You know why communism always fails?

You know why communism always fails?

Although the theory is solid, the theory is harder to grasp than fucking PhD mathematics and implementing it into reality makes it impossible because people don't know shit and mess up.

Sorry, but that's why the free market works much better, because you don't have to calculate the whole economy. One simple miscalculation can bring on famines, like we saw in Ukraine and Russia.

It fails because of dumb proles like yourself

Which is good because it justifies the intilligentsia revolution, enjoy being exploited, cuck

Top kek m8. Starving Ukrainian kulaks was entirely planned; they refused to get hand over their grain and started hoarding, causing a bunch of death because there was no state-given currency to sell their shit to for profit.

This. If the kulaks just accepted collectivization there would have been no famine because of their hoarding. Get fukt free market cucks. No state to help you in the process of profiteering =/= no viability of capital.


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Nice meme. Communism was created and tinkered by Jews to create a 90-IQ population to easily govern over. Only retards fall for a pipe-dream.

because of human nature ;)

I love that the bigger the critique of fashcucks against the communist movement is, the more it credits their annihilation at its hands.

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its not complicated at all. Surplus value extraction is the difference between value a worker produces and what they actually recieve. Communists want workers to seize the means of production so that they will not be deprived of their surplus value. In other words: remove bourgeois parasites.

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OP, you illiterate faggot, markets and capitalism are unrelated. Private industry has nothing to do with markets. Command economies are also unrelated to communism.

This is what Nazis actually believe

Like Trump when he appointed Goldman-Sachs Jews even though he claimed to drain the swamp?

Perhaps Lenin should not have started NEP then.



You people are losing because you have no meme magic. Leftist theory and politics are boring and it doesn't stick like our memes do. we're seeing a surge of far-right politics all over the western world. because of this The day of the rope will come and you traitors will be hanged.

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Except Lenin NEP whilte literally calling it state capitalism and he had a long term justification for it. Stalin just reversed post-NEP free association of Soviet labor, went state cap and called it "socialism in one country".

While you are somewhat correct in that the free market is much easier in that you don't need managers to calculate the economy by the state. However, in socialism I beleive the same should hold.

One of the great mistakes of the Soviet union along with it gerontocratic bureaucratic leadership was the paternalism of labor. Resources and labor became a problem right at the beginning on where they would need to be allocated. Once the industrial Soviet economic boom ended in the late 60's there was no search on how to allocate resources in more pragmatic ways.

In essence, the economy should not be a problem of calculation by technocrats/bureaucrats. The achievement of "everyone according to his needs and abilities" should be the goal in itself. Which is why Chile with Project Cybersyn was an innovation in the right direction.