Let's have a thread celebrating all the enduring contributions of anarchism to the present day

Let's have a thread celebrating all the enduring contributions of anarchism to the present day.
I'll start.

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Let's have a thread celebrating all the societies that successfully transitioned out of a socialist state.

My favorite one is

Let's be honest tho

uh a lot actually


The othermday I didnt go to work because some smashies were smahsing stuff, Still got paid

Statsit would have sent me to work and without pay


Did your boss do it out of his own will or was there a law enforced by a state saying he had to pay you anyway.

Checkmate atheists.


bashing fashies
running homeless shelters and kitchens, making housing available to thousands of people through squatting (tankies just circlejerk in their 20 member parties)
not being state capitalists

this beautiful video

That guy just proved his point.




Funded by America.
Assaulting LARPers accomplishes nothing.
Not exclusive to anarkiddies.
State capitalism is an oxymoron. Capitalism without a state is impossible and has never been done.


It certainly is misguided. On reddit all people want to do is pound some nazis/fascists. But these far right-wingers don't have a lot of power; the people who we should want to bash hard should be capitalists and capitalism.



Nice misrepresentation

theyre a tankie, everyone knows tankies are just fascists with red coats.

It's a preemptive strike. Fascism will come back and doing as much damage to the root as possible will hopefully weaken the future movement. Not to mention the potential of building an organization from such bashing groups, although this is sadly not done enough.

But if you have a way to get close to porkies I don't think most would hesitate to give them a thrashing.

To triggered anarkiddies for sure.

I see nothing wrong with this

If by "everyone" you mean "liberals and particularly stupid anarkids" then yes.


You don't seem to be one to interact with nazis much. Im gonna tell you why your wrong, so please listen.

First of all you gotta understand what fascism means in context with the left. Fascists, neo-nazis, white supremacists and the like are, for all intents are purposes, militant defenders of either the status quo which entails militantly defending capitalism (even if in theory they dont like capitalism very much). As well as being militant defenders of the capitalists system, whether they know it or not, they're also fascists, which means they've got their own political agenda. Now you have to understand what it is they're actually doing cause if you dont pay attention your not going to understand. You see, along with their political agenda, they have a physical agenda as well, and that physical agenda has gotten alot of people killed, injured, their homes destroyed and live generally turned to shit.

Now, if you are actually part of the "left" in any other capacity other than being an idiot on here, then you will eventually find your self in contact with these people. They are never pleasant encounters, i can recall one incident that happened rather recently, a fascist attempted to infiltrate his way into a crowd of anti-fascists. He was soon discovered however, so he was hit with various object by a large crowd of people. Later on in the day, he and a few other fascist decided to pick some people off. you see their was a demonstration in the state capitol, by about 40 fascists, which was greated by a large crowd of anti-fascists and police (guess who they defended). Time when on, the fascist and the antifa dispersed after some police altercations. As people were leaving, the fascist's decided to corner some people on the street, beat them, nearly killed them. This was of course the shouted to everyone within hearing distance, and the antifa (and the pigs) cam runing. Now im not sure what happened to the beating antifa, but i know the ones that weren't beatin met the policy in he steets, on one side of the road were the fascist attackers (about 3 of them) and on the other side were a couple hundred antifa. The police decided it was time to bring the guns out and started ordering people to disperse, some antifa were arrested, beaten and seen to hospitals and as far as i recall the fascists that had n legal repercussions and were actively protected by the police at all times.

Now the reason i tell you this is to demonstrate something very simple to understand, fascists are ultimately militant defenders of capitalism and actively want a regression in politics that wuld result in me, you and many other people being jailed or killed. They have no qualms about wanting to kill people such as myslef, as i should know, in my youth i was one of them. These people need to be fought against in a militant and highly organized fashion, and as i see it their are a few possibilities why you would think otherwise and that would be you are a liberal, a pacifist, a fascist or a sympathizer and ive know my fair share of tankies, most of whom were militantly antifascist (from my understand this was mostly because of Stalin as, and im quoting now "Stalin was the greatest antifascist of all time". i dont agree with this sentiment, in the least) but those that were not had quite a few sympathies.

They along with the trade unionists basically earned the most basic rights for most workers back in the last 1800s and early 1900s as well as being the primary founders of the First International. Plenty of theoretical contributions. Acting as a bridge for many people from non-explicitly leftist libertarianism into the left proper. The list goes on.

I get what you're trying to imply though, "lol no states," but the 20th century socialist state experiments all came to the same outcome as well, if not perhaps worse so for the black mark certain ones made on the larger movement moving into the 21st century. Some of the greatest legacies of many places like the USSR were not the political states they created only to then fall to pieces, but rather the other contributions the made to political theory, science, technology, art, etc.

Aided by, not entirely funded by. That's like saying Germany entirely funded the Bolsheviks just because they helped Lenin and co get back into Russia against their exile and after Kerensky came into power
It has it's uses. The first day of the Trump presidency for example is now marked with the images of resistance burning limousines, and Richard Spencer is now afraid to leave his house. Largely unimportant in building the long-term struggle probably, but still disruptive enough to the opposition to be justifiable in moderation.
But an important contribution no less, especially as a means of directly engaging with disenfranchised workers directly without the condescension of capitalist charity.
20th century Leninist theory (among many other theorists) would like to have a word with you.

Bump for good posts and many ruses.

Communalism draws heavily on Anarchism and thrives in Rojava today.

I wouldn't say 'thrive' seeing how it's a product of a civil war just like all these socialist states were.

It exists for sure but it needs to do more than just exist.

your sectarianism knows no bounds

it exists and is greatly improving the living conditions of the people in the region.


Holy shit this the perfect utopia I always dreamed of.

Where did that incident happen?

The 8 hour workday is largely thanks to anarchists.

Good port, liberal role players really need to read this.


that final ok always kills me