Lefty/pol/ makes cringe worthy memes

Seattle transvestite doing what you retards keep trying to force


Does Holla Forums disavow?

It doesn't even mention leftypol

The thing is some of you faggots have shared these on the chans

Must be newfags, then

Whatever you need to tell yourself lads. Even ones you make her arnet much better

Lit af


Those aren't our memes, retard. Article even confirms it.

I mean if you want to pretend you are keeping pace good on ya keep believeing that, but we both know you are just deluding yourself

These "memes" are legitimately awful. All Fedbook pages this shit comes from are the likes of Lettuce Dog, Gangster Popeye, etc. which are basically pages ran by "radical" trannies that spend more time making left-liberal style smug commentary and "ironically" making more fun of le patriarky than anything else. It's just as bad as the fedoMRAs; it's like the left equivalent of lolbertarianism.

You mean in the thread about them earlier? Way to be a buttblasted disingenuous fuck as always, Holla Forums

Nah you fags posted it on your 4/pol/ raids


Does this frustrate you?

I'm not digging into the archive of one of your thousands of impotent le communism generals. I have seen you guys post the OP image atleast a few times before. If you don't believe me I really don't care, we all know your propaganda is shit tier.

I find it funny that's why I came here to mock you trannys and shitskins

Seems like you are hiding butthurt behind a false sense of smugness

What is the problem, a nigger raped a white girl again?

What could I even be butthurt about? Your shit tier memes?




u wot m8?

Nice, just let that assmad flow,, the more bile you spill the better

Do you identify as a white little cuckball? How does it feel to know all the media is controlled by jewish marxists that will destroy your race, your culture and your values?

Your mom would pay good money just to suck his dick.

He is not into girls tho

Who would pay to sucker punch Dick?

Do you really need to ask? Really?

Comrade Holla Forumstard, for all our differences, we're anons first. One thing we can agree on in fuck facebook and fuck its denizems.

That feel when someone unironically takes that seriously