Will suits be abolished as a capitalistic tool of manipulation?

Will suits be abolished as a capitalistic tool of manipulation?

I see zizek everywhere he goes, he is wearing plain clothes, nothing fancy, even though we know how suits magically make people look more important psychologically.

No suits in workplace sounds like a great thing

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Zizek is slighlty autistic and I imagine he would feel genuinely constrained in a suit to the point of aggression.
But thats just my head canon

does zizek have a youtube channel? i searched but it seems like a bunch of different channels. i'm new to the whole leftism thing and i'm too stupid to read, so i just wanna listen to someone

It's hard to go wrong with Zizek videos, but they are pretty fragmented on youtube.

He has movies too, Pervert's Guide to Cinema and Pervert's Guide to Ideology that are very accessible.

If you're coming from democratic ideology: youtube.com/watch?v=2ZUCemb2plE

Suits make people look like slaves to me, honestly. Maybe I'm just more in tune with my subconscious but the signals are pretty obvious.

I'd recommend finding one of his longer talks, like an hour or so and just watching the whole thing. He jumps around a lot. It's like he has a general topic he's talking about but can't help but go into stream of consciousness mode. Highlight videos or edited content like the films don't really do him full justice.

Zizek dresses and looks like a slob (with his messy hair and beard).

I wish he wasn't one of our main contemporary leftist personalities.

Quite the opposite, hip CEOs like Jobs or Zuckerberg already adopt relaxed attire as part of their image but all this serves to do is obscure the relation between exploiter and exploited just like how today's bosses present themselves as the employees friends and use personal language to address their wageslaves.

That's only because the suits you usually wear for business aren't leaving much space for variation. It's like a work uniform that combines private bourgeoisie fashion with the formal uniformity of labor. It's privatization manifesting a piece of clothing.

Suits in general are just a fashion object and there is nothing bad about dressing up nicely.

Nothing wrong with uniforms as well - it's suits that perpetuate the class differences between blue collar workers and white collar workers; wearing a uniform that represents the people as a whole will be the replacement of that in a socialist society. One of the priorities of a Socialist society must be instant and total militarization to counteract bourgeois narratives visually.

Zizek is husbando material

I remember the first time I viewed pol out of curiosity one of the threads being discussed most vociferously was how ties are some how both a slave collar and symbol of your chained masculinity which is why they're shaped like a downward dick or something.

b-but I like suits

Yes. No capitalism, no capitalistic tools.

As soon as I can afford it this is the only formal wear I'll ever need. Fuck suits.

Don't worry comrade, I like suits too. Under socialism every worker will be abe to buy himself a nice anzug.

Same. I wish socialists would dress smart, like early 20th century style. Think Debs, Hardie etc

but that's basically a suit

but like a suit you'd wear on saint pats day

Doesn't look as sharp as a suit, but looks pretty fucking fabulous. And yes, I'd wear it on St. Patrick's day if it was something I celebrated.

tf is wrong wit u

I think the documentary called simply "Zizek!" is the best introduction to his thought, e covers a wide variety of topics and has this odd "slice of life" feel that i personally really enjoyed. People don't reccomend it as much as the Pervert's Guides but i think it's far more accessible.

Beware, it's pretty old so some of his ideas might have changed in the meantime.

Fun fact, the director is the wife of Jeff Mangum, singer from Neutral Milk Hotel

I always thought that the modern suit was an obvious show of patriarchal power, what with a phallic symbol being on show and worn only by men. I wish it would be relaced with something more low-key and casual as the general "uniform". More importantly, I wish it would be friendlier to warmer climates.