla Forumstards without defending them or implying that their "reasonable" or that they add anything positve to the board. They don't. Which is what makes my stance diffrent then yours. As I've already stated they're just plain easier to deal with. Three, it's not really an outlandish "shadowy" conspiracy. When nearly all left-wing forums have been completely overwhelmed by these cretins.

Sure, I'm not even really sure where to start

Filthyfrank is pretty left. makes fun of anti sjws and sjws.

IIRC, h3h3 voted for Sanders, too. I feel I should remind people to ignore the dyed hair faggots screaming "REACTIONARY!!! REACTIONARY!!!" unless the people in question are actually espousing reactionary ideology. Which simply isn't the case here.

Im pretty sure h3h3 also voted for clinton too.

Filthyfrank is a model situationalist. He talks to length about how he uses comedy to subvert his audience in his needledrop podcast interview.

Same with JonTron, he voted Sanders. It's clear that he's not politically literate and 'leftists' calling him reactionary for being anti-idpol is just gonna drive him deeper into the the Molyneux/Sargon crowd.

Jontron seemed to have genuinely retarded opinions in the Sargon stream, but I'm pretty sure it's because he is ignorant and listening to his gamer-american youtube bubble.

Aye. Jon is not the most politically literate man out there.

Yeah I'm not sure what people are thinking that utuber memlords are gonna be intellectuals who read marx and hegel

I agree Jon isn't a reactionary just apolitical guy who's been sucked into the retarded opinionstube bubble

Uh… guys… those are Holla Forums users' Twitter accounts suggested to Sargon by Twitter in his video.

Look 21 seconds in or so:



He keeps claiming to be left as in liberal, he is involved in the chan scene, which involves exposure to Holla Forums and he has read some theory, although the wrong kind. Many people here started out as other ideologies, if we are lucky, we'll see him make a u-turn and either alienate his old supporter base or bring them with him.

Yeah, he has no reason to be involved in this, he is just an entertainer. Apparently, even talking to some guy now makes you a nazi. Fucking liberals with their thought crime, I more and more feel like they are lost to our cause.

Now we have



Hello newfag Holla Forumsyp, too much of what you're saying is bullshit to be believed and you are concern trolling.

This guy is absolutely cancerous, he has no nuance or experience about what he speaks of. He made two videos about Japan, both shoehorning millions of people into some tribalistic opinion system.

It's like reverse-nihonjinron.

5/10, plausible enough that I think some retards on this board could seriously hold such a retarded opinion, but you're probably just trolling, still pisses me off every time I see it.

I should have known there'd be a catch.

was about to say
leftypol heros do exactly this.