The Left leader vs the Right leader

I wonder why the right is winning the war of mainstream appeal…

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Does spencer even fist fucks girls? Zizek does

Zizek is more of a man then that hipster fuck will ever be.

The only thing Richard Spencer is good for is getting punched in the face.

The right isn't winning any wars of mainstream appeal. They just shot themselves in the foot in that regard.

where can i find the interview that is in the middle of the pic?

How? Almost everyone is against violence against so called "fascists" and felt sympathy for him. Did you read /r/news, for example? Everyone thinks the left are just a bunch of violent thugs that can't intellectually debate, sort of like the apes they protect. In fact, they are calling you the fascists.

He is more attractive, articulate, confident and intelligent than anyone here.

I got it from here, try asking there:

No, Spencer is the one getting fisted by everyone.

Good tbh, America and the UK probably need to be sacrificed at the altar at this point.

Your mom would pay good money just to suck his dick.


Someone post the zizek fistfucking meme, i will create oc

Pay to sucker punch dick? We do it for free!

How about I post more of the Übermensch instead?



He is pretty handsome, I hear he wants to get out of politics and focus on his true love - black cocks.


Sure, I understand that you are attracted to him, after all, he is a faggot just like you



Doesn't matter what he is sexually, he can still manipulate any woman that he wants. That is all that matters here.

Nah, that's just alternative fact.



A shit eating cuck is your hero?


Why do you have so many pictures of this man to prove how handsome he is? You are making me nervous.

In a way you can't? No wonder you see him as a role model, cuck

No one cares about a gold digger. He will never feel genuine love like Richard.

Since when Zizek count as a leader?

Since when Spencer isn't despised as a faggot by Holla Forums? Wait is this because he was punched?
He scaled up because he won oppression points?
How are you differents from SJWs again?

Anyone can write that on a porn website. Any actual proof? Death certificate? Obituary? No?

Let's at least try to keep the banter humor based rather than salt based.

He's an amazingly articulate and intelligent, and is very attractive so he's great at convincing normies. Especially women.

I know the Left is naive, but you can't seriously believe that she genuinely loves him… right?

Anyone can pretend a dead man is still living, do you any prove that there is no death certificate? Any denied requests? No?

That's not how "burden of evidence" works, bud.

Please, contain your mancrush.

Have you seen his apartment? It's basic as fuck.

Well, compared to you andmyour love towards the closeted nazi, I bet you redefine what love means, considering you even defend him on an imageboard

the reicht does not have a leader
pewdiepie is closer to Holla Forums leader than some literal homofaggot who doesnt even name the 🍀🍀🍀central bank owners🍀🍀🍀

user, please. You're making me blush.

But he's still rich.


That's not how the burden of proof works :^)

So you cant prove he is still alive?

Didn't answer my question champ.

The way your are looking is not the reason women don't want you, fam.

Last we saw, he was alive. The burden of proof is on your to prove he isn't.

Check out mainstream news, no one liked the chimping out you guys did in DC.

He doesnt want women, he wants Spencer's cock deep inside his boipussy

So you cant proof he is still alive?

ITT closeted homolust.

Honestly, if the 23rd biggest site in the world was infested with stormers to the point of swaying general opinion, then yes, fascism being on the rise would indeed be a natural conclusion.

Me? What? Did you see my OP? Those liberal women that were interviewing him practically joined his side. They were gushing over him. All smiles, playing with their hair, touching him, etc. He is a powerful weapon.

And the last I saw, Slavoj was living in a tiny apartment somewhere in East Europe. We can't produce Hero of the Soviet Union Slave Ray's death certificate because you guys did a shitty job of doxxing him, and you can't produce Zizeks finances because I admit there's no reasonable place to find them.

OP I fucking love you, I'm certain you're trolling us there's this much latent homosexuality in your posts.

I can safely assume a professor, popular author, and media personality is rich. I don't need his finances for that.

too bad he is just a generic white nationalist.
i think he could be somewhat cool otherwise.
has he ever mentioned the problem with free market and capitalism (how it's basically leads to globalism and cosmopolitarianism)?
just being for nationalist identity politics and not even acknowledge the root of the problem won't cut it.
also ethnonationalism in colonial countries dosen't make sense

Well anyone that isn't a mercury snuffing retard can guess that someone who had a farewell party in 2015 due to his brain tumor and was announced dead in 2016 is actually fucking dead.

I usually, when I'm not feeling lazy, give images descriptive names because it makes it easier to find them in the future.


All you've linked is a comment on a porn website. What party?

Are you jealous of those girls? Would like spemcer to top or to bottom?


If only he re-packaged peaceful ethnic cleansing with some other buzzword, you nazbols would be posting on Holla Forums how he is a "leftists" like Dugin.

Which is why the lot of you are fake leftists.

Nigger it's in one of the pics and a top result if you search for him


Nope since i haven't seen him criticise capitalism and i also have no sympathy for ethnonationalism in colonial countries.


So you cant prove he is alive then?

Last we saw, he was alive. You must prove he's not. This will be my final response to this argument until you can get it through your thick skull and provide proof.


Was he not born?

Spoiler alert: If you ask "did you guys read Reddit", the answer is 95% of the time fuck no.

So a scat porn website is a valid proof that's the same guy, but no vaild proof the guy is dead?

The pictures of his face are the proof, not a comment on the porn site.

I'm sure you'd hurt his hipster feelings.

You're right, he's no Milo.

Good job Holla Forums, momma Lauren is probably really proud

never change Holla Forums, tackling the real issues right here kek

I'm real impressed

You have to go back

Ok now i know you're just trolling.


ok lol

Dude…Zizek has his own international studies. He's world renowned.

Spencer is barely known in the US, and only known as that faggot that got socked in the head while talking about stale memes.

Slave Ray and that guy at the protest who supposed to be sucker punch man (which is also questionable) are clearly two different people. Just compare their nose shapes.




wow you don't say.