Strasser takes power in Germany instead of Hitler

What happens

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Party never rises to prominence and dies just like most socialist movements with ideological variation form Marxism.

So, you shoot him?

Nothing really would change

Maybe more language targeting the workers but it would still be fascism, and thus capitalism

Wasn't he the first to go because of his intention to purge big business?

No, I would form unholy united front with them and communists to fuck of bourgeois parties and get rid of remnants of aristocracy.

small business is still capitalism

NEP is still capitalism.

UK and France starts WW2 before Germany have time to rearms itself, because as much their bourgeoisies are more or less indiferent to racial rhetoric, they can't let someone who aknowlege class strugle as well come into power.

Nice strawman.

So? Russia was still in a state of semi-feudalism when the NEP was implemented. It got the economy ticking again to allow for a planned economy in the late 1920s.

What would the Soviets do about it ?

There always was option for expanding form war communism to directly planned economy without reverting to capitalism.

Let everyone kill themselves, the original plan before Hitler attacked the ussr

War Communism was useful for a siege economy and civil war, not so useful for trying to develop industry, education, infrastructure etc.

This man was the true target of "Nacht der langen Messer", he was a fundamental threat to the people backing hitler and what they were trying to accomplish, röhm was a joke compared to him

its impossible to say what would have happened obviously but its definitely one of the most interesting alternative history theoreticals.

Its very amusing and kinda telling how hard a lot of both the commies and the nazis start to fucking REEEEE when you bring up Asser, neither of them really like to talk about geopolitics because it often ends up debunking a lot of their ideological baggage

there is one confligration that has always represented the biggest threat to anglo hegemony, they openly admit this to this very day. I am of course talking about a solid alliance between russia and germany, the extent to which they would have complimented each other can not be understated, it would have meant a death sentence for the british empire and even the heavily industrialised americans at the height of roosevelt would have had almost no chance at combatting them, we are talking about the most powerful land empire in the history of man in pretty much all things; population, resources, technology, Gedankengut

The anglo establishment realized this around 1890 already when germany was trying to become a global player, was actually exporting manufactured goods and outdoing the brits in a lot of things(rail f.e). Many machinations were set into motion, they learned how to harness and direct kraut autism, the krauts could be brutal cunts and basically wanted to be a mercantilist empire like the brits, they kinda looked up to them, but they didnt quite understand how to really do the dance and that intrigue and deception was a core part of upholding such an empire.

WW "1" happens, it is fueled by precisely this kind of deception and fuckery on almost all fronts. By the time its over germany gets yoked with versaille and become ripe for the big play, something the fucking brits are very good at: fostering a reactionary movement within DE that will guarantee they destroy any chance at having a seat at the grand chessboard

Enter hitler, who we see a few months beforehand cowtowing to the commies. his biggest fans and backers come from british aristocracy and finance, they end up helping him far more than the facist leaning capitalists in the US that always get dregged up(presscott bush, ford, etc)

Things are going well, germany is descending into madness, and then this fucking faggot Asser pops up from within the tumor that britain has transplanted into tumultuous post ww1 weimar

he threatens to subvert a lot of what they are attempting to accomplish, he has more credibility with both workers and industry than hitler, he speaks much more clearly on the dangers of capital, and worst of all he is openly, blatantly pro-russia, saying things like "there is no difference between the interests of the russian and the german proletariat"

While this is all going on the same thing has already happened in russia, ludendorff sends lenin back with a sack money and a handful of men, lenin goes on a slaughterspree spreadinng terror any mayhem and removing just about everyone that isnt batshit/an apparatschik on all sides of the aisle

Ive gotta fucking skedaddle muchacho, got to stop in the middle here, read this book if you want some more info on this that isnt tainted with left or right, its seminal and from a real historian not some basement dweller: Preparata/Conjuring Hitler - How Britain and America made the Third Reich.pdf

Absolutely false, considering that industrial output increased during this period faster than under NEP.

hue St-rasser wordfilter still in place thanks for making my point for me homies

That would have to be the nicest thing a socdem would do, were that the situation. Kudos to you m8

Just say Straßer.


What about the rest of fascistic Europe, I wonder? Croatia, Albania, Greece and other countries east of Germany and Italy?

Fascist italy will go the same way as Fascist Spain. American/English media actually praised the accomplishes of fascist italy before it joined up with hitler. But eventually they will be involved with an take over by the Soviet Union who will steamroll europe with german help.

Or if you don't engage in lefty wish-fulfillment fantasy:

So West Germany?

Molotov-ribbentrop times 20. relations will probably be like USSR and China post split. Orwell will have more books to write. WWII either never happens or is a much smaller conflict, and atomic bombs are developed decades later.

Why was Hitler so afraid of that guy again?


how would Assers relationship be with the fascists outside germany like Mussolini and Oswald Mosley

He was afraid Asser's guilds would weaken his power base, when he was already in good with the german capitalists. Preservation of power.

state capitalism at best. nationalism and socialism don't mix.

Why not?

because muh Marx (pbuh) said so

The difference between "conservative" establishment Nazis and "revolutionary" dissident Asser-ists is largely overblown.

Strasser-ists were NOT socialists — they never wanted the workers to publicly own and democratically control the means of production. They were fine with capitalism as long as it was somehow purged of its "unproductive" financial component which they associated with Jews and regulated by government interventions in order to align the economy with whatever plans the leaders cooked up. Moreover they fully embraced totalitarianism, militarism and imperialism as State policies. And while it is true their racism was more "spiritual" and "pan-European" than "materialist" and "Aryanist" when compared to Hitler's, they still had no problem with the concept itself.

I doubt a Asser-led Nazi Germany would have been all that much different from what became history. Remember that the so-called "socialist" segment of the NSDAP membership were the one on the streets doing the actual beating up of Jews and trade-unionists.

Fascism is cancer whatever the shape it may take.

Not sure. Mosley would be keen and Mussolini would eventually come around.


Hi, Pol Pot!

Post a source for this nonsense that isn't some form of [email protected]/* */ propaganda.
Strasser himself advocated for worker control over the means of production through a guild socialist system. He talks about it extensively in Germany tomorrow. Not to mention, he tried to have Hitler assassinated on multiple occasions.

Edgy. Why do nazis have no honour?

why didn't he shoot Lippert?

I think he made it pretty clear? He didn't want to "commit suicide," he didn't want them to have the excuse of "self defense." He wanted the people murdering him to face up to actually murdering him.

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Probably similar to that of Bombacci and Mussolini.

wew fackin lad, you can say they were both shit but saying its all the same is willfully delusional

still i think id try to take one with me, typical kraut getting all anal about definitions

Its not like killing that one dude would've ultimately dissolved the Nazis, it would have been an irritating setback at most. Given that he instead decided to make a statement. A valid choice.